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Murder Company Hitting The Theatres Near You

Murder Company is an upcoming World War II action thriller set to be released in 2024. The film follows a covert battalion of American soldiers during the D-Day invasion as they embark on a dangerous mission behind enemy lines.

Release Date:

Calling all movie buffs! Gear up because the highly anticipated film “Murder Company” is set to release in US theaters on July 5, 2024.


The movie is a World War II action thriller that promises to deliver intense battle sequences and a gripping storyline.


The film features an ensemble cast, including:

  • Kelsey Grammer
  • William Moseley (known for his role in The Chronicles of Narnia series)
  • Joe Anderson
  • Pooch Hall
  • Gilles Marini


Murder Company is directed by Shane Dax Taylor.


The exact runtime of the movie has not been officially announced, but it is listed as 1 hour and 26 minutes on Rotten Tomatoes.


Set during the D-Day invasion, Murder Company follows a group of American soldiers tasked with a covert mission behind enemy lines. As they navigate the treacherous landscape of war-torn France, they must confront not only the dangers of the battlefield but also the complexities of their own relationships and the psychological toll of war.

Production and Distribution

Murder Company is produced by Maverick Film and Complex Corp, who have also acquired the distribution rights for the film. The official trailer for the movie has been released, showcasing intense action sequences and a glimpse into the characters’ struggles.


Anticipated Reception

With its star-studded cast and promising premise, Murder Company has the potential to be a hit among fans of war movies and action thrillers. The involvement of Kelsey Grammer and William Moseley, both well-known actors in their respective genres, is likely to draw additional interest to the project.

As the release date approaches, moviegoers can expect to learn more about this exciting new film and its talented cast and crew.

Marketing and Promotion

As the release date for Murder Company approaches, the marketing and promotional efforts for the film are expected to ramp up. This may include the release of additional trailers, behind-the-scenes featurettes, and interviews with the cast and crew. The movie’s social media presence is also likely to increase, with official accounts sharing updates, teasers, and engaging with fans.


Details about the movie’s soundtrack have not been released yet. However, given the film’s intense action sequences and emotional storyline, it is likely that the music will play a significant role in setting the tone and atmosphere of the movie. As more information becomes available, fans can expect to learn more about the composers and artists involved in creating the musical landscape of Murder Company.

Comparisons to Other War Movies

As a World War II action thriller, Murder Company is likely to draw comparisons to other films in the genre, such as Saving Private Ryan, Fury, and Dunkirk. However, the movie’s unique premise, focusing on a covert mission behind enemy lines, may set it apart from other war films and offer a fresh perspective on the genre.

Potential Sequels or Spin-Offs

Depending on the success of Murder Company, there may be potential for sequels or spin-offs in the future. The film’s setting during World War II and its focus on a specific group of soldiers could provide opportunities for exploring additional storylines or following the characters through different stages of the war.

As the release date for Murder Company draws nearer, fans can expect to learn more about this highly anticipated film and its talented cast and crew.

Some Frequently Asked Questions Asked About Murder Company

Is Murder Company based on a true story?

While the movie is set during the real-life events of the D-Day invasion, it is unclear whether the specific characters and their mission are based on true stories or if they are entirely fictional.

Will Murder Company be released internationally?

Information about the movie’s international release has not been announced yet. However, given the popularity of war movies and the film’s star-studded cast, it is likely that Murder Company will see a release in markets outside the United States.

Are there any plans for a video game adaptation of Murder Company?

As of now, there have been no announcements regarding a video game adaptation of Murder Company. However, the movie’s action-packed storyline and World War II setting could lend itself well to a gaming experience, so it remains a possibility in the future.

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