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How to Watch All True Justice Movies in Order of Release

True Justice movies in order, featuring Steven Seagal, unfold a gritty tale of law enforcement against the backdrop of crime-ridden streets. Charting the journey of Elijah Kane, an ex-special forces operative, the series traverses a path where morality and action collide. The protagonist leads an undercover police team in Seattle, fighting a relentless battle against drug dealers, murderers, and crime lords. Seagal’s portrayal of Kane adds a layer of martial arts expertise to the high-octane police procedures, situating True Justice as a notable entry in the action-crime genre.

Viewers interested in the True Justice series often seek to watch the films in chronological order to follow the narrative’s evolution and character development. The narrative’s complexities and Kane’s personal growth are best appreciated through sequential viewing. The series spanned two seasons, with story arcs that built upon the foundation laid in earlier episodes, rewarding viewers with an intricate understanding of the challenges and triumphs that define Elijah Kane’s fight for justice.

Origins of True Justice

For those looking to dive into the True Justice series, it’s essential to begin with the first season and proceed through the episodes in order of their release. This approach ensures a coherent and immersive experience that captures the depth and nuance of Kane’s world. Each episode’s distinct plot contributes to a larger tapestry that, when viewed together, forms a complete and satisfying depiction of a relentless quest for true justice.

Origins of True Justice

True Justice is an American action television series that first appeared on screens on July 6, 2011. The series was the brainchild of its lead actor, Steven Seagal, who created and starred in the show as Elijah Kane. Kane is depicted as the head of a covert team of police officers known as the Special Investigation Unit, operative in Seattle, Washington.

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With its premise set around the Special Investigation Unit’s policing tactics and adventures, True Justice brought a raw and intense flavor to the small screen, characterized by its action-packed sequences and detective work. Across its two-season span, which concluded on September 26, 2012, the series unfurled a narrative that resonated with fans of the genre. Seagal’s role as Elijah Kane combined his martial arts expertise with his character’s law enforcement duties, showcasing a type of street justice and investigation-based storytelling.

True Justice

The show garnered attention and viewership primarily via its action sequences and the star power of Seagal. True Justice had a specific brand of delivery that was encapsulated by both the sharp, gritty dialogue and the physical prowess of its characters, inviting viewers into a world where the lines of morality and duty often blurred. The undercover operations, often laden with danger and conflict, were a cornerstone of the series, providing a window into the darker sides of Seattle’s criminal underbelly.

Main Characters and Cast

True Justice is a compelling action series primarily revolving around its protagonist, Elijah Kane, who is portrayed by Steven Seagal. Kane, an ex-special forces operative, leads an undercover police unit known as the Special Investigation Unit, adept at dispensing a rather harsh brand of law enforcement.

As part of his team, Kane is joined by Sarah Lind, who depicts the character of Sarah Montgomery, a critical member of the unit with formidable skills. The series also features William ‘Big Sleeps’ Stewart and Meghan Ory in significant roles. Stewart represents the character of Andre Mason, another member of Kane’s elite team, while Ory plays Juliet, adding to the dynamic of the group.

This ensemble of main characters is what drives the narrative forward, each of them bringing their own set of skills and story to the table. Here’s a brief look at the prominent cast:

  • Steven Seagal as Elijah Kane
  • Sarah Lind as Sarah Montgomery
  • William ‘Big Sleeps’ Stewart as Andre Mason
  • Meghan Ory as Juliet

True Justice is also known for its supporting cast, featuring faces like Peter Graham-Gaudreau and Emilie Ullerup, both of whom appear in substantial roles throughout multiple episodes of the series. The quality of performances delivered by the cast helps build a gritty and realistic portrayal of life within an undercover unit navigating the complexities of fighting crime.

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True Justice Movies in Order Overview

The “True Justice” movie series is a collection of action-packed films that follow Elijah Kane, head of the Special Investigation Unit in Seattle, as he and his team take on various criminal elements.

1. True Justice: Deadly Crossing (2011)

True Justice: Deadly Crossing (2011)

In “True Justice: Deadly Crossing,” the team tackles a surge of drug-related crimes in Seattle. They confront violent heroin traffickers, initiating a tough crackdown on their operations.

IMDb Rating 5.4/10


2. True Justice: Dark Vengeance (2011)

True Justice: Dark Vengeance (2011)

True Justice: Dark Vengeance” follows the unit taking on a vicious serial killer. The team navigates Seattle’s dangerous underworld to bring the perpetrator to justice.

IMDb Rating 5.4/10


3. True Justice: Street Wars (2011)

True Justice: Street Wars (2011)

In “True Justice: Street Wars,” Kane finds his team amidst urban chaos as they work to dismantle a notorious drug cartel causing havoc in the city.

IMDb Rating 5.4/10


4. True Justice: Lethal Justice (2011)

True Justice: Lethal Justice (2011)

Finally, “True Justice: Lethal Justice” presents a storyline where moral lines are blurred. The team faces a conundrum whether to stick to the law or cross it to serve justice.

IMDb Rating 5.1/10


5. True Justice: One Shot, One Life (2012)

True Justice: One Shot, One Life (2012)

The movie “True Justice: One Shot, One Life” features a mission where Kane’s precision and strategic expertise are pivotal as the team races against time to thwart an imminent terrorist threat.

IMDb Rating 5.9/10


6. True Justice: Dead Drop (2012)

True Justice: Dead Drop (2012)

TRUE JUSTICE: DEAD DROP 2012″ puts the Special Investigation Unit up against a new kind of enemy using black magic and occult techniques, requiring Kane to adopt unconventional methods.

IMDb Rating 5.5/10


7. True Justice: Blood Alley (2012)

True Justice: Blood Alley (2012)

True Justice: Blood Alley” sees the team embroiled in a war against gang violence. Here they face one of their deadliest opponents in a series of brutal encounters.

IMDb Rating 5.3/10


8. True Justice: Violence of Action (2012)

True Justice: Violence of Action (2012)

The film “True Justice: Violence of Action” revolves around Kane’s relentless pursuit of justice as it leads to uncovering high-stakes political conspiracy.

IMDb Rating 4.5/10


Critical Reception and Reviews

The series True Justice, created and starred in by Steven Seagal, has garnered a mix of responses from critics. A review on AVForums highlights issues with continuity due to the movies being released in the wrong order. Despite these issues, it does not stop audiences from exploring the character arcs and storylines developed throughout the series.


  • AVForums
  • IMDb
  • Wikipedia


  • Mixed reviews, noting the lack of continuity in story arcs due to the release order.
  • Seagal’s character, Elijah Kane, is noted for a brutal style of law enforcement.
  • Describes True Justice as an action series starring Seagal as the head of an undercover police task force.

The narrative discrepancies likely affected the overall reception, but the individual reviews do not dismiss the efforts in character development and action sequences. The action series proceeded with Seagal as Elijah Kane, where the True Justice Wikipedia page details his role in leading an undercover police task force in Seattle. On the other hand, IMDb gives insight into the series with a brief synopsis and mentions the notable casting of Seagal and others such as Sarah Lind and Meghan Ory.

True Justice

It is important to note the personal reception of movies can vary widely, and some fans of the genre or Steven Seagal’s work might find the True Justice series to be an enthralling watch despite critical feedback.

True Justice Movie Themes

True Justice movies tackle a range of themes integral to the drama and suspense of the genre. Common themes include:

  • Moral Ambiguity: Characters are often faced with complex choices that challenge their ethical boundaries.
  • The Quest for Truth: Protagonists typically seek to uncover truths in a world where facts can be obscured by corruption or deceit. A prime example is the series “True Justice” where Elijah Kane’s team works to enforce law in a brutal, yet just manner.
  • Social Issues: These films frequently address social injustices and advocate for the protection of human rights. For instance, “True Justice: Family Ties” on Hallmark explores the judicial system and the idea of wrongful conviction.
  • Legal Ethics: The portrayals of courtroom drama underscore the complexities of legal ethics and the sometimes paradoxical nature of the law, much like “12 Angry Men” as mentioned on

Symbols & Motifs:

  • The Scales of Justice: Often a visual motif representing the balance between truth and fairness.
  • The Lone Hero: A character archetype of a solitary figure fighting against the odds for justice.


  • Films: Traditional narratives, such as classic courtroom dramas
  • Television series: Episodic storytelling, allowing for deeper exposition, seen in True Justice created by Steven Seagal.

Viewers appreciate True Justice films for their realistic portrayal of the legal system and the questions they pose about legality and morality. These themes are not just confined to the fiction of cinema, but also reflect real-life complexities in the pursuit of justice.

Impact on Popular Culture

True justice movies have left an indelible mark on popular culture, often reflecting and shaping public perception of the legal system. They illuminate the intricacies of the law, capture the intensity of courtroom battles, and bring to life the stories of those impacted by the pursuit of justice.

  • Perception of the Legal Process: Films like “12 Angry Men” offer a deep dive into the jury deliberation process, showcasing how personal biases and the pursuit of truth play a role in the courtroom. Audience gain a deeper understanding of judicial proceedings through dramatizations of legal strategy and debate.
  • Inspiration for Change: Frequently, these movies stimulate discourse on social issues, inspire activism, and influence legal reforms. The impact of “Just Mercy” extends beyond entertainment, as it stirs conversations on racial inequality and the death penalty.
  • Legal Entertainment: The entertainment industry has seen a proliferation of legal dramas that blur the lines between fiction and reality. As described in a Crimereads article, crime podcasts like Serial, which revisited the trial of Adnan Syed, demonstrate the cross-pollination between true justice stories and other popular media.

These movies resonate with viewers, partially due to their basis in true stories that evoke a sense of relatability and authenticity. They not only captivate audiences but also provoke thought and discussion about law, morality, and justice in society.

True Justice Fan Base

The True Justice fan base is attracted to the compelling narrative of Steven Seagal’s television action series, True Justice, which aired for two seasons. Viewers are particularly drawn to the character Elijah Kane, portrayed by Seagal, providing a sense of connection with the strong, justice-driven lead of the Special Investigation Unit.

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Devotees of the series engage deeply with elements of action, crime, and drama that True Justice encapsulates. They often congregate in online forums and social media, sharing their appreciation for the show’s intricate storytelling and Seagal’s performance. Notably, a dedicated wiki exists where fans create a comprehensive guide to the series, signifying an active and passionate community.

True Justice

Those interested in the series often seek to watch the True Justice movies in chronological order to ensure a seamless and enriching viewing experience. A curated list of these films can be found on platforms like Endante, which fans use to trace the narrative and character development throughout the series.

Within the fan base, discussions on stunts, casting, and filming locations are frequent topics, revealing a detailed interest in the production aspects of the series. Their dedication to preserving the show’s legacy is evident not just in online discussions, but also in the support for related media, such as subsequent movies and spin-offs inspired by the original series.

Production and Behind-the-Scenes

True Justice is a series that exhibited a notable collaboration between creators and actors, engaging an audience through its action-packed narrative. The brainchild of Steven Seagal and Joe Halpin, the series gave viewers a closer view of Elijah Kane’s law enforcement world through its two season-run.

The casting of such series essential to its success, often bringing together an ensemble of diverse talents. For instance, Steven Seagal’s martial arts expertise added authenticity to his character’s combat scenes. Likewise, actors like Sarah Lind and Meghan Ory contributed significant depth to the narrative. The show filmed in locations that reflected the grueling and often gritty aspects of law enforcement portrayed in the series.

Behind the scenes, directors and producers navigated the logistical challenges of shooting a high-octane series within the confines of television schedules and budgets. They employed an array of technical specialists – stunt coordinators, fight choreographers, and special effects teams – to bring the complexities of each scene to life, ensuring a gripping viewer experience.

True Justice also highlights the harsh realities of undercover police work, and as such, the production’s dedication to detail in props, costumes, and sets was paramount to create an immersive environment. The result was a series that resonated with fans of the genre, offering a look into the intricacies of law enforcement rarely seen on television.

Technical aspects such as lighting and cinematography played critical roles in setting the tone for the series, utilizing shadows and close-up shots to build suspense and add a layer of realism to the storytelling. The crew’s commitment to the art of filmmaking was evident in every episode, showcasing the collective effort required to produce a series that aims to both entertain and inform its audience.

Franchise Expansion and Future

True justice movies, characterized by their focus on legal battles, moral dilemmas, and the pursuit of fairness, have been expanding their territory within the cinematic universe. As the appetite for thought-provoking courtroom drama continues, several productions have laid the groundwork for future installments.

Key Developments:

  • New Sequels: Film studios are in active discussions about sequels to popular true justice films. These potential projects aim to further explore the complexities of law and justice.
  • TV Adaptations: Several true justice movies have been identified as candidates for television adaptation, with the intent to dive deeper into narratives over a series format.

Technological Advancements:

  • The use of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in storytelling is being explored to give viewers an immersive experience of courtroom drama.
  • Enhanced Streaming Services: As platforms evolve, accessibility to true justice films increases, suggesting a sustained future audience.

Diversity and Representation:

  • Producers are making a concerted effort to include more diverse casts and storylines, reflecting a broader spectrum of legal experiences.
  • There is a push to tell stories from different legal systems around the world, not just the American perspective.

The coming years for the true justice franchise promise innovation, inclusivity, and a deeper engagement with the moral fiber of society. As these themes resonate with global audiences, the genre is well-positioned for sustained growth and continued relevance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the chronological order of the True Justice movies featuring Steven Seagal?

The chronological order of the True Justice movies starring Steven Seagal starts with “Deadly Crossing” and follows with subsequent films that depict the continuing story of Elijah Kane’s team.

How many True Justice seasons have been released?

There have been two seasons of the True Justice series released, showcasing Steven Seagal in law enforcement-driven action narratives.

Who are the main cast members in the True Justice Hallmark series?

The cast members of the Hallmark series ‘True Justice’ vary, but Steven Seagal is the central figure. Other cast details can be found by looking through resources specific to the Hallmark iteration of the show.

Can you list the Steven Seagal movies that are part of the True Justice series?

Though the True Justice series contains multiple episodes mimicking a movie format, episodes like “Dark Vengeance” and others can be considered part of the Steven Seagal True Justice movie series.

What character does Steven Seagal play in the True Justice series?

In the True Justice series, Steven Seagal plays Elijah Kane, the leader of an undercover special task force based in Seattle, Washington.

Who is the ghost in True Justice series?

Information about a ghost character in the True Justice series is not detailed in typical descriptions or cast listings of the show. A deeper look into specific episodes or character profiles may provide insights into this less prominent aspect of the series.

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