Who Does Fiona End Up With in Shameless Season 9?

Who Does Fiona End Up With in Shameless Season 9?

As the eldest sibling of the Gallagher family in the hit Shameless TV series, Fiona, played by Emmy Rossum, had her fair share of romantic relationships throughout the show. In Shameless season 9, Fiona’s love life took a backseat to her personal struggles and eventual departure from the series. However, before she left, Fiona did have a significant relationship that left fans wondering about her future.

Fiona and Ford’s Relationship

In season 9, Fiona began dating Ford Kellogg, an Irish carpenter and part-time sperm donor. Ford was introduced as a more stable and mature love interest compared to Fiona’s previous partners. Their relationship seemed promising, with Ford supporting Fiona through her legal troubles and helping her find a new apartment.

However, their relationship hit a snag when Fiona discovered that Ford was married and had a son. Despite this revelation, Fiona and Ford attempted to make their relationship work, but ultimately, they decided to go their separate ways.

Fiona’s Departure from Shameless Season 9

In the middle of shameless season 9, Emmy Rossum announced that she would be leaving Shameless after nine seasons. Her character’s exit was written into the show, with Fiona deciding to leave Chicago and start a new life elsewhere. What happened to Fiona in Shameless was a question on many fans’ minds, as her character had been a central figure in the series since its beginning.

Fiona’s last episode, titled “Found,” aired in March 2019 and marked the end of her journey on the show. In the episode, Fiona made amends with her family and left them with a sizable inheritance before saying her goodbyes and boarding a plane to an unknown destination.

Final Thoughts

While Fiona’s relationship with Ford in shameless season 9 showed promise, it ultimately did not last, and Fiona left the show without a definitive romantic partner. Her departure from Shameless marked the end of an era for the series, as Emmy Rossum’s portrayal of Fiona Gallagher had been a driving force behind the show’s success.

For fans looking to relive Fiona’s journey or catch up on the series, Shameless is available to stream on various platforms, including Netflix, Hulu, and Showtime. The show, primarily filmed in Chicago, offers a gritty and realistic portrayal of urban life through the eyes of the Gallagher family and their friends. Although Fiona may not have found her happily ever after on the show, her character’s growth, resilience, and love for her family will forever remain a cornerstone of the Shameless legacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

What season does Fiona leave Shameless?

Fiona’s last episode on Shameless aired in season 9, episode 14, titled “Found” [In Case You Forgot, Here’s How Fiona Left Shameless Last Season]. This episode marked Emmy Rossum’s departure from the series after nine seasons.

Who does Fiona end up with in season 10?

Fiona does not appear in season 10 of Shameless, as she left the show in season 9. Therefore, she does not end up with anyone in season 10.

Who does Fiona end up with in season 11?

Similar to season 10, Fiona is not a part of the Shameless storyline in season 11, as her character had already left the show. As a result, she does not end up with anyone in the final season.

Do Fiona and Steve end up together?

Fiona and Steve/Jimmy, played by Justin Chatwin, had an on-again-off-again relationship throughout the early seasons of Shameless. However, their relationship did not continue after Jimmy’s disappearance in season 5. In later seasons, it is revealed that Jimmy is alive and has moved on with his life, while Fiona continued to face her own challenges. The show did not explore the possibility of Fiona and Steve ending up together in the final seasons.

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