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Never Let Go Release Date And What We Know So Far

Excitement is building for the upcoming film “Never Let Go.” Directed by Alexandre Aja and featuring Halle Berry, this survival horror movie promises to deliver intense thrills. It’s scheduled to be released in the United States by Lionsgate on September 27, 2024.

The story revolves around a family haunted by an evil spirit. Their safety is questioned as one of the children starts doubting the reality of the evil presence.

With Halle Berry leading a talented cast that includes Percy Daggs IV and Anthony B. Jenkins, “Never Let Go” is set to be a must-watch. The blend of psychological thriller and horror elements adds to the anticipation. Don’t miss this chilling tale when it hits theaters!

Release and Reception

The release date, box office projections, and early reviews for “Never Let Go” are already generating buzz. Let’s explore the specifics in detail.

Premiere Dates

“Never Let Go” is set to hit theaters on September 27, 2024. This release date was chosen for a nationwide premiere, positioning it against other anticipated releases. Fans of psychological thrillers and horror will get to see Halle Berry in a new dramatic role right as the fall movie season kicks in.

Box Office Projections

The box office performance of “Never Let Go” looks promising. Given Alexandre Aja’s past success with horror films and Halle Berry’s star power, industry experts expect strong opening numbers. Early estimates suggest that the film might have a solid opening weekend, especially with the added pull of a nationwide release.

Critics’ Early Reviews

While full reviews have not yet been published, critics who have seen early screenings are offering initial thoughts. Many critics praise the film’s tense atmosphere and Berry’s performance. The direction by Alexandre Aja is also getting positive remarks. Despite this, there are some mentions of a familiar plotline within the horror genre.

Production Insights

“Never Let Go” is an upcoming horror film starring Halle Berry and directed by Alexandre Aja. This section covers the creative team, casting choices, and filming locations for the movie.

Creative Team

The film is directed by Alexandre Aja, known for his work in the horror genre, such as “The Hills Have Eyes.” The script is written by Kevin Coughlin and Ryan Grassby, who have collaborated with Aja on past projects.

Lionsgate is handling the production, bringing their experience with horror films to the table. This collaboration between Aja, Coughlin, and Grassby promises a gripping and intense movie experience. Their past work together is a good sign for fans of horror films who are looking forward to “Never Let Go.”

Casting Choices

The lead role is played by Halle Berry, a well-known actress with a strong track record in both dramas and thrillers. Berry brings depth to the character, adding a layer of complexity to the story.

The supporting cast includes Percy Daggs IV, Anthony B. Jenkins, Matthew Kevin Anderson, Christin Park, and Stephanie Lavigne. Each actor was chosen for their ability to convey the intense emotions needed for a survival horror film.

By combining experienced actors like Berry with up-and-coming talent, the casting choices aim to create a balanced and dynamic performance that will captivate audiences.

Filming Locations

The filming took place mainly in controlled studio environments to ensure a high level of detail and safety for the cast and crew. Some scenes were shot at remote locations to add authenticity and a sense of isolation crucial for a horror movie.

These locations were selected to enhance the story’s suspense and tension, pushing the boundaries of survival horror settings. The blend of studio and on-location filming provides a rich, immersive experience for viewers, highlighting the intricate planning behind the movie’s production.


The trailer for “Never Let Go” is a masterclass in suspense and tension, offering a tantalizing glimpse into the film’s gripping storyline and powerful performances. With pulse-pounding music, stunning visuals, and a montage of intense, emotionally charged moments, the trailer promises a cinematic experience that will leave audiences breathless.


“Never Let Go” promises to be an exciting film. Directed by Alexandre Aja, it showcases Halle Berry in a thrilling role. The movie centers on a family haunted by an evil spirit. With a cast including Matthew Kevin Anderson and Christin Park, this horror film is sure to attract many viewers. “Lionsgate” will release it on September 27, 2024. Prepare for an intense ride.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the official release date for ‘Never Let Go’?

Never Let Go is set to premiere in theaters on September 27, 2024. The movie will be released in both the US and the UK on the same date.

Will ‘Never Let Go’ be available on Netflix after its theatrical release?

There is no official information indicating that Never Let Go will be available on Netflix after its theatrical release. For now, the distribution plans beyond theaters have not been confirmed.

Are there any notable spoilers or leaks available for ‘Never Let Go’?

No significant spoilers or plot leaks have been released for Never Let Go. The story revolves around a family haunted by an evil spirit, but further details remain under wraps to keep the suspense.

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