The Bikeriders

The Bikeriders: Release Date, Cast, Trailer, Genre And More

“The Bikeriders” is an upcoming film that promises to deliver a powerful narrative set against the backdrop of America’s vibrant and tumultuous 1960s. Directed by the acclaimed Jeff Nichols, this film is poised to offer audiences a blend of drama, action, and historical insight.


Set in the mid-20th century, “The Bikeriders” explores the lives of a motorcycle club as they navigate the changing social landscape of America. The story focuses on the experiences of the club members, highlighting their sense of freedom, their struggles, and the bonds they form along the way. It’s a tale of rebellion, camaraderie, and the quest for identity in an era of upheaval.

Release Date

Moviegoers can mark their calendars for the release of “The Bikeriders,” which is┬áscheduled to premiere on June 21, 2024.


This film is a drama that delves into the lives of its characters with a focus on action and historical themes, reflecting on a significant period in American culture.

Cast of The Bikeriders

  • The cast of “The Bikeriders” features a stellar lineup of actors known for their compelling performances:
  • Jodie Comer, taking on a leading role that showcases her versatility as an actress.
  • Austin Butler, continuing his rise in Hollywood with another challenging role.
  • Tom Hardy, whose presence is sure to add gravitas to the film.
  • Michael Shannon, reuniting with director Jeff Nichols and bringing his intense acting style to the ensemble.


Jeff Nichols, known for his thoughtful and evocative storytelling, directs “The Bikeriders.” Nichols has a track record of creating films that are both critically acclaimed and audience favorites, making this film one of the most anticipated of the year.



While the exact runtime for “The Bikeriders” has not been publicly disclosed, films in this genre and by this director typically range around the 120-minute mark, providing ample time to develop character arcs and narrative depth.


“The Bikeriders” is shaping up to be a cinematic exploration of freedom, identity, and the human spirit, set against the rich tapestry of American history. With its compelling cast, experienced director, and engaging premise, the film is sure to attract a diverse audience, from history buffs and motorcycle enthusiasts to fans of character-driven dramas. As the release date approaches, anticipation is high for what promises to be an enthralling ride through America’s cultural landscape.

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