A college student who begins dating an older man soon realizes that he is not who he seems, and she must find a way to escape his dangerous clutches.

Cast & Crew

Cat Person is a psychological thriller film based on the 2017 short story of the same name by Kristen Roupenian. The film is directed by Susanna Fogel and written by Michelle Ashford. It stars Emilia Jones as Margot, a college student who begins dating Robert, an older man who works at the movie theater where she works.


Margot is a college student who works part-time at a movie theater. One day, she meets Robert, an older man who is a regular customer. Robert is charming and witty, and Margot is immediately drawn to him.

They start dating, and Margot is initially happy and excited. However, she soon begins to notice some red flags. Robert is possessive and controlling, and he makes Margot feel uncomfortable.

Margot tries to break up with Robert, but he refuses to accept her decision. He stalks her and harasses her, making her life a living hell.

Cat Person is a dark and suspenseful film that explores the dangers of online dating and the importance of trusting your gut instinct. It is also a film about the power of female friendship and the importance of supporting each other.

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