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White Bird: A Wonder Story Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More

Get ready to be inspired by the heartwarming and thought-provoking story of “White Bird: A Wonder Story,” a spin-off of the beloved 2017 film “Wonder.” Based on R.J. Palacio’s graphic novel of the same name, this movie takes viewers on a journey through the life of Julian’s grandmother, Sara, as she navigates the challenges of growing up as a young Jewish girl in Nazi-occupied France during World War II.

Release Date

The film White Bird: A Wonder Story will be released in theatres on October 4th, 2024. White Bird was about to have a limited release on August 18, 2023, and a worldwide release on 25th August, 2023.


The film features an impressive ensemble cast, including:

  • Helen Mirren as the older Sara, narrating her story to her grandson, Julian
  • Gillian Anderson as Vivienne, Sara’s mother
  • Bryce Gheisar as Julian, reprising his role from “Wonder”
  • Ariella Glaser as young Sara, the central character of the story


“White Bird: A Wonder Story” is a historical drama that explores themes of compassion, resilience, and the human spirit’s ability to overcome even the darkest of times.


The movie has an estimated runtime of 120 minutes, allowing ample time to delve into Sara’s emotional journey and the impact of her experiences on her family.


“White Bird: A Wonder Story” follows the life of young Sara, a Jewish girl living in France during the Nazi occupation of World War II. As the Nazis tighten their grip on the country, Sara and her family are forced to flee their home and go into hiding. Separated from her parents, Sara must rely on the kindness of strangers to survive, including a classmate named Julien, who risks his life to help her.

As Sara navigates the dangers and hardships of war, she learns valuable lessons about the power of empathy, friendship, and standing up for what is right, even in the face of overwhelming odds. Through her story, the film explores the complex relationships between characters and the enduring impact of our choices on the lives of those around us.


In a heartwarming twist, it is revealed that Julien, the boy who helped Sara during the war, is actually Julian’s grandfather, creating a powerful connection between the past and the present that underscores the enduring impact of kindness and compassion.


The trailer for “White Bird: A Wonder Story” is a beautiful and emotional glimpse into the world of the film, showcasing the stunning cinematography and powerful performances of its cast. With a haunting score and poignant visuals, the trailer promises a movie that will stay with viewers long after the credits roll.


“White Bird: A Wonder Story” is a must-see film for anyone who believes in the power of kindness, courage, and the resilience of the human spirit. With its talented cast, emotional depth, and timely message, this movie is sure to leave a lasting impact on audiences of all ages.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “White Bird: A Wonder Story” a sequel to “Wonder”?

While “White Bird: A Wonder Story” is not a direct sequel to “Wonder,” it is a spin-off that takes place within the same universe, focusing on the life of Julian’s grandmother, Sara, during World War II.

Do I need to read the graphic novel to understand the movie?

While reading R.J. Palacio’s graphic novel “White Bird” can certainly enhance your appreciation for the film, it is not necessary tuo enjoy and understand the movie. The film is designed to stand on its own as a powerful and emotional story that will resonate with viewers of all backgrounds.

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