Is Tim Donelson Still on Texas Metal

Is Tim Donelson Still on Texas Metal? Exclusive Update

Tim Donelson is known for his role on the popular TV show “Texas Metal,” which airs on the MotorTrend network. As the shop foreman at Ekstensive Metal Works in Houston, Texas, Tim has been a key figure on the show, demonstrating his expertise in building custom cars and trucks. His presence on the show has made him a fan favorite due to his skill and passion for both automobiles and animal welfare.

Tim Donelson’s Departure from “Texas Metal”

There has been speculation and discussion among fans regarding Tim Donelson’s status on “Texas Metal.” Despite his significant contribution to the show, it appears that Tim Donelson has departed from “Texas Metal.” This information is supported by various sources, including a YouTube video discussing his departure.

The Impact of Tim Donelson’s Exit

Tim Donelson’s exit from “Texas Metal” has certainly left an impact on the show’s dynamic. His expertise and personality were integral to the series, and his departure may have left fans wondering about the future direction of the show. The reason behind his departure and what he plans to do next are topics of interest for those who followed his work on the series.

Tim Donelson’s Current Endeavors

Despite leaving “Texas Metal,” Tim Donelson continues to pursue his passions. He is active on social media, with a notable presence on Instagram, where he shares posts related to his life and interests. His ongoing dedication to custom car building and animal welfare remains evident through his online activity and personal projects.

Continuing Passion for Customization

Continuing Passion for Customization

Tim Donelson’s departure from “Texas Metal” has not diminished his enthusiasm for automotive customization. As a skilled fabricator and foreman, he continues to work on custom vehicles, leveraging his expertise to create unique and innovative designs. His personal website and social media platforms often showcase his latest projects and collaborations, indicating that he remains active in the field he loves.

Social Media Engagement

With a strong following on platforms like Instagram, Tim Donelson has the opportunity to engage with fans and share his work with a broader audience. Through social media, he can not only display his current projects but also inspire and educate aspiring automotive enthusiasts about the art of vehicle customization.

Potential Television or Media Projects

Given his experience in the entertainment industry, Tim may explore new television or media projects in the future. Whether returning to the screen in a different capacity or utilizing online platforms to produce content, he has the potential to continue influencing the automotive community through various media channels.

Advocacy and Philanthropy

Advocacy and Philanthropy

Tim Donelson has shown a passion for animal welfare, which could lead to further advocacy and philanthropic efforts. He may choose to use his platform to raise awareness and support for animal-related causes, combining his public presence with his personal interests to make a positive impact.

Industry Collaboration and Mentorship

With his extensive knowledge and experience, Tim is well-positioned to collaborate with other professionals in the automotive industry. He may also take on a mentorship role, guiding the next generation of customizers and sharing his insights to help others grow their skills in the craft of vehicle modification.


While Tim Donelson may no longer be a part of “Texas Metal,” his legacy on the show and contributions to the automotive customization industry persist. Fans of Tim and “Texas Metal” can continue to follow his journey and look forward to his future endeavors in the industry and beyond.

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