A biopic about Phil Robertson, a man who found redemption through faith after struggling with addiction and infidelity.

Cast & Crew

The upcoming movie “The Blind” is a biopic about Phil Robertson, the patriarch of the Robertson family and star of the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty.” The film is set in the backwoods swamps of 1960s Louisiana and tells the story of Robertson’s early life, his struggles with addiction and infidelity, and his eventual redemption through faith.

The film stars Josh Brolin as Phil Robertson and Keri Russell as his wife, Miss Kay. It is directed by David Gordon Green and written by Scott Teems. The film is scheduled to be released in theaters on September 28, 2023.

Here is a more detailed storyline of the film, based on the trailer and the information that has been released so far:

Phil Robertson was born and raised in Louisiana. He was a talented athlete and played college football at Louisiana Tech University. However, after college, he struggled with addiction and infidelity. His marriage to Miss Kay was on the rocks, and he was on the verge of losing everything.

One night, Phil had a religious experience that changed his life. He found faith in God and turned his life around. He got sober, and he and Miss Kay rekindled their marriage. Phil started a successful business making duck calls, and he and Miss Kay raised a family of seven children.

The film follows Phil’s journey from addiction and infidelity to redemption and faith. It is a story of love, hope, and second chances.

The film is also expected to explore the themes of family, community, and faith. It is a story about a man who found his way back to what is important in life, and about the people who helped him along the way.

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