Best Tv Shows for couples on Netflix

10 Best TV Shows for couples on Netflix

Indulge in a world of entertainment with your significant other with our carefully curated list of the 10 best TV shows for couples on Netflix. Whether you are looking for romance, drama, comedy, or a mix of genres, these shows are guaranteed to keep you both hooked and wanting more. From heartwarming love stories to thrilling adventures, there is something on this list for every couple to enjoy together.

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things

Supernatural mystery

The supernatural mystery in “Stranger Things” is a major draw for couples looking for a show that will keep them on the edge of their seats. The series follows a group of kids in a small town as they encounter strange occurrences and a girl with supernatural abilities. As the town’s secrets unravel, viewers are taken on a thrilling journey filled with supernatural elements and suspense.

Compelling characters

Some of the most compelling aspects of “Stranger Things” are its well-developed and lovable characters. From the determined and resourceful Eleven to the loyal and courageous group of friends, each character brings something unique to the table. Viewers will find themselves emotionally invested in the characters’ fates, making each twist and turn in the storyline all the more impactful.

Plus, the dynamic between the characters adds depth to the show, showcasing the importance of friendship and teamwork in the face of adversity. Couples will find themselves rooting for their favorite characters and eagerly awaiting their next on-screen moments.

IMDb Rating 8.7/10


2. The Crown

The Crown

Royal drama

To research into the world of royalty and intrigue, look no further than “The Crown” on Netflix. This critically acclaimed series follows the reign of Queen Elizabeth II and offers a glimpse into the personal and political challenges faced by the British royal family. The captivating performances and lavish production values make it a must-watch for couples looking for a mix of drama and history.

Historical events

To witness pivotal moments in history from a unique perspective, “The Crown” delivers a compelling portrayal of key events that shaped the modern world. From political upheavals to personal struggles, the series masterfully weaves together the human side of history with larger socio-political narratives, creating a rich tapestry of storytelling.

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Historical events depicted in “The Crown” include significant milestones such as the Suez Crisis, the Aberfan disaster, and Princess Margaret’s controversial relationships. These events not only offer insight into the challenges faced by the royal family but also provide a deeper understanding of the broader social and political contexts of the time.

IMDb Rating 8.6/10


3. The Queen’s Gambit

The Queen's Gambit

Chess prodigy story

Even if you’re not a chess enthusiast, “The Queen’s Gambit” is a must-watch for its compelling storytelling. The series follows the life of Beth Harmon, a young orphaned chess prodigy with a troubled past, as she navigates the male-dominated world of competitive chess in the 1960s. Through Beth’s journey to the top, viewers are drawn into a world of strategy, brilliance, and personal demons.

Period drama

Any couple looking for a show with a perfect blend of nostalgia and drama will find “The Queen’s Gambit” to be a captivating choice. Set against the backdrop of the Cold War era, the series beautifully captures the fashion, music, and societal norms of the 1960s. The attention to detail in recreating the time period adds an extra layer of depth to the storyline.

The period drama aspect of “The Queen’s Gambit” enhances the overall viewing experience, immersing audiences in a world where glamour and sophistication collide with personal struggles and triumphs.

IMDb Rating 8.5/10


4. Master of None

Master of None

Modern love tales

Despite its humble premise, Master of None offers a refreshing take on modern relationships. The show follows the life of Dev, a 30-year-old actor played by creator Aziz Ansari, as he navigates the complexities of love and dating in the digital age. Each episode explores various aspects of romance, from first dates to long-term relationships, with a mix of humor and heartfelt moments that will resonate with couples.

Comedic elements

Little moments of wit and charm are peppered throughout Master of None, adding a light-hearted touch to the show’s exploration of love. There’s a quirky sense of humor that runs through the series, making it a delightful watch for couples looking for a mix of laughs and insights into modern relationships.

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There’s a balance between humor and sincerity in Master of None that sets it apart from other romantic comedies. The show manages to tackle serious topics with a light touch, creating a compelling blend of comedy and drama that makes it a must-watch for couples on Netflix.

IMDb Rating 8.2/10


5. Schitt’s Creek

Schitt's Creek

Family’s humorous fall

Assuming you are looking for a TV show that will make you both laugh out loud and warm your hearts, Schitt’s Creek is the perfect choice. The show follows the wealthy Rose family’s misadventures after they lose their fortune and are forced to relocate to the rural town of Schitt’s Creek. The humor in the series often stems from the clash of the Roses’ privileged lifestyle with the eccentricities of the small-town residents.

Heartwarming journey

With its heartwarming storylines and quirky characters, Schitt’s Creek is a delightful show to watch as a couple. Each episode not only delivers hilarious moments but also touches on important themes like acceptance, love, and family bonds. The character development throughout the series is truly heartening to witness, as the Roses evolve from self-absorbed individuals to caring members of the community.

This charming series, created by father-son duo Eugene Levy and Dan Levy, has garnered critical acclaim and a dedicated fan base for its stellar writing, performances, and feel-good vibes. Watching the Roses navigate their new life in Schitt’s Creek is not only entertaining but also a reminder of the power of love and resilience in the face of adversity.

IMDb Rating 8.5/10


6. The Umbrella Academy

The Umbrella Academy

Now, if you and your partner are looking for a thrilling and engaging TV show to watch together, “The Umbrella Academy” on Netflix is a fantastic choice. This series offers a perfect blend of action, drama, and humor that will keep you both hooked from the very first episode.

Superheroes family saga

Some couples may resonate with the unique dynamics of the Hargreeves siblings in “The Umbrella Academy,” each possessing extraordinary abilities while navigating the complexities of family relationships. The show’s compelling storyline and well-developed characters make it a great option for couples who enjoy a mix of heartwarming moments and intense superhero action.

Time-travel adventures

Adventures await in “The Umbrella Academy” as the siblings commence on thrilling time-travel missions to prevent apocalyptic events. The show’s intricate plot twists and fascinating exploration of time manipulation will keep you and your partner on the edge of your seats throughout each season.

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Superheroes and time-travel elements are skillfully intertwined in “The Umbrella Academy,” offering a fresh take on the superhero genre that will captivate both you and your partner. Whether you enjoy action-packed sequences or emotional family dynamics, this series has something for every couple looking for a dynamic and engaging TV show to watch together.

IMDb Rating 7.9/10


7. Grace and Frankie

Grace and Frankie

Unlikely friendship

You wouldn’t expect Grace, a refined retired cosmetics mogul, and Frankie, a free-spirited art teacher, to become best friends, but that’s exactly what happens in “Grace and Frankie.” Played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin, these two women are brought together when their husbands reveal they are gay and leaving them for each other. Despite their differences, Grace and Frankie forge a deep bond as they navigate life together.

Life’s second act

You may not have imagined starting over in your 70s, but that’s the reality for Grace and Frankie. In this heartwarming and humorous series, the duo embraces this new chapter in their lives with courage and humor. As they navigate the ups and downs of aging, relationships, and family dynamics, Grace and Frankie show viewers that it’s never too late to reinvent yourself and find happiness.

The show researchs into the challenges and triumphs of starting fresh in your golden years, from dating in later life to pursuing new passions. Grace and Frankie’s journey reminds us that life doesn’t end with retirement; it’s just the beginning of a new adventure.

IMDb Rating 8.2/10


8. Gilmore Girls

Gilmore Girls

Mother-Daughter Bond

Many viewers have fallen in love with the heartwarming and witty relationship between Lorelai and Rory Gilmore on the beloved show Gilmore Girls. The bond between this mother-daughter duo is central to the series, showcasing their close-knit connection through ups and downs, laughter, and tears.

Quirky Town Setting

You’ll be immersed in the charming and eccentric town of Stars Hollow when you examine Gilmore Girls. The quirky setting serves as the backdrop for all the drama and humor that unfolds in the lives of the residents, adding depth and flavor to the overall storyline.

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With its colorful characters and whimsical events, Stars Hollow becomes more than just a backdrop—it’s a character in itself, shaping the experiences of the Gilmore women and the audience alike.

IMDb Rating 8.2/10


9. Bridgerton


Regency era romance

Once again, the hit Netflix series “Bridgerton” has captured the hearts of audiences with its captivating Regency era romance. Set in the early 19th century London high society, the show follows the Bridgerton family as they navigate the highs and lows of love and social status. The lavish costumes, intricate set designs, and swoon-worthy romances make it a perfect choice for couples looking for a romantic escape.

Scandalous society drama

Any fan of “Bridgerton” knows that the show is not just about romance, but also about scandalous society drama. From secret affairs to family intrigue, the series keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its juicy plot twists and unexpected revelations. The dynamic relationships between the characters add depth to the storyline, making it a binge-worthy show for couples looking for a mix of romance and drama.

Now, examine into the scandalous society drama of “Bridgerton” as you witness the characters navigating through the intricate webs of London’s high society. From elaborate balls to clandestine affairs, the show offers a glimpse into the scandalous lives of the aristocracy, keeping viewers hooked with its tantalizing mix of love and betrayal.

Society in “Bridgerton” is depicted as a complex world where reputation is everything, and one wrong move can lead to ruin. The characters must navigate this treacherous social landscape while also following their hearts, creating a perfect blend of romance and drama that will leave you wanting more.

IMDb Rating 7.4/10


10. Love on the Spectrum

Love on the Spectrum

Autistic love searches

Keep calm and put on ‘Love on the Spectrum’ to witness a heartwarming journey of autistic individuals looking for love. The show follows the lives of young adults on the autism spectrum as they navigate the world of dating and relationships. Through their unique perspectives and experiences, viewers get a glimpse into the challenges and joys of finding love while being neurodivergent.

Heartfelt experiences

Any couple looking for a show that celebrates love in its purest form should not miss ‘Love on the Spectrum’. Each episode is filled with genuine emotions and heartfelt moments that will leave you rooting for every individual on their quest for love. The openness and vulnerability displayed by the cast members make this show a beautiful exploration of what it means to connect with someone on a deeper level.

Autistic individuals often face unique obstacles when it comes to relationships, but ‘Love on the Spectrum’ showcases that love knows no bounds and can blossom in unexpected ways. The show provides a platform for individuals on the spectrum to share their authentic selves and teaches valuable lessons about understanding, acceptance, and the true meaning of love.

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With ‘Love on the Spectrum’, viewers get a rare glimpse into the world of autism and relationships, shedding light on the beauty of neurodiversity and the power of love to transcend barriers. Whether you are in a relationship or single, this show will touch your heart and leave you with a deeper appreciation for the diverse ways in which love can manifest.

IMDb Rating 8.6/10


Final Words

Ultimately, Netflix offers a wide variety of TV shows that cater to different tastes and preferences for couples looking to enjoy some quality time together. Whether you’re in the mood for romance, drama, comedy, or mystery, there is something for everyone on the platform. From popular favorites like “Stranger Things” and “The Crown” to hidden gems like “Outlander” and “Queer Eye,” Netflix has you covered.

So sit back, relax, and immerse yourselves in the captivating worlds of these 10 best TV shows for couples on Netflix. Whether you’re looking for a thrilling adventure, a heartwarming love story, or a good laugh, these shows are sure to provide you with hours of entertainment and bonding time. Grab some popcorn, cuddle up on the couch, and get ready for some binge-watching sessions with your significant other!


What makes these TV shows ideal for couples to watch together?

These TV shows are ideal for couples to watch together because they offer a mix of genres that cater to different preferences, from comedy to drama to reality TV. They also feature compelling storylines, well-developed characters, and moments that can spark interesting conversations between partners.

How can couples make the most out of watching these TV shows together?

Couples can make the most out of watching these TV shows together by setting aside dedicated time for viewing, creating a cozy and comfortable viewing environment, and engaging in discussions about the plot, characters, and themes explored in each show. Additionally, they can take turns selecting which show to watch next to keep the viewing experience exciting and enjoyable for both partners.

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