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Upper Middle Bogan

Steve Molk reviews the big shows still to come in 2016

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With so many new shows starting over the next couple of weeks on our televisions and tablets, STEVE MOLK takes a look and gives you the shortcut reviews on 14 of them.


ABC confirms a bunch of new & returning shows for Spring

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With the Olympics now long gone, the ABC has made a significant programming announcement confirming timeslots for a bunch of new and returning entertainment shows that will air on the network during the remainder of 2016.


Production commences this week on Upper Middle Bogan season 3 | @ABCTV

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ABC TV has announce filming has commenced on the hotly anticipated return of modern family comedy, Upper Middle Bogan.


Upper Middle Bogan returns tonight on ABC @abctv

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Madeleine Jevic as Brianna with Michala Banas as Amber in Upper Middle Bogan. image - ABCTV

Madeleine Jevic as Brianna with Michala Banas as Amber in Upper Middle Bogan.
image - ABCTV

Thursday, 16 October 2014 at 8:30pm

One of the best new local comedies of 2013 Upper Middle Bogan returns tonight with a new series on ABC. And while the laughs are a bit thin on the ground in this first episode, it certainly improves as the series progresses.

In tonights episode, Bess continues to struggle with the adoption discovery, developing some erratic and misplaced trust and abandonment issues; thinking Danny is either lying to her or going to leave her. Danny isn't - he is just concentrating on his new passive cooling system to avoid using the planet-destroying air conditioner.

He's determined to be a cutting-edge architect even if it means he has to endure swollen fingers, continually adjusting blinds and listening to the rest of the family complain about being hot - the passive cooling system is not working.  So after a week of heat hell, Danny caves in and gives the house a good blast of cool air.  When Bess finds out Danny lied about using the air conditioner, she kicks him out.

Meanwhile at the other end of the freeway, where the air conditioner is on full bore, the Wheelers have no trouble keeping cool.  Troy is desperate to get back with Amber, but he'll need to convince her first that her trust and abandonment issues with him aren't well founded.  CAST: Annie Maynard, Patrick Brammall, Glenn Robbins, Michala Banas, Dave Thornton and Robyn Nevin