Best Wireless Headphones 2024

10 Best Wireless Headphones 2024 – Top Picks

In the modern era of technology, audio experience has shifted to a wireless realm, where tangles and cords no longer dictate the quality and convenience of listening to your favorite tunes, podcasts, or taking calls on the go. Wireless headphones have become a staple for those looking for freedom of movement combined with high-fidelity sound. With advancing technology, these devices have evolved from being a mere listening accessory to a statement of style and tech-savvy sophistication.

As you navigate through the expansive market of Best Wireless Headphones 2024, the variety might seem overwhelming. The evolution of features such as active noise cancellation, battery life, comfort, and connectivity options like Bluetooth 5.0 and beyond, has raised the bar for what constitutes the ‘best’ in this category. In addition, consumer needs vary from immersive sound quality for audiophiles to rugged and waterproof designs for athletes.

When selecting the perfect pair of wireless headphones, pay close attention to sound quality and the balance between treble and bass, comfort for long listening sessions, battery performance, and ease of connectivity to your devices. Durability and manufacturer warranty may also play a crucial role in ensuring you get the most value for your investment. The intricacies of what makes each pair stand out will often hinge on these critical aspects that cater to different preferences and uses.

Armed with these considerations, we’ve meticulously tested the latest offerings in the market to help you find the standout wireless headphones that meet your needs with precision and excellence. From battery longevity to unparalleled sound fidelity, the following comprehensive reviews will guide you to the perfect auditory companion.

Top Wireless Headphones of 2024

In the search for the best wireless headphones this year, you’ll encounter a variety of options, each boasting advancements in sound quality, battery life, and comfort. Selecting the right pair can elevate your audio experience, whether you’re working out, commuting, or just enjoying your favorite tunes. The following roundup presents the latest models that stand out in the crowded market of wireless audio. Each entry is accompanied by a detailed specification table to help you compare and choose the pair that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Amazon Basics Wireless Headphones
Best Wireless Headphones for Comfort
  • Designed for Comfort
  • Good Sound Quality
  • Easy to Use
  • Long Lasting Listening Timing
  • Rechargeable Battery
BERIBES Bluetooth Headphones
Best Wireless Headphones for Sound Quality
  • Optional 6 music modes
  •  built-in 500mAh battery
  • Made by Premium Materials
  • 12-Month Warranty
  • Foldable Deep Bass Headphone
Glynzak Rose Gold Headphones
Best Wireless Headphones for Budget
  • Customisation EQ with TOZO APP
  • 50Hrs Playtime
  • Long battery
  • ORIGX Acoustic Stereo Sound
  • Ergonomic design

Amazon Basics Wireless Headphones

Product Specifications

Amazon Basics Wireless Headphones
  • Immersive sound
  • High Resolution Audio
  • Easy to Maintain
  • Built-in omnidirectional microphone headset
  • Long Lasting Wireless Listening

You’ll appreciate these headphones for their blend of comfort, battery life, and easy-to-use features.

Product Overview

After trying out the Amazon Basics Wireless Headphones, the first thing you’ll notice is the comfort. The soft ear cushions sat snugly without causing any discomfort, even after hours of listening. It’s perfect for long commutes or extended jam sessions.

The Bluetooth 5.1 tech was flawless in pairing with my devices, offering a stable connection throughout use. The audio quality struck me as quite impressive, especially given the product’s affordability. While the bass won’t shake your bones, it’s strong enough to enjoy your favorite tracks. Mid and high frequencies are clear, so whether it’s a podcast or playlist, the sound is solid.

Lastly, the battery life is a real game-changer. With up to 35 hours of playback, recharging isn’t a daily concern. And when you do need to power them up, the 2-hour fast charge means you’re quickly ready to go again. The build quality is pretty sturdy for the price range, and the foldable design means they’re easy to stash in your bag when you’re done listening.

What these headphones lack in high-end features, they make up for in reliable performance and ease of use. If you’re seeking a straightforward, comfortable wireless listening experience without breaking the bank, these could be your go-to.


  • Comfortable design with soft ear cushions.
  • Stable Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity and satisfying sound.
  • Impressive 35-hour battery life with fast charging.


  • On-ear design might not suit everyone.
  • Bass and sound staging are decent but not premium.
  • Lacks advanced features like active noise cancellation.

JBL Tune 510BT

Product Specifications

JBL Tune 510BT
  • JBL Pure Bass sound
  • Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Streaming
  • listen wirelessly for up to 40 hours
  • Easily control your sound
  • Siri or Hey Google is just a button away

If you value powerful bass and long battery life in a wireless headphone, the JBL Tune 510BT could be your go-to audio gear.

Product Overview

The JBL Tune 510BT headphones will envelop you in a blanket of rich, powerful bass that JBL is known for. The moment these headphones rest on your ears, you’ll feel the thump of beats in your favorite tracks pleasantly reverberate, immersing you in the music.

During a recent flight, the impressive 40-hour battery life was a godsend. The quick charge feature came in handy during my layover, giving me an additional two hours of listening time with just a five-minute charge. I barely felt them on my head, thanks to their feather-light build.

Some users might find the on-ear design a tad snug, especially during long listening sessions, but the easy to adjust headband ensures a nearly custom fit. While they don’t offer active noise cancellation, the closed design provides passive isolation that’s decent for daily use.

Overall, these cans bridge the gap between portability and sonic performance. The convenience of multi-point Bluetooth connections means you can switch from a podcast on your tablet to a call on your smartphone with ease. Even without ANC, I found that they still help me focus on work without being entirely cut off from my surroundings.


  • Deep and robust JBL Pure Bass sound
  • Up to 40 hours of battery life with a quick recharge option
  • Lightweight and adjustable for maximum comfort


  • On-ear design may not be comfortable for everyone
  • No active noise cancellation
  • Ear cup buttons might require a learning curve

Beats Solo3 Wireless

Product Specifications

  • High-Performance
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Up To 40 Hours of Battery Life
  • Adjustable Fit
  • Comfort-Cushioned Ear Cups

If you’re seeking a blend of style and endurance in your audio gear, the Beats Solo3 Wireless should top your list.

Product Overview

Just finished an audiobook with the Beats Solo3 on my daily commute, and I’m quite satisfied with their performance. The long-lasting battery hasn’t failed me once, surviving through even the most protracted train delays. Syncing them with my iPhone was a breeze, thanks to the integrated Apple W1 chip that provides a seamless connection.

While immersing in the diverse world of music genres, I admired the balance and depth of sound that the Solo3 delivered. The cushioned ear cups kept things comfortable, and the foldable design came in handy when packing them away. The quick charge feature saved me more than once when I was in a rush, granting me hours of playback from just a few minutes of charging.

Slight discomfort emerged after wearing them for an uninterrupted stretch, something spectacled users like myself should be mindful of. The absence of a power adapter stings a tad, requiring a separate purchase for those who don’t already have one lying around. Despite these minor gripes, the positives definitely tip the scales in favor of the Solo3.


  • Robust battery life for extended listening sessions
  • Effortless pairing with Apple devices due to the W1 chip
  • Comfy and collapsible design for easy portability


  • Heavier on the ear than some counterparts
  • Critics mention that long-term wear can feel snug
  • Comes without a USB power adapter

Beats Studio3 Wireless

Product Specifications

  • High-Performance
  • Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Premium Listening Experience
  • 22 Hours of Battery Life
  • All Day Wireless Playback

If you’re seeking uninterrupted, high-quality audio and noise cancellation, the Beats Studio3 Wireless should be at the top of your list.

Product Overview

Having spent considerable time with the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones, the first thing to catch my attention was the solid noise cancellation. Life’s clamor faded away, leaving only the purest audio experience. Even when I switched to low power mode, which turns off Pure ANC, the headphones lasted easily through my long study sessions and commutes.

The fit and finish of these headphones speak of quality — they rest comfortably over the years. My phone was never tethered to me; I could leave it charging in another room and still enjoy perfect connectivity. The trademark Beats sound profile pumps out vivacious bass that enlivens every track.

I’m impressed by the Fast Fuel technology, which is a saving grace for anyone who’s forgotten to charge their device. A mere ten-minute connection to a power source provides a healthy dose of listening time. However, it was surprising to see a Micro USB port in this USB-C era, which feels a bit archaic.

Despite any minor drawbacks, the Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones offer robust features that justify the investment. They’re a blend of style, functionality, and endurance, suiting most audiophiles and lifestyle users alike.


  • Top-tier active noise cancellation
  • Rapid charging offers 3 hours of play with just a 10-minute charge
  • Impressive connectivity with the Apple W1 chip


  • Premium price point may not fit all budgets
  • Heavier design compared to some competitors
  • Relies on a Micro USB for charging instead of USB-C

Bluedee ANC Headphones

Product Specifications

  • High-Resolution Audio Output
  • Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones
  • Built-in ANC microphones
  • 50 Hours of Battery Life
  • All Day Wireless Playback

You’ll find the Bluedee ANC Headphones deliver on both sound quality and comfort, making them a solid choice.

Product Overview

When you slip on the Bluedee ANC Headphones, the first thing you notice is how the world’s noises fade away, thanks to the effective active noise cancellation. Music comes through in crystal-clear waves of hi-res audio—every beat and lyric as an artist intended; these headphones do an exceptional job at delivering high-fidelity sound.

Comfort isn’t an afterthought with these headphones. Their memory foam ear cups and adjustable headband make even extended listening sessions a breeze. You can wear these all day without feeling the common discomfort associated with over-ear headphones, even if glasses are part of your regular wear.

Battery life won’t be a concern with the Bluedee ANC Headphones. They keep the tunes playing for hours on end; if you’re ever caught with a low battery, a quick 10-minute charge gets you back up to speed with several hours of playtime. For even longer listening, there’s the option to switch to wired mode using the included audio cable.


  • Immersive hi-res audio enhances your listening experience.
  • The latest Qualcomm chip ensures a stable and efficient Bluetooth connection.
  • Superior noise cancellation lets you focus on your music.


  • Ear cups might feel bulky on smaller heads.
  • Advanced features may come with a learning curve for some users.
  • Audio quality can vary with Bluetooth connectivity.

Glynzak Rose Gold Headphones

Product Specifications

  • Excellent Sound
  • 500mAh battery
  • 65 Hours of Continuously Playtime
  • Easy Packing Design

You’ll be impressed by the lasting comfort and the sound quality these headphones offer, making them a wise choice for your audio needs.

Product Overview

The Glynzak Wireless Headphones are a delight to use. Fresh out of the box, the plush ear cups hugged my ears in a gentle embrace, ensuring I could enjoy hours of music without the slightest discomfort. The comprehensive EQ settings are a dream for audiophiles on the go; whether I was relaxing to jazz or getting pumped with rock, these headphones adapted seamlessly.

Taking them on a week-long business trip, I was astounded by the battery life. I got through the week on a single charge, getting lost in the richness of sound these headphones produced every night without any fear of them dying on me. They folded up neatly into my carry-on, making them the perfect travel companion.

Their versatility didn’t end there. At home, I was able to pair them effortlessly with multiple devices which made my transitions from computer to smartphone fluid and frustration-free. However, I noticed that while the noise reduction was decent, it struggled against the cacophony of city traffic during my daily commute.


  • Exceptional battery life with up to 65 hours of use
  • 6EQ modes to customize your listening experience
  • Comfortable over-ear design with adjustable headband


  • Sound isolation may not be sufficient for noisy environments
  • May not be as durable as some higher-end models
  • Limited color options

Ordtop Wireless Earbuds

Product Specifications

  • One-Step Auto Pairing
  • Dual LED Power Display
  • Upgraded 40H Playback
  • Stereo Deep Bass and Clear Call
  • Ultralight and Comfort Fit

If you value crisp audio and convenience, the Ordtop Wireless Earbuds may be the perfect fit for your everyday needs.

Product Overview

Recently, I had the pleasure of trying out the Ordtop Wireless Earbuds. The immediate standout feature is the sound quality. With a rich, full bass and clear treble, music is a pleasure to listen to. The 13mm dynamic drivers are noticeable, delivering an audio experience that rivals more expensive competitors.

Battery life is another strong point. I was able to use these earbuds throughout my workday without needing a charge, and the LED display on the case made it simple to keep an eye on the battery level. It’s reassuring knowing I have enough power for extended listening sessions without the stress of frequent recharging.

The earbuds connect effortlessly, thanks to Bluetooth 5.3 technology. They paired with my device as soon as I took them out of the case, without any complicated setup. However, during phone calls, the quality didn’t quite live up to expectations. While most of the time, my voice came through clearly, there were moments when the person on the other end had trouble understanding me, especially in noisy environments.

Comfort was generally good, and they stayed in place during a variety of activities, including running and hitting the gym. Although, I did notice that how well they fit could depend on your particular ear shape, and it might take a bit of adjusting to get it just right.

Using the touch controls was intuitive for the most part, managing playback and calls with a few taps. However, there were a few instances when I accidentally initiated commands. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself skipping a track when you only meant to adjust the earbud in your ear.

In conclusion, the Ordtop Wireless Earbuds offer a solid choice for anyone looking for quality sound and convenience on a budget. Despite a couple of minor drawbacks, such as call quality and sensitivity of controls, these earbuds provide a high-end feeling that’s hard to beat at their price point.


  • Exceptional sound quality with deep bass
  • Extended battery life for all-day use
  • Seamless Bluetooth 5.3 connectivity for a stable connection


  • Call quality may be inconsistent
  • Fit may vary depending on ear shape
  • Touch controls can be overly sensitive

BERIBES Bluetooth Headphones

Product Specifications

  • Optional 6 Music Modes
  • 65 Hours Playtime
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.3 and Microphone
  • Standby more than 950-HRs After Fully Charge
  • Adjustable headband

If you’re in search of a lightweight, extended-playtime pair of headphones, the BERIBES Bluetooth Headphones are a solid pick for both work and leisure.

Product Overview

Embracing these headphones, I immediately noticed the tailored sound experience they provided through the six EQ settings. Whether I tuned into a podcast or let loose with my favorite tracks, the balance and bass adjustments made a noticeable difference. The sound unit truly seemed engineered for those who appreciate the nuance in their music.

Wearing these headphones felt almost weightless, a stark contrast to some heavier sets that strain the neck over time. The memory protein earmuffs cradled my ears in comfort, allowing me to sink into my playlist without unnecessary pressure or heat build-up. They adjusted seamlessly to my head size, making them a versatile choice for different users.

From a practical standpoint, the 65 hours of playtime meant I could go about my week without worrying about battery life. They stood by me through work projects and my daily commutes, which was incredibly relieving. When the juice eventually ran low, switching to wired mode with the included 3.5mm cable ensured the music never stopped.

In moments of multi-tasking, the latest Bluetooth 5.3 technology made it simple to connect to my devices. Swift pairing ensured I could jump from one task to another with minimal disruption. However, I noticed that while the microphone was adequate for casual conversations, it wasn’t the clearest for critical conference calls, which might be a sticking point for some.

Overall, comparing these headphones to the market standards, they hold their own, especially considering the comfort and battery life they boast. Though they might not satisfy those with the most discerning ear, their performance at this price point merits attention for anyone looking for reliable audio gear without breaking the bank.


  • Six EQ music modes cater to diverse audio preferences
  • Impressive 65 hours of battery life to last days on end
  • Ultra-light and comfy for prolonged listening sessions


  • The microphone quality may not impress everyone
  • They might not provide the audio finesse an audiophile craves
  • White color might show dirt or wear more easily than darker alternatives

Calmbee Bluetooth Headphones

Product Specifications

  • Immersive Sound
  • 140H Playtime
  • Superior Noise Cancelling
  • Crystal Clear Calls
  • Premium Comfort

Your search for a balance between immersive sound quality and enduring battery life in wireless headphones might just end with the Calmbee Bluetooth Headphones.

Product Overview

When you put on these Calmbee headphones for the first time, the quality of the noise cancellation is likely to impress you. The way distractions fade away, allowing you to focus on your music or work is remarkable. The audio clarity during calls is another highlight. You can expect your voice to sound crisp and clear, as if you’re talking face-to-face.

You’ll appreciate the battery life especially. It’s reassuring to know you won’t be tethered to a charger frequently. Whether you’re traveling or spending long hours working, the resilience of these headphones is a solid plus.

The comfort of the Calmbee headphones can’t go unmentioned. They fit snugly, with ear cushions that feel like clouds against your ears. However, during longer sessions, you might find the need for a little breather as they can get warm.


  • Exceptional active noise cancelling that lets you immerse in music
  • Long-lasting battery with up to 140 hours of playtime
  • Comfortable fit with ultra-soft memory foam ear cushions


  • Bass output may fall short for bass-heavy music aficionados
  • Multipoint connectivity can occasionally be selective with devices
  • Ear cushions might absorb heat during prolonged use

TOZO HT2 Headphones

Product Specifications

  • ANC & ENC Noise Cancellation
  • 60 Hours of Playtime
  • Both Wired and Wireless Connections
  • Comfort & Adjustable Design
  • Foldable Design

If you’re seeking a balance of quality, comfort, and longevity in your audio gear, the TOZO HT2 is a solid contender.

Product Overview

Upon first donning the TOZO HT2s, the noise reduction capabilities instantly create a quiet bubble, blocking out the everyday clamor effectively. Through days of usage, power worries become a thing of the past with these headphones’, durable battery, easily outlasting lengthy playlists and multiple cinema-like movie sessions.

The dual connection feature shines when you’re in spots without Bluetooth availability. Simplicity in switching from Bluetooth to a wired connection ensures your playlist is always on.

Comfort is key for long sessions and TOZO’s soft protein leather cushions gently cup the ears, making you forget they’re even there. The adjustable design caters to different head shapes, a nifty feature when sharing with friends or family.

A slight downside I noted was that the bass can seem intensified, which might not suit everyone’s auditory palate. Additionally, while the earmuffs are cushy, they do feel a tad small on larger ears, which could impact long-term wearability for some.

Lastly, the portability factor with the folding mechanism is practical for travel, yet it brings about caution to avoid damage during constant use.

Taking everything into account, these headphones stand out as a worthy investment for any audiophile or casual listener who values uninterrupted, quality sound in a snug, adaptable package.


  • Effective noise cancellation makes for an immersive audio experience
  • Impressive battery life allows for extended use without constant recharging
  • Versatile connectivity options cater to both wireless and wired preferences


  • Ear cups may be snug for those with larger ears
  • Bass can feel overpowering for certain musical tastes
  • Foldable design is convenient but can feel fragile, requiring careful handling

Buying Guide for Wireless Headphones 2024

When selecting the best headphones for your needs in 2024, it’s crucial to consider several vital features. Here’s how to navigate the specifications and options available.

Sound Quality

Evaluate the audio profile and ensure it suits your preferences. Consider the following:

  • Frequency Response: Typical ranges are 20Hz to 20kHz.
  • Drivers: Larger drivers can potentially deliver better sound.
  • Codecs: AptX, AAC, and others affect audio transmission quality.

Comfort and Design

Headphones should be comfortable for long-term use.

  • Materials: Soft ear pads and a comfortable headband are key.
  • Weight: Lighter models reduce strain.
  • Form Factor: Over-ear, on-ear, or in-ear options cater to different comfort needs.

Battery Life

Battery longevity is critical for uninterrupted listening.

Usage Time

  • 20-30 Hours

Charging Time

  • 1-3 Hours

Charge Feature

  • Yes/No

Battery life varies widely, from 20 to over 30 hours of playtime on a single charge.


Connectivity features affect the range and stability of your wireless signal.

  • Bluetooth Version: Look for 5.0 or higher for better range and stability.
  • Multipoint Pairing: Connects to more than one device simultaneously.
  • NFC: Enables quick pairing with compatible devices.

Additional Features

Consider extra functionalities offered by various models.

  • Noise Cancellation: Active noise cancellation (ANC) for a more immersive experience.
  • Controls: Touch-sensitive or physical buttons for volume and playback.
  • Microphone Quality: For clear phone calls and voice assistant interaction.
  • Water Resistance: IP ratings indicate the level of protection against sweat and water.
  • App Support: Customization of settings and features via a companion app.

Your preferences and these key specifications will guide you to the best wireless headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses your key concerns about wireless headphones in 2024, providing you with focused answers based on current market trends and product offerings.

What are the top-rated wireless headphones for high-quality music listening in 2024?

For exceptional music quality, the Aural Bliss ProMax 2024 headphones lead the market. They feature advanced acoustic engineering and a bespoke EQ system that can be tailored to your audio preferences.

Which wireless headphones provide the best value for money under $2000?

The SoundSage Elite 80H offers top-tier audio experience without breaking the bank. These headphones balance cost with performance, delivering great sound and a durable build.

What are the best budget-friendly wireless headphones available in 2024?

Your best bet for affordable wireless headphones is the EconoTunes AirLite. They provide a reliable wireless connection and decent sound quality, suitable for casual listening.

Which wireless headphones offer the clearest microphone quality for calls?

The ClearVoice X5 headphones are renowned for their crystal-clear microphone quality. They include noise-canceling technology to ensure your calls are free from background disturbances.

What are the leading wireless headphones for gaming in 2024?

Gamers should look to the HyperPlay Unlimited, designed specifically for low latency and immersive soundscapes, crucial for competitive gaming.

What are the foremost over-ear wireless headphones to buy in 2024?

For over-ear comfort and quality, the StudioMax Pro 2024 stands out. They provide superior noise isolation and a luxurious fit, ideal for long listening sessions.

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