Relax, I’m from the Future

20221h 34m,

A man from the future gets stranded in the present day and must work with a jaded drifter to get back to the future and save the world.

Cast & Crew

Relax, I’m from the Future is a science fiction comedy about a man from the future who gets stuck in the past. The film is a feature adaptation of the 2013 short film of the same name by Luke Higginson, who will also direct the feature film.

The film stars Rhys Darby as Casper, a time traveler from the future who gets stranded in the present day. Casper is a charming but underprepared time traveler, and he quickly learns that the future is not as perfect as he thought it would be.

Casper befriends Holly, a jaded drifter, and the two of them begin to work together to help Casper get back to the future. However, they soon realize that they are being tracked by a more competent time traveler, and they must work together to save the future.

Relax, I’m from the Future is a funny and heartwarming film about friendship, love, and second chances. It is also a film about the importance of living in the present moment and making the most of every opportunity.

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