"Totally Killer" is a hilarious '90s nostalgia-filled comedy where high school friends reunite for their 25th reunion, reliving the fashion, music, and wild antics of their youth.

Cast & Crew

“Totally Killer” is a delightful upcoming comedy film that takes us back to the ’90s. The story revolves around a group of high school friends who reunite for their 25th reunion.

As they come together, they reminisce about their teenage years, reliving the fashion, music, and pop culture of the ’90s. Amidst the nostalgia, they embark on a hilarious adventure to recreate the wild antics of their youth.

Throughout the film, “Totally Killer” captures the essence of the ’90s, with its iconic fashion trends, memorable music, and the enduring bonds of friendship. It’s a heartwarming and laugh-out-loud journey that celebrates the magic of nostalgia and the enduring connections formed in adolescence.

Audiences can look forward to a feel-good movie that combines humor, nostalgia, and the joy of reliving the past. “Totally Killer” promises to transport viewers back to a time of Tamagotchis, grunge music, and slap bracelets while reminding us of the enduring value of friendship.

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