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Top 41 Best Movies on Amazon Prime (From 1946 to 2024)

Finding the best movies on Amazon Prime can be a bit overwhelming with so many options available. One of the top-rated films you can watch is the classic “12 Angry Men,” which continues to captivate audiences with its powerful courtroom drama. If you’re in the mood for something more recent, “Sound of Metal” is a fantastic choice, offering an emotional and gripping storyline.

Romantic comedies are also well represented on Prime. “The Big Sick” stands out with its heartfelt and humorous take on modern relationships. For those seeking some laughs, Sacha Baron Cohen’s “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm” doesn’t disappoint, bringing back the beloved (and often outrageous) character Borat Sagdiyev.

There’s something for everyone on Amazon Prime, whether you enjoy timeless movies like “Psycho” or are excited about recent hits like “Oppenheimer.” Dive into these selections and more to enjoy a variety of genres and critically acclaimed films.

How to Access Amazon Prime Video

To start watching movies on Amazon Prime Video, you’ll need an Amazon Prime membership. Once you have subscribed, you can navigate the platform to find and watch your favorite films.

Sign Up for Amazon Prime

To use Prime Video, you need an Amazon Prime account. Visit the Amazon Prime sign-up page and choose a plan that suits your needs. Amazon offers a 30-day free trial, giving you a chance to explore the service.

Fill in your details, including your name, email, and payment information. After signing up, download the Prime Video app on your preferred device. You can use it on smart TVs, tablets, smartphones, and computers. Logging in with your Amazon account will give you access to thousands of movies and TV shows.

Navigating the Platform

After successfully logging in, head over to the Prime Video homepage. The homepage shows various categories like Popular Movies, Recommended for You, and New Releases. Use these sections to find content quickly.

To search for specific movies, use the search bar at the top of the screen. Enter the name of the movie or browse by genre. Once you find a movie, click on it to see more details and start watching. You can also create a watchlist to save movies for later.

The platform allows you to adjust settings like subtitles, audio language, and video quality to enhance your viewing experience.

Top-Rated Movies To Watch on Amazon Prime Video

Here, you will find some of the best movies available on Amazon Prime Video. Each film has its unique appeal, from classic thrillers to modern dramas. Dive into these top choices to make the most of your streaming experience.

1. Gilda (1946)

Gilda, directed by Charles Vidor, stars Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford in a classic film noir. It tells the story of a former small-time gambler who gets involved with a casino owner’s wife. The film is known for Hayworth’s iconic performance, especially her rendition of “Put the Blame on Mame.” The chemistry between the leads and the suspenseful plot make it a must-watch.

2. It’s A Wonderful Life (1946)

A heartwarming tale by Frank Capra, It’s A Wonderful Life stars James Stewart as George Bailey. The film explores themes of family, sacrifice, and the impact of one individual’s life on others. George, considering suicide, is shown how meaningful his existence is by an angel named Clarence. It remains a holiday favorite thanks to its uplifting message and powerful performances.

3. The Lady From Shanghai (1948)

Directed by Orson Welles, The Lady From Shanghai features Welles and Rita Hayworth in leading roles. The film is known for its innovative cinematography and complex narrative. Set against a backdrop of deceit and murder, the story revolves around a man who is lured into a complex murder plot by a beautiful woman. The famous hall of mirrors climax is unforgettable.

4. Rope (1948)

Alfred Hitchcock’s Rope is a gripping thriller filmed to appear as one continuous shot. It stars James Stewart, Farley Granger, and John Dall. The film revolves around two young men who commit a murder just for the thrill of it and host a dinner party with the body hidden in the room. The film’s unique style and psychological depth are remarkable.

5. In A Lonely Place (1950)

Directed by Nicholas Ray, In A Lonely Place stars Humphrey Bogart as a troubled screenwriter suspected of murder, and Gloria Grahame as his neighbor. The film blends elements of film noir and romance, exploring themes of trust and deception. Bogart’s intense performance and the film’s moody atmosphere make it a standout.

6. The Big Heat (1953)

Fritz Lang’s The Big Heat is a classic film noir featuring Glenn Ford as a cop seeking revenge against a crime syndicate responsible for his wife’s death. The film is noted for its brutal violence and strong performances, especially by Lee Marvin. Its hard-hitting narrative and moral ambiguity are defining traits of the genre.

7. On The Waterfront (1954)

Elia Kazan’s On The Waterfront stars Marlon Brando as a dockworker who stands up against corrupt union bosses. The film won multiple Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor for Brando. Its powerful story of courage and redemption is bolstered by strong acting and a memorable score by Leonard Bernstein.

8. Rear Window (1954)

Another masterpiece by Alfred Hitchcock, Rear Window stars James Stewart as a photographer confined to his apartment due to a broken leg. With nothing to do, he begins spying on his neighbors and suspects one of them of murder. The film is celebrated for its suspenseful plot and commentary on voyeurism. Grace Kelly co-stars in this highly engaging thriller.

9. To Catch A Thief (1955)

Hitchcock’s To Catch A Thief stars Cary Grant as a retired cat burglar trying to prove his innocence after a series of robberies. Grace Kelly plays his love interest, and their chemistry lights up the screen. Set in the French Riviera, the film is a blend of romance, mystery, and stunning visuals, making it a delightful watch.

10. The Night Of The Hunter (1955)

Directed by Charles Laughton, The Night Of The Hunter stars Robert Mitchum as a sinister preacher hunting down children who know the location of hidden money. The film is known for its expressionistic style and haunting atmosphere. Mitchum’s chilling performance and the film’s unique visual style make it a classic.

11. The Man Who Knew Too Much (1956)

In this Hitchcock thriller, James Stewart and Doris Day play a couple whose son is kidnapped during a vacation. The film is a remake of Hitchcock’s own 1934 version and includes the famous scene with Doris Day singing “Que Sera, Sera.” The suspenseful plot and exceptional direction make it a must-see.

12. 12 Angry Men (1957)

Directed by Sidney Lumet, 12 Angry Men is a courtroom drama starring Henry Fonda as a juror in a murder case. The film focuses on the deliberations of the jury, with Fonda’s character advocating for the defendant’s innocence. It’s a compelling study of justice, prejudice, and reasonable doubt. The intense performances and gripping dialogue are captivating.

13. Vertigo (1958)

Hitchcock’s Vertigo features James Stewart as a detective with a fear of heights, hired to follow a woman (Kim Novak) who might be possessed. The film is renowned for its complex narrative, innovative camera techniques, and haunting score by Bernard Herrmann. It explores themes of obsession, identity, and psychological trauma.

14. Anatomy Of A Murder (1959)

Otto Preminger’s Anatomy Of A Murder stars James Stewart as a small-town lawyer defending a man accused of murder. The film, based on a real case, is celebrated for its realistic depiction of legal proceedings and its exploration of moral ambiguity. The strong performances and riveting courtroom drama make it a classic.

15. Some Like It Hot (1959)

Billy Wilder’s Some Like It Hot is a comedy starring Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon as musicians who witness a mob hit and disguise themselves as women to escape. They join an all-female band led by Marilyn Monroe. The film is praised for its witty script, comic timing, and performances. It’s considered one of the greatest comedies of all time.

16. Psycho (1960)

Hitchcock’s Psycho is a landmark in horror cinema. Starring Anthony Perkins as Norman Bates and Janet Leigh as Marion Crane, the film’s shocking plot, iconic shower scene, and eerie score by Bernard Herrmann are legendary. It explores themes of identity and insanity, leaving a lasting impact on the genre.

17. The Birds (1963)

The Birds, another Hitchcock classic, stars Tippi Hedren as a woman who visits a small town only to encounter violent bird attacks. The film is known for its suspense, special effects, and the mysterious nature of the attacks. It remains a compelling exploration of nature turning against humanity.

18. Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Roman Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby stars Mia Farrow as a woman who becomes pregnant under mysterious circumstances and suspects a satanic cult is targeting her. The film is a psychological horror that builds tension through its eerie atmosphere and unsettling storyline. Farrow’s performance and the film’s chilling themes are memorable.

19. Once Upon A Time In The West (1968)

Directed by Sergio Leone, Once Upon A Time In The West is a sprawling western starring Henry Fonda, Charles Bronson, and Claudia Cardinale. The film is noted for its epic scope, Ennio Morricone’s iconic score, and its complex characters. It’s a masterful blend of action and drama that redefined the western genre.

20. Serpico (1973)

Sidney Lumet’s Serpico stars Al Pacino as an honest cop who exposes corruption within the NYPD. Based on a true story, the film is a gritty portrayal of one man’s fight against a corrupt system. Pacino’s powerful performance and the film’s realistic approach to its subject matter make it a compelling watch.

21. Chinatown (1974)

Roman Polanski’s Chinatown stars Jack Nicholson as a private detective unraveling a complex case of corruption and intrigue in 1930s Los Angeles. Faye Dunaway and John Huston also star in this neo-noir classic. The film is praised for its screenplay, direction, and Nicholson’s standout performance. Its haunting atmosphere and plot twists are unforgettable.

22. Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1978)

Philip Kaufman’s Invasion Of The Body Snatchers is a sci-fi horror remake starring Donald Sutherland and Brooke Adams. The film deals with an alien invasion where humans are replaced by emotionless duplicates. Its themes of paranoia and loss of identity, along with its tense atmosphere, make it a standout in the genre.

23. The Deer Hunter (1978)

Michael Cimino’s The Deer Hunter is a war drama featuring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and Meryl Streep. The film explores the impact of the Vietnam War on a group of friends from a small town. Its intense performances, particularly the Russian roulette scenes, and its exploration of trauma and friendship are powerful.

24. Airplane! (1980)

Airplane! is a comedy spoof directed by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, and Jerry Zucker. The film stars Robert Hays, Julie Hagerty, and Leslie Nielsen. Known for its slapstick humor, sight gags, and clever parodies of disaster films, Airplane! is a beloved comedy that continues to entertain audiences with its relentless jokes and memorable lines.

25. Heathers (1989)

Michael Lehmann’s Heathers is a dark comedy starring Winona Ryder and Christian Slater. The film satirizes high school hierarchies and teen angst, following a popular girl who teams up with a rebellious outsider to take down the cliquish elite. Its sharp wit, edgy themes, and standout performances make it a cult classic.

26. Glory (1989)

Edward Zwick’s Glory stars Matthew Broderick, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman. The film tells the true story of the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment, one of the first African American units in the Civil War. Its powerful performances, especially Washington’s Oscar-winning turn, and its historical significance make it a moving and inspirational film.

27. Malcolm X (1992)

Directed by Spike Lee, Malcolm X stars Denzel Washington as the titular civil rights leader. The film traces Malcolm X’s life, from his troubled youth to his rise as a prominent figure advocating for African American rights. Washington’s powerful performance and Lee’s compelling direction provide an insightful look into Malcolm X’s legacy.

28. Schindler’s List (1993)

Steven Spielberg’s Schindler’s List is a harrowing account of the Holocaust, focusing on Oskar Schindler, played by Liam Neeson, who saved over a thousand Jews by employing them in his factories. The film’s stark depiction of the atrocities, its emotional depth, and its poignant performances make it a profound and unforgettable cinematic experience.

29. Four Weddings And A Funeral (1994)

Mike Newell’s Four Weddings And A Funeral is a romantic comedy starring Hugh Grant and Andie MacDowell. The film follows a group of friends through various weddings and a funeral, exploring themes of love, friendship, and commitment. Its charming humor, memorable characters, and heartwarming plot have made it a beloved classic.

30. Run Lola Run (1998)

Tom Tykwer’s Run Lola Run is a high-energy thriller starring Franka Potente. The film follows Lola as she tries to save her boyfriend by obtaining a large sum of money in 20 minutes. Its innovative structure, with three different versions of the same events, dynamic editing, and pulsing soundtrack make it a unique and exhilarating ride.

31. Erin Brockovich (2000)

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, Erin Brockovich stars Julia Roberts in an Oscar-winning role as a single mother and legal assistant who uncovers a corporate cover-up of water contamination. The film is based on a true story and highlights Brockovich’s determination and tenacity. Roberts’ compelling performance and the inspiring real-life tale make it a must-watch.

32. The Aviator (2004)

Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Howard Hughes, the eccentric aviation pioneer and filmmaker. The film chronicles Hughes’s career and struggles with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Its stunning visuals, DiCaprio’s intense performance, and its insight into Hughes’s complex personality and innovative spirit are highlights.

33. Capote (2005)

Bennett Miller’s Capote stars Philip Seymour Hoffman as writer Truman Capote during the creation of his true-crime novel In Cold Blood. The film explores Capote’s relationships with the murderers he writes about and the ethical dilemmas he faces. Hoffman’s Oscar-winning portrayal and the film’s exploration of ambition and empathy make it a riveting watch.

34. Coherence (2013)

Coherence, directed by James Ward Byrkit, is a sci-fi thriller that unravels a mind-bending story during a dinner party. When a comet passes, strange and unsettling events start to occur. The film’s low-budget approach enhances its tense atmosphere and complex storyline, making it an engrossing and thought-provoking experience.

35. Whiplash (2014)

Damien Chazelle’s Whiplash stars Miles Teller as a young drummer and J.K. Simmons as his demanding instructor. The film delves into the intense and often brutal mentorship within a prestigious music school. Simmons’ Oscar-winning performance and the film’s electrifying pace and emotional intensity make it an exhilarating exploration of ambition and perseverance.

36. Man From Reno (2014)

Directed by Dave Boyle, Man From Reno is a mystery thriller that intertwines the story of a Japanese crime novelist and a mysterious man she meets in San Francisco. The film is praised for its intricate plot, atmospheric tension, and the strong performance of its cast. It’s a compelling and intriguing piece that keeps viewers guessing.

37. Creed (2015)

Ryan Coogler’s Creed stars Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, the son of Apollo Creed, who trains under Rocky Balboa, played by Sylvester Stallone. The film revitalizes the Rocky franchise with its fresh storyline, intense boxing sequences, and powerful performances. Jordan’s and Stallone’s chemistry and the film’s emotional depth are highlights.

38. Manchester By The Sea (2016)

Kenneth Lonergan’s Manchester By The Sea stars Casey Affleck as a man grappling with his brother’s death and becoming the guardian of his nephew. The film’s exploration of grief, guilt, and redemption is portrayed with remarkable sensitivity. Affleck’s Oscar-winning performance and the film’s emotional authenticity make it deeply affecting.

39. The Salesman (2016)

Directed by Asghar Farhadi, The Salesman is an Iranian drama about a couple whose lives are turned upside down after an assault. The film, which won an Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, delves into themes of trauma, dignity, and revenge. Farhadi’s masterful storytelling and the strong performances of the cast make it compelling and thought-provoking.

40. Love & Friendship (2016)

Whit Stillman’s Love & Friendship is a witty adaptation of Jane Austen’s novella Lady Susan. Kate Beckinsale stars as the charming and manipulative Lady Susan Vernon. The film’s sharp dialogue, period-appropriate humor, and Beckinsale’s delightful performance make it a fresh and entertaining take on Austen’s work.

41. The Lost City Of Z (2016)

James Gray’s The Lost City Of Z stars Charlie Hunnam as British explorer Percy Fawcett, who embarks on a quest to find a lost civilization in the Amazon. The film is based on a true story and is noted for its lush cinematography, strong performances, and its exploration of obsession and discovery. It’s a visually stunning and captivating adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the top films currently available on Amazon Prime?

Some top films you can watch include “Borat Subsequent Moviefilm,” which brings back Sacha Baron Cohen as Borat. Another must-see is “The Idea of You,” a poignant romantic drama featuring solid performances.

Which new releases on Amazon Prime are recommended?

Recent releases like “Sitting in Bars with Cake” and movies by fresh directors such as Trish Sie have received positive attention. These films offer a blend of comedy and heartfelt storytelling.

Which movies are the highest rated on Amazon Prime?

Highly rated films include “Sound of Metal,” which follows the journey of a drummer losing his hearing. Another acclaimed movie is “The Big Sick,” a romantic comedy based on the true story of its writers.

What are some standout films included with Amazon Prime at no additional cost?

Standout films you can watch without extra fees include “Manchester by the Sea,” a powerful drama about loss and grief. “Moonlight,” an Academy Award-winning film, is also available and tells the coming-of-age story of a young African-American man.

Can you suggest a great movie to watch tonight on Amazon Prime?

For a great movie night, consider watching “Parasite,” a gripping and clever social thriller. If you prefer something lighter, “Knives Out” is a fun and engaging murder mystery with a stellar ensemble cast.

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