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How to Watch The Fantastic 4 Movies in Order of Release

The Fantastic Four, Marvel’s original superhero team, has been portrayed in film since the unreleased 1994 movie, leading to varying iterations over the years. Their cinematic journey illustrates the transformation of comic book characters into silver screen icons, where four individuals are endowed with extraordinary abilities after an encounter with cosmic radiation. Over the years, these films have attempted to capture the essence of the beloved comic series, introducing audiences to the adventures of Mr. Fantastic, Invisible Woman, Human Torch, and the Thing.

These movies not only showcase the team’s origin story but also explore their dynamics in facing towering adversaries, such as Doctor Victor Von Doom. Fans and newcomers to the Fantastic Four franchise can experience the evolution of the characters and storytelling by watching the fantastic 4 movies in order, starting with the Fantastic Four collection, and moving through the subsequent reboots. The order of viewing provides a coherent narrative that can enhance the overall understanding and enjoyment of the Fantastic Four saga.

While the reception of the Fantastic Four films has been mixed, they remain an important part of Marvel’s expansive cinematic history. The films have explored different creative directions, each seeking to offer a unique take on the characters’ journey from mere mortals to superheroes. Noting their place within the larger Marvel universe, these films have made contributions to superhero cinema and have established a timeline that has intrigued audiences around the globe.

1. The Fantastic Four (1994)

The Fantastic Four (1994)

The Fantastic Four is a unique entry in the cinematic history of Marvel’s superhero team. Directed by Oley Sassone, this version was produced by New Horizons with the low-budget touch of Roger Corman. The 1994 film holds a level of infamy as it was never officially released.

The story follows the classic origin in which the four main characters—Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm—are transformed into superheroes after exposure to cosmic rays during a space mission.


  • Reed Richards
  • Sue Storm
  • Johnny Storm
  • Ben Grimm


  • Alex Hyde-White
  • Rebecca Staab
  • Jay Underwood
  • Michael Bailey Smith

Despite being unreleased, The Fantastic Four (1994) is sometimes referenced by fans for its attempt to stay true to the comics and its practical effects. The movie has garnered a cult following, with individuals seeking out bootleg copies for their rarity and as a piece of comic book movie lore.

IMDb Rating 3.8/10


2. Fantastic Four (2005)

Fantastic Four (2005)

Released in 2005, Fantastic Four is a superhero film that marked the team’s first major appearance on the big screen. Directed by Tim Story, the film portrays the origin story of the titular group acquiring their powers during a space mission gone awry.

Cast & Characters:

  • Reed Richards / Mr. Fantastic: Ioan Gruffudd – Elasticity
  • Susan Storm / Invisible Woman: Jessica Alba – Invisibility and force fields
  • Johnny Storm / Human Torch: Chris Evans – Pyrokinesis
  • Ben Grimm / The Thing: Michael Chiklis – Superstrength and durability

They confront their nemesis, Doctor Victor Von Doom, played by Julian McMahon, whose nefarious plans they must thwart.

The film is significant for setting up the dynamics among the four central characters, with a mix of action, adventure, and the interpersonal relationships that are central to the Fantastic Four comics. Despite a mixed critical reception, with a 40 Metascore on IMDb, it was successful enough to warrant a 2007 sequel.

While the special effects were a highlight of the movie at the time of release, they also led to discussions about the balance between visual spectacle and narrative substance in superhero cinema. Fantastic Four (2005) remains a foundational entry in the franchise’s film history.

IMDb Rating 5.7/10


3. Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer is a 2007 superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team the Fantastic Four. It is a sequel to the 2005 film “Fantastic Four” and shares continuity with that earlier work. The narrative follows the titular team as they encounter an extraterrestrial being known as the Silver Surfer, who presents a formidable challenge and a global threat that reaches beyond their previous adversaries. The movie, directed by Tim Story, integrates elements of action, adventure, and science fiction, setting the stage for an epic showdown with stakes that extend far beyond Earth.

With a cast that includes Ioan Gruffudd, Jessica Alba, Chris Evans, and Michael Chiklis reprising their roles as the Fantastic Four, the film explores the dynamics and growth of the characters as they adapt to their superhero status. Julian McMahon returns as the antagonist, accompanied by the introduction of the enigmatic Silver Surfer, realized through a combination of performance capture and CGI. The movie aims to expand the cinematic universe of its heroes while staying true to the essence of the comic book series.

IMDb Rating 5.6/10


4. Fantastic Four (2015)

Fantastic Four (2015)

Released in 2015, Fantastic Four represents a reboot of the franchise, aiming to present a fresh perspective on the origin of the quartet. The film distinguishes itself with a more contemporary setting and a notable aesthetic departure from its predecessors.

The storyline follows four young outsiders who teleport to an alternate universe, which has drastic effects on their physical form. They gain distinct superhuman abilities: Reed Richards acquires the power to stretch his body, Susan Storm becomes invisible and can generate force fields, Johnny Storm gains the ability to emit and control fire, and Ben Grimm transforms into a rock-like creature with immense strength.


  • Reed Richards
  • Susan Storm
  • Johnny Storm
  • Ben Grimm


  • Elasticity
  • Invisibility and Force Fields
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Superhuman Strength and Durability

The director, Josh Trank, along with writers Jeremy Slater and Simon Kinberg, explores themes of friendship, betrayal, and coping with newfound powers. The antagonist, Victor Von Doom, becomes a central figure as the plot develops, challenging the unity of the team and posing a threat to Earth.

The film received mixed reviews for its direction and characterization, yet notably attempted to explore the darker and more human elements behind the superhero narrative. Despite the challenges it faced, Fantastic Four (2015) is an integral part of the franchise’s history and offers a unique interpretation of the classic Marvel Comics’ team.

IMDb Rating 4.3/10


MCU Integration

The integration of the Fantastic Four into the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has been a topic of much anticipation. With the acquisition of 20th Century Fox by Disney in 2019, the rights to produce Fantastic Four movies returned to Marvel Studios, paving the way for their inclusion in the expansive MCU.

Key Details:

  • Release Date: Set for July 25, 2025.
  • Director: Matt Shakman.
  • Cast Includes: Vanessa Kirby, Pedro Pascal, and others.

The approach to introducing the Fantastic Four is expected to be careful, given the existing MCU canon over the past 15 years. Marvel Studios recognizes the group’s unique dynamic as a family with shared superpowers, contrasting the Avengers’ collective of heroes with individual origins.

The integration is anticipated to maintain the essence of the Fantastic Four as a tight-knit family unit. At the same time, Marvel must strategically place these new characters into the ongoing MCU narrative. Creative execution is crucial, as it will not only reintroduce the characters but also seamlessly merge them with the established universe.

All eyes are on how the MCU will handle their origin story, which traditionally involves cosmic radiation during a space mission. With the MCU’s extensive lore, finding a fitting and coherent plotline for the Fantastic Four’s advent is critical. The upcoming movie’s success hinges on striking a balance between honoring the group’s legacy and refreshing their story for a new audience.

Critical Reception and Box Office

The Fantastic Four films experienced varied reception and box office returns. The inaugural 2005 film, directed by Tim Story, was met with mixed reviews yet grossed over $330 million globally. Audiences were drawn to the novelty of the Marvel team, but critics pointed out the film’s weak plot and character development.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007), also directed by Tim Story, saw a slight decline in both critical reception and box office numbers, with earnings around $290 million worldwide. The film introduced new characters but failed to capture critics’ praise, many claiming it fell short of its potential.

A reboot in 2015 directed by Josh Trank, simply titled Fantastic Four, faced harsh criticism for its execution and treatment of the source material. It accumulated only approximately $168 million at the global box office, significantly less than its predecessors.

Movie Title

  • Fantastic Four (Director: Tim Story)
  • Rise of the Silver Surfer
  • Fantastic Four

Worldwide Box Office

  • $330 million
  • $290 million
  • $168 million

Critical Reception

  • Mixed reviews
  • Generally unfavorable
  • Largely negative

Each adaptation’s commercial success did not always align with its critical perception. The films’ legacies are marked by their contributions to the superhero genre despite varying receptions and a fluctuating box office performance.

Cultural Impact

The Fantastic Four movies have made a notable mark on the superhero genre. With the team’s introduction from Marvel’s Silver Age, they are pivotal in the expansive Marvel Universe. Initially adapted into films with 2005’s Fantastic Four, the movies brought Marvel’s first superhero team to a wider audience.

These films highlight the following characters:

  • Reed Richards (Mr. Fantastic): The leader with the ability to stretch his body.
  • Sue Storm (The Invisible Woman): Reed’s partner with invisibility and force field powers.
  • Johnny Storm (The Human Torch): Sue’s brother who can engulf himself in fire and fly.
  • Ben Grimm (The Thing): Reed’s friend with enhanced strength and a stone-like skin.

Despite mixed critical receptions, the movies underscored key themes popular within the superhero narrative: family dynamics, the burden of responsibility, and the use of power for a greater good. Contributions to the genre include showcasing innovative CGI portrayals of superhuman abilities and cosmic adventures.

The Fantastic Four remain important in their role as precursors to Marvel’s subsequently more intricate and interconnected storytelling, setting precedents for ensemble superhero films.

Furthermore, the various adaptations underscore the challenge of transitioning comic book properties to film, as evidenced in discussions about their cinematic history and placements in the broader Marvel narrative.

Each Fantastic Four film thus represents an evolutionary step in comic book cinema, contributing to the larger discourse on the adaptation of such works and their cultural significance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the correct viewing sequence for the Fantastic Four films?

The recommended order to watch the Fantastic Four movies starts with “The Fantastic Four” (1994) that remains unreleased, followed by “Fantastic Four” (2005), its sequel “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” (2007), and then the reboot “Fantastic Four” (2015).

How many films are in the Fantastic Four series?

There have been four live-action Fantastic Four films made, although the 1994 film was not officially released. In addition, fans can anticipate new developments as Marvel Studios has gained the rights to the characters.

Which movie is the original in the Fantastic Four franchise?

The original film is “The Fantastic Four,” produced in 1994. However, due to legal and contractual issues, it was never released to the public.

Is the 2005 Fantastic Four film considered a sequel or a reboot?

The 2005 “Fantastic Four” film is neither a sequel nor a reboot but an original adaptation of the comic book series that introduces the Fantastic Four characters to a new audience.

Can you watch the Fantastic Four movies on Disney Plus?

As of the last update, not all Fantastic Four movies are available on Disney Plus. Availability can vary by region, and the platform’s library changes over time, so viewers should check the current listings on Disney Plus for the latest information.

What are all the films included in the Fantastic Four franchise?

The films included in the Fantastic Four franchise are: “The Fantastic Four” (1994, unreleased), “Fantastic Four” (2005), “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer” (2007), and the reboot “Fantastic Four” (2015). Future installments or reboots by Marvel Studios may expand this list.

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