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Death Race: Beyond Anarchy Movie Review

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is an action-packed, dystopian film that captivates viewers with its intense and thrilling scenes. Directed by Don Michael Paul, this movie is the fourth installment in the Death Race remake series and serves as a direct sequel to the 2008 movie, Death Race. Released in 2018, it offers a relentless adventure within a prison-city known as the Sprawl, where brutal races are broadcast over the Dark Web.

The story follows newcomer Connor Gibson, who enters the deadly world of Death Races to challenge the reigning king, Frankenstein. With the setting inside a massive prison housing around 420,000 inmates, viewers can expect nonstop action, violence, and surprises at every turn. What makes the film stand out is its unique blend of car chases, combat, and a society that thrives on chaos.

Fans of the series will appreciate the return of familiar faces like Danny Glover and Danny Trejo, as well as the fresh energy brought by Zach McGowan. For anyone looking for an adrenaline rush, this film doesn’t disappoint.

Plot Summary

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is set in a dystopian future where the United States suffers from societal collapse. The Weyland Corporation creates “the Sprawl,” an immense prison-city where over 400,000 inmates are abandoned.

Inside the Sprawl, prisoners live under the rule of a masked racer known only as Frankenstein. He is famed for dominating the brutal and illegal Death Race competitions.

The story follows a Black Ops specialist named Connor. He infiltrates the Sprawl on a mission to take down Frankenstein. Though initially blending in unnoticed, he soon finds himself drawn into the world of the Death Race.

Connor must participate in the deadly races as he navigates this dangerous environment. Each race is filled with intense action, vehicular combat, and violent confrontations.

Throughout the film, the dark and anarchic atmosphere builds tension. The characters are depicted surviving in harsh conditions, fighting for control and their lives.

The film was released on DVD and digitally on October 2, 2018. It is the fourth and final installment in the Death Race remake series.

Details of the races and the dynamic between characters contribute significantly to the plot, with alliances formed and betrayals unveiled.

In the end, the movie explores themes of freedom, power, and survival amidst chaos and tyranny.

Cast and Characters

“Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” features a mix of both familiar faces and new characters. It brings together a formidable cast that enhances the gritty, intense atmosphere of the film. Key figures are broken down into main protagonists, supporting characters, and antagonists.

Main Protagonists

  • Zach McGowan stars as Connor Gibson, a lone warrior infiltrating the maximum-security prison to take down Frankenstein, the reigning champion of the Death Race. McGowan’s portrayal is intense and determined, fitting the ruthless environment of the film.
  • Fred Koehler returns as Lists, a tech-savvy inmate who becomes Connor’s ally. He provides crucial information and support, showcasing a more intellectual side compared to other characters. Koehler’s character adds depth to the protagonist’s team.
  • Danny Glover plays Baltimore Bob, a former racer turned mentor who guides new participants. His wisdom and experience shine through, offering a touch of nostalgia for long-time fans of the series.

Supporting Characters

  • Christine Marzano takes on the role of Jane, a tough and resourceful inmate who teams up with Connor. Her strategic mind and fighting skills prove invaluable.
  • Neli Angelova appears as Thin Lizzy, adding to the diverse range of personalities in the prison. Though not as central as the main protagonists, she contributes to the film’s dynamic group of characters.
  • Boyan Anev and Vanina Arias have smaller yet impactful roles that flesh out the ensemble cast. Their performances contribute to the chaotic and dangerous environment of the prison.


  • Danny Trejo reprises his role as Goldberg, a fierce and imposing figure within the prison. Trejo’s character is a powerful adversary with a strong presence that poses a threat.
  • The ultimate antagonist is Frankenstein, although portrayed as an off-screen presence for much of the movie. His dominance in the Death Race casts a long shadow over the events.
  • Lucy Aarden as Carley and Nicholas Aaron as Johnny Law round out the cast of antagonists. Their performances bring a brutal and unruly element to the film’s villainous faction, enhancing the peril that the protagonists face.


Death Race: Beyond Anarchy was a challenging project, marked by careful development, diverse filming locations, and a distinctive soundtrack.


The film was directed by Don Michael Paul, who also contributed to the screenplay. It is the fourth and final installment in the Death Race remake series, following the original 2008 Death Race. This movie aimed to intensify the series’ gritty, action-packed atmosphere.

The plot was conceived to expand on the dystopian world portrayed in the previous films. The Weyland Corporation’s creation of the prison-city “the Sprawl” served as a dramatic backdrop, reflecting themes of societal collapse and chaos.

Filming Locations

Filming took place in Bulgaria. Notable locations included the Bulgarian capital, Sofia, and its surroundings. The area’s industrial landscape provided a fitting setting for the harsh, dystopian environment of the Sprawl.

These settings helped create an authentic atmosphere, adding to the film’s gritty realism. The use of real locations over studio sets added depth and realism to the action scenes.

Music and Soundtrack

The soundtrack played a crucial role in establishing the film’s intense atmosphere. It was composed by Frederik Wiedmann, known for his work in both television and film. Wiedmann’s score blended heavy metal and electronic music, reflecting the film’s dark, chaotic tone.

Sound effects were equally important, with roaring engines and explosive sounds enhancing the movie’s action sequences. The soundtrack aimed to immerse viewers fully in the adrenaline-fueled world of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy.


“Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” received mixed reviews from critics and varied reactions from audiences. The film’s box office performance was modest, aligning with its direct-to-DVD and digital release.

Critical Response

Critics gave “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” mixed reviews. Some praised its action sequences and considered it a fitting end to the “Death Race” series. The direction by Don Michael Paul was noted for maintaining the gritty, intense style of its predecessors.

However, many felt that the film lacked depth. Some reviews pointed out that the plot was predictable and the character development was weak. Critics also mentioned that the film’s overall impact was lessened by its adherence to franchise formulas.

Box Office

“Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” had a minor box office impact due to its release strategy. It was launched directly on DVD and digital platforms on October 2, 2018, limiting its theatrical reach.

The film still managed to attract a niche audience familiar with the series. In the home video market, it saw decent rental and purchase numbers. Despite the lack of a broad theatrical release, it found modest success in its distribution channel.

Audience Reception

Audiences were divided in their opinions of “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy.” Long-time fans of the series appreciated the film’s action-packed scenes and fast-paced storyline. For many, the return of the iconic character Frankenstein was a highlight.

Conversely, some viewers expressed disappointment with the film’s lack of originality. They felt that it relied too heavily on familiar tropes from earlier entries in the series. Despite mixed reactions, the film maintained a dedicated fan base that enjoyed its adherence to the high-octane style of the franchise.

IMDb Rating 3.7/10



“Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” is a 2018 American science fiction action film. Directed by Don Michael Paul, it marks the fourth and final installment in the Death Race remake series. The film had a strategic release plan, initially debuting before hitting home media and streaming services.

Initial Release

The film premiered on October 2, 2018. It was released directly to DVD and digital platforms in the United States. This format allowed the movie to reach a broad audience quickly, bypassing a traditional theater release. By focusing on digital and DVD, the producers aimed to capitalize on the existing fan base of the Death Race series.

The film’s initial release was met with mixed reviews. Fans of the series appreciated its action-packed sequences and intense racing scenes, while critics pointed out its similarities to earlier installments. Despite this, “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” found its niche audience through its targeted release strategy.

Home Media and Streaming Availability

After its initial release, “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” became available for home viewing. The film was accessible on major streaming platforms like Amazon Prime and Google Play. This availability ensured that fans could easily access the movie from the comfort of their homes.

The DVD release included special features such as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the cast. This additional content provided fans with insights into the film’s production and added value to the home media purchase.

Moreover, the film sometimes appears on streaming platforms during promotions or as part of action movie collections. This consistent availability helps maintain the film’s presence in the digital market.


The cinematography in “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” shines brightly. It employs striking visuals and dynamic camera work. Each scene is carefully crafted, delivering an immersive experience for the audience.

The film’s use of lighting and color sets the tone effectively. Dark, gritty scenes amplify the chaotic atmosphere inside the Sprawl, a massive prison housing around 420,000 inmates. Bright, intense colors are used during action-packed moments, enhancing the visual appeal.

Camera angles also play a crucial role. Wide shots showcase the scale of the Sprawl and the deadly race courses, while close-ups intensify the action and emotions of characters. The combination of these angles provides varied perspectives, keeping viewers engaged.

Special effects and stunts are seamlessly integrated. Explosions, crashes, and high-speed chases are captured with precision. The cinematography team ensures these elements appear both realistic and thrilling.

Set design further complements the cinematography. The detailed and elaborate sets, including the rugged terrain of the Sprawl and complex race tracks, are highlighted through strategic camera work. This attention to detail adds depth to the visual storytelling.

In terms of equipment, state-of-the-art cameras and lenses are utilized. This technical prowess contributes to the crisp and clear visuals seen throughout the film. The meticulous attention to both technical and artistic aspects of cinematography in “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” is commendable and greatly enhances the viewing experience.

Special Effects and Stunts

“Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” features impressive special effects and stunts that add excitement to the film. The special effects team, including Sofia Rakova and Stoyan Terziev, plays a significant role in creating the thrilling visuals.

Elitsa Varadnova works as a special effects makeup artist. Her work enhances the film’s gritty and intense atmosphere.

The stunts in the movie are coordinated by Ludmil Ivanov. His expertise ensures that action scenes are executed safely and effectively.

Key Members

  • Sofia Rakova: Special Effects
  • Stoyan Terziev: Special Effects Makeup Artist
  • Elitsa Varadnova: Special Effects Makeup
  • Ludmil Ivanov: Stunt Coordinator

The stunt team includes skilled performers like Ivailo Dimitrov, who contributes to the film’s high-octane action sequences.

Death Race fans appreciate the detailed and realistic effects, making each chase and fight scene unforgettable. The collaboration between the special effects crew and stunt coordinators brings the post-apocalyptic world to life.

Sequels and Spin-Offs

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is the fourth movie in the Death Race series. Directed by Don Michael Paul, it serves as a direct sequel to the 2008 movie, Death Race.

The series started with the original Death Race 2000 in 1975. This movie later inspired a reboot in 2008. After the reboot, several sequels followed, including:

In addition, a sequel called Death Race 2050 was made in 2017. This film acts as a homage to the original 1975 movie.

Here’s a quick look at the Death Race movies in the order of their release:

1975Death Race 2000
2008Death Race
2010Death Race 2
2013Death Race 3: Inferno
2017Death Race 2050
2018Death Race: Beyond Anarchy

Each film in the series builds on the idea of a dystopian world where convicts race cars in deadly competitions.

The plotlines and characters often vary, but the core theme of vehicular combat remains. The series continues to attract fans of action and science fiction.

Cultural Impact

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy is a notable entry in the action film genre. It belongs to a series that originally began with Paul W.S. Anderson’s Death Race in 2008, a remake of the cult classic Death Race 2000 from 1975.

The film has generated a dedicated following. Fans appreciate its adrenaline-filled car chases, violent combat scenes, and dystopian setting.

The film’s representation of a privatized, lawless prison society has sparked discussions. It explores themes of authority, control, and rebellion, offering a grim reflection on modern societal issues.

Merchandise related to the film, including posters and action figures, keeps the series relevant. This commercial success underscores the film’s ongoing legacy among action movie enthusiasts.

Online forums and fan sites continue to discuss the movie. Reviews and analyses frequently appear on platforms like Reddit and specialized movie review sites.

Death Race: Beyond Anarchy stands as a testament to the enduring appeal of high-octane action films. It maintains its place in popular culture through its thrilling sequences and thought-provoking themes.


Death Race: Beyond Anarchy has an array of merchandise associated with its release. Fans of the movie can find various items that cater to their interests and show their support for the film.

DVD and Blu-ray editions were released on October 2, 2018. These versions often come with bonus features, such as behind-the-scenes content, interviews, and commentaries.

Posters featuring the movie’s characters and iconic scenes are popular among collectors. They are available in different sizes and styles, making them suitable for numerous display options.

Clothing items, including t-shirts, hoodies, and hats with the film’s logo and graphics, provide fans a way to wear their fandom proudly.

Here’s a list of some common merchandise:

  • Action figures representing main characters.
  • Model cars replicating the vehicles used in the Death Race.
  • Soundtrack CDs with music from the movie.
  • Video games inspired by the Death Race universe.

Through these various items, fans can immerse themselves in the world of Death Race: Beyond Anarchy even outside the movie experience. The availability of these products helps keep the fanbase engaged and allows for a personalized connection with the film. Items can be found on different platforms, including fan sites and major retailers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who stars in ‘Death Race: Beyond Anarchy’?

The film features Zach McGowan as the lead character, Connor Gibson. Also starring are Danny Glover, Fred Koehler, and Christine Marzano.

Is there a sequel to ‘Death Race: Beyond Anarchy’?

No, “Death Race: Beyond Anarchy” is the fourth and final film in the Death Race remake series.

How does ‘Death Race: Beyond Anarchy’ fit into the Death Race series?

This film is a direct sequel to the 2008 movie “Death Race.” It continues the story within the same universe but features new characters and settings.

What is the plot of ‘Death Race: Beyond Anarchy’?

The story follows a Black Ops specialist who infiltrates a massive federal prison to take down the driver known as Frankenstein. The prison, run by a privatized security firm, houses around 420,000 inmates.

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