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iPhone 101: How to Send Your Location to Someone Using Maps

Kevin Perry
If you’ve ever tried to give someone directions to where you are in a strange city, you know that the task can be a daunting one. Even if it’s in your home town, telling someone else how to get where you are might not be easy if they’re unfamiliar with street names and such. Thankfully the Maps app that ships on your iPhone has the ability to grab your location and send it right to the person of your choice. Here’s how.

First, find you location in the Maps app. To do this, launch Maps and tap on the small arrow in the bottom left corner. This will pinpoint your location as indicated by the glowing blue dot in the center of the screen. This can take a minute or so so be patient. It’s also more accurate outdoors where there is GPS reception.

Once the dot shows up, tap on it to see your current address. Then tap on the blue arrow on the right to have it take you to the page which displays the address and some options for what to do with it.

To share the location, tap on the Share Location button at the bottom.

Then simply choose an email address or MMS number to send the location to and shoot it off. When the recipient gets the message they’ll be able to tap on a link to it and be shown the location in their Maps app. They can then use the app to get directions to your location.