23 Best Pixar Movies in Order – The Complete Timeline

Delve into the world of Pixar as we take you on a journey through the timeless magic of their iconic movies. From their humble beginnings to their groundbreaking technological advancements, Pixar has consistently delivered heartwarming and visually stunning films that have captured the hearts of audiences worldwide. Join us as we explore the evolution of Pixar’s storytelling and animation prowess, and discover where each movie fits into the grand tapestry of their cinematic universe.

The Beginning of a New Era

The 1990s marked the beginning of a new era for animated movies, and Pixar was at the forefront of this revolution. With breakthrough advancements in computer-generated imagery and storytelling, Pixar introduced audiences to a whole new world of captivating animation. The release of their first feature film, “Toy Story,” in 1995, ushered in a new era of storytelling and visual artistry that would change the landscape of animated movies forever.

As Pixar embarked on their journey to redefine animated storytelling, they created timeless classics that continue to be beloved by audiences of all ages. From the groundbreaking “Toy Story” to the enchanting “A Bug’s Life,” Pixar set the stage for a legacy of innovative and heartwarming films that would transcend generations. We’ve compiled a list of Pixar movies in chronological order. Check it out!

1. Toy Story – The First Gem (1995)

Toy Story - The First Gem (1995)

For Pixar, “Toy Story” was not just their first feature film, but a groundbreaking masterpiece that set the standard for computer-generated animation. The film took audiences on a whimsical adventure with beloved toys coming to life, while also delving into deeper themes of friendship, loyalty, and the fear of abandonment. “Toy Story” not only captivated audiences with its stunning animation, but also with its heartfelt storytelling that resonated with viewers of all ages.

The success of “Toy Story” paved the way for Pixar to establish itself as a leading force in the animation industry, setting the stage for a series of iconic films that would solidify their reputation as master storytellers and innovators in the world of animation.

IMDb Rating: 8.3/10


2. A Bug’s Life – An Ant’s Perspective (1998)

Bug's Life - An Ant's Perspective (1998)

One of Pixar’s early triumphs, “A Bug’s Life” offered audiences a captivating and imaginative journey into the tiny world of ants and insects. The film combined cutting-edge animation with a timeless tale of courage, friendship, and the power of community. With its endearing characters and visually stunning portrayal of a miniature ecosystem, “A Bug’s Life” showcased Pixar’s ability to infuse heart and humor into their storytelling, captivating audiences in a world filled with wonder and adventure.

First released in 1998, “A Bug’s Life” further solidified Pixar’s reputation for creating enchanting stories that resonated with audiences of all ages, while also pushing the boundaries of what could be achieved in the realm of animated filmmaking.

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10


Exploring New Horizons

Even as Pixar had firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the world of animation with its groundbreaking films, the studio continued to push the boundaries of storytelling and animation with each new release. They release all Disney movies in chronological order. The early 2000s marked a period of exploration and innovation for Pixar, as it ventured into new worlds and introduced audiences to unforgettable characters and captivating adventures.

3. Toy Story 2 – Going Beyond (1999)

Toy Story 2 - Going Beyond (1999)

The release of Toy Story 2 in 1999 marked a significant leap forward for Pixar. The film not only built upon the success of its predecessor but also delved deeper into the emotional lives of its beloved characters. The journey took Woody, Buzz, and the gang beyond the confines of Andy’s room and into the wider world, where they encountered new friends and faced unexpected challenges. Toy Story 2 expanded the scope of the Toy Story universe and set the stage for the franchise’s enduring legacy.

IMDb Rating: 7.9/10


4. Monsters, Inc. – A Door to the Monster World (2001)

Monsters, Inc. - A Door to the Monster World (2001)

Beyond the familiar realms of human existence, Monsters, Inc. unlocked the door to a world teeming with energy, creativity, and endearing monsters. The film offered a fresh perspective on the concept of ‘scary’ and introduced audiences to the heartwarming bond between the lovable Solley and the spirited Boo. As Pixar continued to innovate with its storytelling and animation techniques, Monsters, Inc. demonstrated the studio’s ability to captivate audiences of all ages with imaginative and emotionally resonant narratives.

Monsters, Inc. presented a delightful blend of comedy Classic, warmth, and innovation, further solidifying Pixar’s reputation as a trailblazer in the world of animation. The film seamlessly integrated cutting-edge animation technology with a compelling story, showcasing the studio’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10


5. Finding Nemo – An Oceanic Adventure (2003)

Finding Nemo - An Oceanic Adventure (2003)

Going beyond the familiar landscapes of the human world, Finding Nemo plunged audiences into the breathtaking and vibrant depths of the ocean. The film’s visually stunning underwater world and endearing cast of characters captured the imaginations of viewers around the globe. As Marlin and Dory embarked on their epic journey to find Nemo, audiences were treated to a heartwarming tale of love, courage, and the unbreakable bond between a parent and child. Finding Nemo exemplified Pixar’s ability to create immersive and emotionally compelling storytelling experiences.

IMDb Rating: 8.2/10


6. The Incredibles – A Supers’ Family Life (2004)

The Incredibles - A Supers' Family Life (2004)

One of Pixar’s most ambitious undertakings, The Incredibles transported audiences into a world where superheroes grappled with mundane family dynamics alongside extraordinary abilities. The film skillfully blended action, comedy, and heartfelt moments to craft a narrative that resonated with viewers of all ages. By exploring the complexities of family life against the backdrop of exhilarating superhero adventures, The Incredibles showcased Pixar’s ability to tackle diverse storytelling themes with nuance and depth.

IMDb Rating: 8.0/10


The Golden Age of Innovation

Despite being in the new millennium, Pixar was far from resting on its laurels. The mid-2000s saw the animation studio reaching new heights of innovation and creativity, delivering a string of timeless classics that captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

7. Cars – The Route 66 Adventure (2006)

Cars - The Route 66 Adventure (2006)

One of the highlights of this era was the release of “Cars” in 2006. Directed by John Lasseter, this heartwarming tale of Lightning McQueen, a rookie race car with a heart of gold, embarked on a journey of self-discovery on the iconic Route 66. The film not only showcased stunning advancements in computer-generated imagery but also exemplified Pixar’s ability to create endearing characters and emotionally resonant stories.

As Lightning McQueen learns the value of friendship and the importance of slowing down and enjoying the journey, audiences were captivated by the breathtaking visuals and the timeless message of embracing life’s detours. “Cars” is a testament to Pixar’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of animation while staying true to the emotional core of storytelling.

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10


8. Ratatouille – A Culinary Masterpiece (2007)

Ratatouille - A Culinary Masterpiece (2007)

Cars may have paved the way, but “Ratatouille” took Pixar’s innovation to new heights in 2007. Set in the heart of Paris, the film follows the ambitious rat Remy, who dreams of becoming a renowned chef. With its intricate attention to detail, mesmerizing culinary sequences, and heartfelt narrative, “Ratatouille” showcased Pixar’s unparalleled ability to create immersive and culturally rich storytelling experiences.

The film not only celebrated the art of cooking but also explored themes of ambition, family, and the pursuit of one’s passion. Drawing inspiration from French cuisine and the bustling streets of Paris, “Ratatouille” solidified Pixar’s reputation for delivering visually stunning and emotionally resonant masterpieces that transcend generations.

The film went on to receive widespread critical acclaim and even won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature, cementing its status as one of Pixar’s most beloved works.

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10


9. WALL-E – Love in the Time of Robots (2008)

WALL-E - Love in the Time of Robots (2008)

WALL-E: Love in the Time of Robots” is a captivating animated film released in 2008 by Pixar Animation Studios. Set in a post-apocalyptic future, the movie follows the story of WALL-E, a lonely robot left to clean up Earth’s abandoned wasteland. Amidst his monotonous routine, WALL-E discovers a sprout of life, a tiny plant, which sparks a chain of events leading him on a remarkable adventure. The film beautifully explores themes of loneliness, love, and environmentalism, as WALL-E falls in love with another robot named EVE and embarks on a journey across the galaxy to save humanity. Through its stunning animation and heartwarming narrative, “WALL-E: Love in the Time of Robots” delivers a poignant message about the power of love and the importance of preserving our planet for future generations.

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10


10. Kung Fu Panda (2008)

Kung Fu Panda (2008)

“Kung Fu Panda,” released in 2008, is an animated action-comedy film produced by DreamWorks Animation. The story centers around Po, a clumsy and overweight panda who dreams of becoming a kung fu master. His life takes an unexpected turn when he is chosen as the legendary Dragon Warrior to fulfill an ancient prophecy and defend the Valley of Peace against the villainous snow leopard Tai Lung. Through humor, heart, and thrilling martial arts sequences, “Kung Fu Panda” explores themes of self-discovery, perseverance, and the power of believing in oneself. The film’s success led to the creation of the “Kung Fu Panda Movies in Order,” which includes sequels such as “Kung Fu Panda 2” (2011) and “Kung Fu Panda 3” (2016). These subsequent films further develop Po’s character and his journey as a kung fu master while maintaining the franchise’s signature blend of humor and action.

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10


Exploring Identity and Destiny

Unlike any other film studio, Pixar has the incredible ability to delve into the core of human existence with its animated movies. Through its storytelling and characters, Pixar explores the themes of identity and destiny, capturing the essence of what it means to be human and the journey we all embark on to find our place in the world.

11. Cars 2 – The World Grand Prix (2011)

Cars 2 - The World Grand Prix (2011)

Grand espionage takes center stage in “Cars 2” as Lightning McQueen and Mater travel across the globe to compete in the World Grand Prix. The high stakes race not only tests their speed and skill, but also their loyalty and friendship as they uncover a sinister plot that threatens the future of the championship and the fate of all the competitors.

The film not only showcases the thrill of international racing, but also the importance of staying true to oneself, no matter the circumstances. “Cars 2” presents a world where identity is put to the test in the most unexpected of ways, making it a compelling exploration of destiny and resilience.

IMDb Rating: 6.2/10


12. Brave – The Archery of Fate (2012)

Brave - The Archery of Fate (2012)

For Merida, the fiery-haired princess of the Scottish Highlands, fate and identity collide in the form of an ancient archery contest. “Brave” takes audiences on a journey where tradition and rebellion clash, and the true essence of destiny is brought to light. Merida’s fearless spirit challenges the established norms, and her unwavering determination to carve her own path makes “Brave” a poignant tale of identity and the pursuit of one’s own fate.

To further emphasize this theme, “Brave” beautifully intertwines the consequences of choice and the acceptance of one’s true self, creating a rich narrative that resonates with audiences of all ages.

In “Brave – The Archery of Fate”, the complex relationship between fate and personal agency is depicted with striking sincerity, encouraging viewers to embrace their own paths and forge their destinies.

IMDb Rating: 7.1/10


13. Monsters University – College Days (2013)

Monsters University - College Days (2013)

Worlds collide and identity is put to the test in “Monsters University” as Mike and Sulley navigate the challenges of college life. This prequel to “Monsters, Inc.” provides a humorous yet insightful look into the origins of one of Pixar’s most beloved duos, as they discover that the journey to becoming who they are meant to be is filled with unexpected twists and turns.

The film aptly captures the transformative nature of the college experience, showcasing the universal quest for self-discovery and the pursuit of aspirations. “Monsters University” is a colorful tapestry of identity and destiny, where the true essence of friendship and personal growth is brought to the forefront.

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10


The Renaissance of Emotion

Not only does Pixar movies take us on visually stunning adventures, but they also have the ability to tug at our heartstrings and evoke a whole spectrum of emotions. The past decade has seen a renaissance of emotion in Pixar movies, exploring complex themes and characters that resonate with audiences of all ages.

14. Inside Out – The Colors of Emotions (2015)

Inside Out - The Colors of Emotions (2015)

To truly understand the emotions that drive us, Pixar takes us on a journey inside the mind of an 11-year-old girl named Riley. Through Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, personified as characters, we see the intricate workings of the human psyche. The film beautifully captures the essence of growing up and dealing with the complexities of emotions, making it relatable to adults and children alike.

Inside Out was not just a whimsical adventure, but a deep exploration of how we process and understand emotions. The colorful and imaginative depiction of the mind brought joy, laughter, and tears to audiences, proving that Pixar’s storytelling prowess transcends age and borders.

IMDb Rating: 8.1/10


15. The Good Dinosaur – A Tale of Friendship and Courage (2015)

The Good Dinosaur - A Tale of Friendship and Courage (2015)

The Good Dinosaur takes us on a journey through stunning landscapes and heartwarming friendships as we follow Arlo, a young dinosaur, who forms an unlikely bond with a human boy named Spot. The film delves into themes of fear, courage, and the power of unconditional friendship, adding layers of emotion to what could easily have been just a children’s movie about dinosaurs.

Good Dinosaur, despite facing challenges during production, ultimately delivered a touching story that left a lasting impression on its audience. The breathtaking animation, emotional depth, and universal themes made it a standout addition to Pixar’s collection of emotionally impactful films.

Good Dinosaur’s tale of friendship and courage resonated with audiences, reminding us that bravery comes in all forms and the most unexpected friendships can have the greatest impact. The film’s emotional depth and stunning visuals solidified its place in the hearts of Pixar fans and critics alike.

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10


16. Finding Dory – The Search for Identity (2016)

Finding Dory - The Search for Identity (2016)

Identity plays a pivotal role in Finding Dory, as the forgetful but determined blue tang fish goes on a journey to find her family and herself. The film dives into themes of self-discovery, perseverance, and the power of unconditional love, all wrapped in a heartwarming and often humorous adventure under the sea.

For instance, the character of Dory’s journey strikes a chord with audiences as they relate to the struggle of finding one’s place in the world. The emotional depth and universal themes explored in Finding Dory make it a standout addition to Pixar’s emotionally impactful films.

IMDb Rating: 7.2/10


17. Cars 3 – Lightning Strikes Again (2017)

Cars 3 - Lightning Strikes Again (2017)

Colors, speed, and the ultimate comeback story drive the emotionally charged narrative of Cars 3. As Lightning McQueen faces the challenges of aging and adapting to a new generation of racers, the film dives into themes of legacy, perseverance, and the importance of mentorship. The stunning animation and emotionally resonant story elevate the film to a timeless Pixar classic.

Search for identity and the drive to overcome obstacles are at the heart of Lightning McQueen’s journey in Cars 3. The film’s emotional depth, relatable characters, and visually stunning racing sequences solidified its place as a beloved addition to the Pixar universe.

IMDb Rating: 6.7/10


The Latest Marvels and Returning Classics

18. Coco – A Musical Journey to the Afterlife (2017)

Coco - A Musical Journey to the Afterlife (2017)

On its release in 2017, Pixar’s “Coco” captivated audiences with its vibrant celebration of Mexican culture and its heartwarming story of family, tradition, and remembrance. The film follows the journey of young Miguel Rivera as he embarks on a musical adventure through the Land of the Dead to uncover the truth about his family history and pursue his passion for music. With its richly detailed animation, intricate storytelling, and unforgettable music, “Coco” continues to resonate with audiences of all ages, becoming an instant classic in the Pixar canon.

Exploring themes of identity, heritage, and the enduring bonds of family, “Coco” showcases Pixar’s mastery in crafting emotionally resonant stories that transcend cultural boundaries. The film’s stunning visuals and captivating soundtrack, including the Academy Award-winning song “Remember Me,” further cement its status as a beloved addition to the Pixar universe.

IMDb Rating: 8.4/10


19. The Incredibles 2 – The Super Family Returns (2018)

The Incredibles 2 - The Super Family Returns (2018)

For fans of “The Incredibles,” the long-awaited sequel, “The Incredibles 2,” delivered a thrilling continuation of the superhero family’s adventures. Picking up where the original film left off, the sequel brings back the beloved Parr family as they navigate the challenges of balancing their extraordinary abilities with the everyday demands of family life. With exhilarating action sequences, endearing character dynamics, and an exploration of themes such as empowerment and unity, “The Incredibles 2” delighted audiences and critics alike, proving that the appeal of the superhero family knows no bounds.

Marking the return of iconic characters such as Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, and Edna Mode, “The Incredibles 2” set new standards for animated superhero storytelling, showcasing Pixar’s ability to blend heart-pounding excitement with poignant familial narratives.

Marvels: “The Incredibles 2” is a sequel to the highly successful original film “The Incredibles” and features the return of the beloved Parr family as they navigate the challenges of being superheroes in a world where their activities are illegal.

IMDb Rating: 7.6/10


20. Toy Story 4 – The Quest for Purpose (2019)

Toy Story 4 - The Quest for Purpose (2019)

On its release in 2019, “Toy Story 4” continued the iconic franchise’s legacy of delivering heartfelt storytelling and groundbreaking animation. The film follows Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and their toy companions as they embark on a journey filled with unexpected twists, new friends, and profound revelations about the nature of play and purpose. With its blend of humor, nostalgia, and emotional depth, “Toy Story 4” proved to be a fitting and poignant continuation of the beloved franchise, further cementing the endearing bond between audiences and the endearing toys of Andy’s room.

Latest: “Toy Story 4” marks the latest installment in the critically acclaimed “Toy Story” franchise and continues to capture the hearts of audiences with its endearing characters, engaging storytelling, and innovative animation.

IMDb Rating: 7.7/10


21. Onward – A Magical Quest (2020)

Onward - A Magical Quest (2020)

To embark on a fantastical adventure, “Onward” immerses audiences in a world where magic and wonder coexist with everyday life. The film follows the journey of two elf brothers, Ian and Barley Lightfoot, as they seek to resurrect their late father for a day using a magical staff. With its blend of humor, heart, and enchanting world-building, “Onward” takes viewers on a spellbinding quest that explores the transformative power of familial love and the extraordinary within the ordinary.

It: “Onward” takes audiences on a magical journey that combines themes of loss, resilience, and the bonds of brotherhood, offering a spellbinding experience that showcases Pixar’s ability to craft emotionally resonant tales within imaginative settings.

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10


22. Soul – Exploring the Meaning of Life (2020)

Soul - Exploring the Meaning of Life (2020)

Magical: “Soul” invites audiences on a thought-provoking odyssey that delves into existential questions and the pursuit of passion and purpose. The film centers on Joe Gardner, a middle school music teacher with a lifelong dream of becoming a professional jazz musician, whose unexpected journey to the Great Before leads him to contemplate the very essence of what it means to live. With its visually stunning depiction of abstract concepts and profound thematic depth, “Soul” stands as a testament to Pixar’s ability to tackle complex subject matter while maintaining universal appeal.

With its introspective exploration of the human experience, “Soul” carries an emotional resonance that resonates with viewers of all ages, offering a poignant reflection on the inherent beauty of life’s transformative moments and the pursuit of fulfillment.

IMDb Rating: 8.0/10


23. Luca – A Summer of Friendship and Discovery (2021)

Luca - A Summer of Friendship and Discovery (2021)

Quest: Set against the backdrop of the picturesque Italian Riviera, “Luca” takes audiences on a captivating adventure that celebrates the joys of friendship, self-discovery, and embracing one’s true identity. The film follows the journey of young Luca Paguro, a sea monster who yearns for independence and adventure, as he forms a deep bond with the spirited Alberto Scorfano and navigates the wonders and challenges of life above and below the ocean’s surface. With its vibrant visuals, endearing characters, and themes of acceptance and belonging, “Luca” captures the essence of childhood adventure and the timeless allure of the unknown.

Afterlife: “Luca” channels the nostalgia of coming-of-age tales while infusing it with Pixar’s signature warmth and charm, crafting a heartfelt narrative that celebrates the transformative power of friendship and the beauty of embracing one’s authentic self.

IMDb Rating: 7.4/10


The Future of Pixar and Its Everlasting Magic

For over two decades, Pixar has captivated audiences with its groundbreaking animation and storytelling. As the studio looks ahead to the future, it continues to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation, ensuring its timeless magic will endure for generations to come.

Upcoming Projects and Expectations

Pixar has an exciting lineup of upcoming projects that are sure to delight fans of all ages. From highly anticipated sequels to original stories that promise to tug at heartstrings, the studio is committed to delivering unforgettable cinematic experiences. With each new release, audiences can expect to be transported to captivating worlds and introduced to memorable characters, all brought to life with Pixar’s signature blend of technology and emotion.

Plus, as technology continues to advance, Pixar is constantly evolving its animation techniques to push the boundaries of what is possible. From advancements in character design to the creation of stunningly realistic environments, the studio’s commitment to innovation ensures that each new film is a testament to the incredible artistry and technical skill that have become synonymous with the Pixar name.

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