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Banel & Adama Release Date, Cast, Genre, Trailer And More

Get ready to be swept away by the enchanting and visually magnificent love story of ‘Banel & Adama,’ a Senegalese romantic drama that has captured the hearts of audiences at film festivals worldwide. Directed by Ramata-Toulaye Sy, this stunning film follows the titular young couple as they navigate the challenges of love, independence, and tradition in a remote village in northern Senegal.

Release Date

Mark your calendars, love story fans! The critically-acclaimed “Banel & Adama” finally arrives in US theaters on June 14th, 2024! This powerful film, which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, explores the passionate yet complex relationship between a young woman and her deceased husband’s brother.


The film features a talented cast, including 

  • Nima Ba as Djibril
  • Khady Mane as Banel
  • Mamadou Diallo as Adama
  • Binta Racine Sy
  • Moussa Sow.


‘Banel & Adama’ is a romantic drama that explores the complexities of love and the struggle for self-determination.


The movie has a runtime of 1 hour and 45 minutes.


Banel and Adama are deeply in love, living in a remote Senegalese village where their passion for each other is all-consuming. As they move into their new home, they become lost in the fantasy of their love. However, Adama’s responsibilities as the potential future chief of the village begin to clash with his devotion to Banel, leading to a heartbreaking conflict between love and duty.

Set against the stunning backdrop of the Sahel, ‘Banel & Adama’ is a tragic romance that explores themes of independence, self-possession, and the weight of tradition. As the couple strives to create a life together, they must confront the expectations and demands placed upon them by their community and their roles within it.


An official US trailer for ‘Banel & Adama’ has been released, showcasing the film’s breathtaking cinematography and the intense, emotional performances of its lead actors. The trailer offers a glimpse into the passionate love story at the heart of the movie and the challenges the couple must face.

Behind the Scenes

‘Banel & Adama’ marks the feature film debut of director Ramata-Toulaye Sy, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Clément Viqar. Sy, who hails from Senegal, drew inspiration from her own experiences and observations of life in rural West African communities to craft this powerful and intimate story.

In an interview, Sy discussed her approach to the film, stating, “I wanted to explore the complexities of love and the ways in which our responsibilities and roles within our communities can sometimes come into conflict with our personal desires. ‘Banel & Adama’ is a story about the struggle to find balance between tradition and independence, duty and passion.”

The movie was filmed entirely on location in Senegal, with Sy and her team working closely with local communities to ensure an authentic and respectful portrayal of the region’s culture and landscapes. The stunning cinematography captures the beauty and harsh realities of life in the Sahel, immersing viewers in the world of the characters.

Critical Reception

‘Banel & Adama’ has received widespread critical acclaim following its screenings at international film festivals. Critics have praised the movie’s powerful performances, stunning visuals, and thought-provoking themes.

Variety hailed the film as “a visually stunning and emotionally resonant exploration of love and duty,” while The Hollywood Reporter called it “a powerful and poetic debut from director Ramata-Toulaye Sy.”

Cultural Significance

‘Banel & Adama’ offers a rare and intimate glimpse into life in rural Senegal, shedding light on the traditions, challenges, and aspirations of the region’s communities. The movie’s success on the international film festival circuit has helped to bring greater attention to West African cinema and the talented filmmakers working in the region.

As the film prepares for its US theatrical release, it has the potential to introduce a wider audience to the rich cultural heritage of Senegal and spark meaningful conversations about the universal themes it explores.


With its powerful performances, stunning visuals, and thought-provoking themes, ‘Banel & Adama’ promises to be a must-see for fans of romantic dramas and world cinema. Director Ramata-Toulaye Sy has crafted a visually arresting and emotionally resonant film that explores the universal struggles of love and duty, set against the rich cultural backdrop of Senegal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ‘Banel & Adama’ based on a true story?

No, ‘Banel & Adama’ is a fictional story, though it may draw inspiration from real-life experiences and cultural traditions.

In what language is ‘Banel & Adama’ filmed?

The movie is filmed in the Fulani language, which is spoken in parts of Senegal and other West African countries.

Has ‘Banel & Adama’ won any awards?

While the film has been praised at various international film festivals, specific award information has not been provided in the search results.

Will ‘Banel & Adama’ be released internationally?

While specific international release dates have not been announced, the movie’s success at international film festivals suggests that it is likely to be distributed in other countries beyond the United States.

Are there any plans for a ‘Banel & Adama’ sequel?

As ‘Banel & Adama’ is a standalone story, there are currently no known plans for a sequel. However, director Ramata-Toulaye Sy may continue to explore similar themes and settings in her future projects.

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