Pacific Rim: The Black

Pacific Rim: The Black Review – Is It Good Or Bad?

Pacific Rim: The Black is a compelling continuation of the Pacific Rim franchise. Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia overrun by Kaiju, the series follows siblings Hayley and Taylor as they pilot an abandoned Jaeger to search for their missing parents. This story provides a fresh take on the beloved universe with new challenges and allies that fans will find gripping.

The series was developed by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle for Netflix and spans two seasons. With its rich animation and engaging storyline, Pacific Rim: The Black introduces viewers to perilous landscapes, intriguing characters, and the relentless struggle against monstrous creatures.

For those fascinated by sci-fi and post-apocalyptic narratives, Pacific Rim: The Black offers an enticing blend of action, adventure, and emotional depth. The show’s unique setting and character dynamics set it apart in the realm of animated series, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Overview of ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’

‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ is an animated series that continues the story from the ‘Pacific Rim‘ films. The show focuses on two siblings navigating a post-apocalyptic Australia and their efforts to survive and find their missing parents.

Plot Synopsis

‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ sets its story in a world devastated by Kaiju attacks. Australia has been overrun by these monstrous creatures, forcing the evacuation of entire cities and leaving a desolate, dangerous landscape behind.

Siblings Hayley and Taylor find an abandoned Jaeger, a colossal robot meant to battle the Kaiju. They learn to pilot it to search for their parents. Along their journey, they face numerous challenges including deadly creatures, untrustworthy characters, and surprising allies. This battle for survival is filled with high stakes and the imposing threat of the Kaiju at every turn.

Main Characters

Hayley Travis and Taylor Travis are the central characters. Hayley is determined and resourceful, often taking charge in critical situations. Taylor is protective and skilled, balancing his sister’s impulsiveness with tactical thinking.

They are joined by Mei, a complex character who initially appears untrustworthy but gradually becomes an ally. Boy, a mysterious child with unique abilities, adds another layer to their journey.

Each character experiences significant development, making their interactions and struggles compelling for the audience.

Creators and Producers

The series was developed and co-written by Greg Johnson and Craig Kyle. Their experience in animation and storytelling brought depth and consistency to the series. The show is a collaboration between American and Japanese studios, reflecting a blend of influences.

Produced for Netflix, ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ continued the legacy of Guillermo del Toro’s original films while expanding the universe significantly. The animation style, narrative depth, and character development reveal the creators’ commitment to maintaining the franchise’s core themes while exploring new avenues.

IMDb Rating 6.2/10


Animation and Design

“Pacific Rim: The Black” features a distinct animation style and intricate designs for both Kaiju and Jaegers. The animation reflects a blend of Japanese and American influences, while the designs highlight attention to detail and innovation.

Animation Style

The animation in “Pacific Rim: The Black” employs a combination of 2D and 3D techniques that create a visually engaging experience. The series utilizes a cel-shaded aesthetic, which blends traditional anime influences with modern CGI. This approach provides a dynamic and fluid motion for the characters and action sequences. The animators have carefully crafted the frames to convey the intensity of the fights and the dystopian setting. Each scene is rendered to maintain a sense of realism, making the audience feel the stakes of the characters’ journey.

Kaiju and Jaeger Designs

The Kaiju and Jaeger designs in “Pacific Rim: The Black” are a testament to the series’ commitment to innovation and detail. The Kaiju, colossal monsters that emerge from the Pacific Ocean, are depicted with various forms, sizes, and abilities. Each Kaiju is designed to pose unique challenges to the Jaegers, the giant robots piloted by humans. The Jaegers themselves are designed with a rugged, utilitarian aesthetic, reflecting the harsh conditions of post-apocalyptic Australia. The attention to mechanical detail ensures that every movement and feature looks functional and realistic. These design choices help to immerse viewers in the series’ universe, making the battles between Jaegers and Kaiju even more impactful.

Critical Reception

“Pacific Rim: The Black” has garnered a mix of audience and critical responses, highlighting different aspects of the show. While some viewers praise its animation and storyline, critics have shared varied opinions about its execution and comparison with the original films.

Audience Response

Audience response to “Pacific Rim: The Black” has been largely positive. Fans appreciate the series for maintaining the thrilling elements of the Pacific Rim universe, particularly the battles between giant robots and monsters. Many viewers have praised the show’s animation quality, citing it as visually engaging and dynamic.

However, some fans were less satisfied with the character development, feeling it lacked depth compared to the films. Nonetheless, the series’ tension and action sequences have kept many viewers engaged, making it a popular watch on Netflix.

Critical Reviews

Critical reviews for “Pacific Rim: The Black” have been mixed. According to Rotten Tomatoes, the series holds a 71% approval rating based on 14 reviews. Critics commend the show’s gritty tone and intense action sequences.

On the other hand, outlets like NPR mention that it lacks the humor which distinguished the original films. Some critics feel the series doesn’t fully capture the spirit of Guillermo del Toro’s work.

Despite these critiques, it stands out for its unique storytelling within an established franchise.


Cultural Impact

“Pacific Rim: The Black” has made significant contributions to the worlds of pop culture and merchandising. Its unique dystopian setting and dynamic characters have resonated widely.

Influence on Pop Culture

The animated series “Pacific Rim: The Black” has influenced pop culture by expanding the narrative of the original films. It has carved out its own identity, attracting a new audience while keeping the core fan base engaged. The show’s focus on sibling dynamics and survival themes add an emotional depth that distinguishes it from its predecessors. Memorable characters and dramatic action sequences have earned the series a spot among prominent animated sci-fi dramas.

Cosplay events and fan art communities have thrived, inspired by the distinctive designs of the Jaegers and Kaiju. This active fan engagement underscores the series’ cultural relevance and influence on contemporary pop culture. Critics have noted the series’ ability to balance intense action with character-driven storytelling, making it a standout addition to the Pacific Rim franchise after Pacific Rim: Uprising.

Merchandising and Media

The commercial success of “Pacific Rim: The Black” extends into a diverse range of merchandise. Action figures, clothing lines, and collectible items feature prominently in the market. These products not only cater to fans but also help in maintaining the franchise’s visibility and appeal.

The series has also seen tie-ins with various media, including graphic novels and digital content, broadening its reach. Collaborations with well-known toy manufacturers and comic book publishers have further cemented its place in the sci-fi genre. This strategic merchandising and media presence ensure that “Pacific Rim: The Black” remains a significant cultural force.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date for season 3 of Pacific Rim: The Black?

There has been no official announcement regarding the release date for season 3 of Pacific Rim: The Black. The second season concluded in April 2022, leaving fans eager for any updates.

Are there any new Jaegers introduced in the most recent season of Pacific Rim: The Black?

The latest season did introduce new Jaegers piloted by characters within the story. These additions bring fresh dynamics to the battles against Kaijus, providing new technology and fighting styles.

How is Pacific Rim: The Black connected to the Pacific Rim movie series?

Pacific Rim: The Black is set in the same universe as the Pacific Rim films. It takes place after the events of Pacific Rim: Uprising, referencing the Uprising Wars and related events.

Can you give a summary of the plot for Pacific Rim: The Black?

Pacific Rim: The Black follows siblings Hayley and Taylor, who pilot an abandoned Jaeger in post-apocalyptic Australia. They search for their missing parents while encountering Kaijus, new creatures, seedy characters, and potential allies along the way.

Will the character Apex return in the upcoming season of Pacific Rim: The Black?

There is no confirmed information about the return of Apex in any future seasons of Pacific Rim: The Black. Apex played a significant role in the existing storyline, and his potential return remains a topic of speculation.

Does Pacific Rim: The Black continue the story from Pacific Rim: Uprising?

Pacific Rim: The Black continues the storyline set after Pacific Rim: Uprising. The series references events from the Uprising Wars, placing it within the broader narrative of the Pacific Rim franchise.

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