Animated Movie HitPig Release Date, Voice Actors, First Look

“Hitpig” is an upcoming animated feature film set in a futuristic world. The movie follows the story of a grizzled porcine bounty hunter named Hitpig and his latest target, a naive but vivacious elephant named Pickles. The film promises to deliver a unique blend of humor, action, and heart.

Origins and Success

Origins and Success

The concept of “Hitpig” is based on the character created by Berkeley Breathed, known for his Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip “Bloom County.” The film’s production involves collaboration between Aniventure and Cinesite, companies with a strong track record in animation, which bodes well for its success.

What to Expect

Audiences can expect a visually stunning cyberpunk world with a story that combines elements of bounty-hunting action and an unlikely friendship. The dynamic between the cynical Hitpig and the optimistic Pickles will likely provide both comedic and touching moments.

Release Date

“Hitpig” was theatrically released on April 12, 2024 by Warner Bros. Pictures. The U.S. release is set for July 19, 2024, by Paramount Pictures under Paramount Animation and Nickelodeon Movies.


The trailer for “Hitpig” offers a first look at the vibrant animation style and the film’s quirky characters. It sets the tone for a thrilling adventure in a richly imagined world.

Plot Theories and Rumors

There has been speculation about the depth of the cyberpunk world and how it will influence the plot. Rumors suggest that there may be subplots involving other escaped animals and hints at a larger societal commentary.

Cast of HitPig

Cast of HitPig

“Hitpig” features an impressive voice cast, including Peter Dinklage as the titular character. Details on the full cast have been kept under wraps, but the involvement of such a high-profile actor suggests a strong ensemble.


The plot centers on Hitpig, a bounty hunter hired to capture escaped animals. His latest job is to retrieve Pickles, an elephant who has fled from an evil Vegas showman. The story will likely explore themes of freedom and the bonds formed between unlikely allies.



The making of “Hitpig” involves advanced animation techniques to bring the cyberpunk world and its inhabitants to life. The creative team has worked to ensure that the futuristic setting enhances the storytelling.


Behind-the-scenes content has shown the meticulous work that goes into animating a feature film, from character design to world-building. The animators and artists have shared insights into their process, revealing the dedication to creating a cohesive and immersive universe for the story.

Challenges and Triumphs in Production

The production of “Hitpig” likely faced challenges typical of high-quality animation, such as perfecting the film’s unique visual style and ensuring the voice acting matched the animated performances. The triumphs include creating a distinctive aesthetic and managing to tell a compelling story that balances action and emotion.



“Hitpig” is poised to make a significant impact in the animation genre by introducing audiences to a new world that combines a cyberpunk aesthetic with a heartwarming narrative. It has the potential to resonate with both children and adults, offering layers of storytelling that cater to different age groups.

Potential Box Office and Critical Reception

Given the film’s innovative concept and the pedigree of its creative team, “Hitpig” has the potential for a strong box office showing. Critical reception will likely focus on the film’s ability to blend its unique setting with a story that appeals to a broad audience.


“Hitpig” stands out as an ambitious animated film that seeks to push the boundaries of the genre with its distinctive style and storytelling. With its talented cast and crew, the movie is set to be a memorable entry in the world of animation.

This Movie represents an exciting venture into a new narrative territory for animated films, promising to deliver a story that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. With its anticipated release, “Hitpig” may well become a standout film that captures the imagination of audiences around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Hitpig” about?

“Hitpig” is an animated film about a bounty hunter pig tasked with capturing an elephant, leading to an adventure that challenges both characters’ perspectives.

Who is behind the creation of “Hitpig”?

The film is based on a character by Berkeley Breathed and is produced by Aniventure and Cinesite.

Who are the voice actors in “Hitpig”?

Peter Dinklage is confirmed to voice the main character, Hitpig. Additional cast details have yet to be fully announced.

What themes does “Hitpig” explore? 

The film is expected to explore themes of freedom, friendship, and the impact of technology on society and individual lives.

Is “Hitpig” suitable for children? 

While specific age ratings have not been released, “Hitpig” appears to be designed as a family-friendly film that will cater to both children and adults with its layered storytelling and humor.

What kind of animation style is used in “Hitpig”? 

The film features a 3D animation style with a cyberpunk influence, showcasing a vibrant and detailed futuristic world.

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