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Terrifier 3 – The Spine-Chilling Return of Art the Clown

Brace yourselves for another blood-curdling installment in the “Terrifier” franchise as the notorious Art the Clown returns to terrorize unsuspecting victims in “Terrifier 3.” Writer-director Damien Leone brings back the sadistic killer in this highly-anticipated sequel that promises to deliver even more gruesome and shocking moments than its predecessors.

Release Date

Release Date:

Horror fans can mark their calendars for October 25, 2024, when “Terrifier 3” is set to be released in theaters, just in time for Halloween.


The cast of “Terrifier 3” includes:

  • David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown, the silent and ruthless killer who has become an icon of modern horror
  • Lauren LaVera as Sienna, a young woman who finds herself caught in Art’s deadly game
  • Elliott Fullam as Jonathan, Sienna’s brother and a potential target for Art’s cruelty
  • Casey Hartnett as Victoria, a mysterious figure with a connection to Art’s past


“Terrifier 3” is a slasher horror film that continues the franchise’s tradition of pushing the boundaries of gore and violence, while also exploring the psychological depths of its characters.


The movie has an estimated runtime of 100 minutes, ensuring a relentless and fast-paced horror experience that will leave audiences breathless.


Set one year after the events of “Terrifier 2,” the story follows Sienna, a young woman struggling to cope with the trauma of her past encounters with Art the Clown. As Halloween approaches, Sienna begins to experience terrifying visions and suspects that Art may have returned to finish what he started.

Meanwhile, Art the Clown has resurfaced, more vicious and determined than ever to create a new horror masterpiece. As he stalks the streets in search of his next victims, Sienna and her brother Jonathan must fight for their lives and uncover the truth behind Art’s origins before it’s too late.


In a shocking revelation, it is discovered that Victoria, a mysterious woman with ties to Art’s past, may hold the key to defeating the killer once and for all. However, as Sienna delves deeper into Victoria’s history, she uncovers a twisted secret that threatens to destroy them all.


The trailer for “Terrifier 3” is a heart-stopping montage of blood, gore, and terror, showcasing Art the Clown’s sadistic antics and the film’s intense atmosphere. With pulse-pounding music and chilling visuals, the trailer promises a movie that will leave horror fans both satisfied and thoroughly disturbed.


Terrifier 3″ looks like it will boldly continue the slasher horror tradition, firmly establishing Art the Clown as a modern horror icon. Fans of the series and those who enjoy intense horror can anticipate this third movie to both shock and excite them.

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Do I need to watch the previous “Terrifier” movies to understand “Terrifier 3”?

“Terrifier 3” does continue the story from the previous films, the movie is designed to stand on its own for new viewers. However, watching the first two installments will undoubtedly enhance your understanding and appreciation of the characters and their history.

Is “Terrifier 3” based on a true story?

No, “Terrifier 3” is a work of fiction and is not based on any real-life events or people. Art the Clown is an original character created by writer-director Damien Leone for the “Terrifier” franchise.

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