An American family moves into a haunted castle in England and befriends the ghost who lives there. Together, they must help the ghost find peace so that he can finally leave the castle.

Cast & Crew

The Canterville Ghost is a family-friendly adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s classic novella. The film is directed by Kim Burdon and stars Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, and Emily Carey.


The film follows the story of the Otis family, who move into Canterville Chase, a haunted castle in England. The Otis family is not afraid of ghosts, but their daughter Virginia soon makes friends with the ghost of Sir Simon de Canterville, a former resident of the castle who has been trapped there for centuries.

Sir Simon is a harmless ghost, but he enjoys playing pranks on the Otis family. He tries to scare them away, but the Otises are not afraid. They are determined to help Sir Simon find peace so that he can finally leave the castle.

The Canterville Ghost is a heartwarming and funny story about friendship, family, and the power of love. It is a film that will appeal to audiences of all ages.

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