Wake Up Dead Man

Wake Up Dead Man: A Knives Out Mystery Release Date Confirmed

Get ready to sharpen your detective skills once again! Rian Johnson, the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed “Knives Out” series, has announced the release date for the highly anticipated third installment. Titled “Wake Up Dead Man,” the film promises to deliver another thrilling whodunit that will keep audiences guessing until the very end.

Release Date

Buckle up for another round of murder and mayhem with the highly anticipated “Wake Up Dead Man,” the third installment in the beloved “Knives Out” mystery franchise. Daniel Craig returns as the eccentric detective Benoit Blanc, this time tackling a brand new case. The official release date is confirmed September 12th 2025, and details are shrouded in secrecy, but rumors swirl about a shocking death and a star-studded cast of suspects. Get ready to sharpen your detective skills and join Blanc as he unravels a complex web of clues and exposes the killer in “Wake Up Dead Man.”

The “Knives Out” Legacy:

The “Knives Out” series has become a global phenomenon, reinventing the classic murder mystery genre with its clever storytelling, all-star ensemble casts, and unexpected twists. The first film, released in 2019, earned critical acclaim and box office success, while the sequel, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery,” premiered on Netflix in 2022 to similar praise.

Cast and Characters:

Details about the cast for “Knives Out 3” are being kept under wraps, but fans can expect another impressive lineup of talent. Daniel Craig is set to reprise his role as the enigmatic detective Benoit Blanc, who will undoubtedly find himself entangled in yet another perplexing case.

Plot Speculation:

As with previous installments, the plot of “Wake Up Dead Man” is being closely guarded to maintain the element of surprise. However, Rian Johnson has hinted that the film will take Benoit Blanc on a new adventure, introducing fresh characters and a unique setting that will keep audiences on their toes.

Production Updates:

Production for “Knives Out 3” is slated to begin in June 2024, with Rian Johnson returning as writer and director. The film will be produced by Johnson and Ram Bergman’s T-Street production company, in partnership with Netflix.


“Knives Out 3: Wake Up Dead Man” is shaping up to be another thrilling addition to Rian Johnson’s mystery trilogy. With Daniel Craig returning as Benoit Blanc and a new cast of characters to suspect, fans can expect the same level of wit, intrigue, and suspense that made the previous films so beloved. As the release date approaches, anticipation will undoubtedly continue to build for this highly anticipated sequel.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Will “Knives Out 3” be released in theaters or exclusively on Netflix?

Like its predecessor, “Glass Onion,” “Knives Out 3” will be released exclusively on Netflix as part of the streaming giant’s deal with Rian Johnson and T-Street.

Do I need to watch the previous “Knives Out” films to enjoy “Wake Up Dead Man”?

While each “Knives Out” film features a standalone mystery, watching the previous installments will provide a deeper appreciation for the character of Benoit Blanc and the series’ signature style.

Will “Knives Out 3” be the final film in the series?

Rian Johnson has expressed interest in continuing the series beyond a trilogy, but no official announcements have been made regarding future installments.

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