Last Breath Release Date

Last Breath (2024) Movie Release Date, Cast And More

The film industry is abuzz with anticipation for the upcoming British survival thriller, Last Breath. Directed by Alex Parkinson, this feature film is a gripping remake of the critically acclaimed 2019 documentary of the same name.

Origins and Success

Origins and Success

The original Last Breath documentary, directed by Richard da Costa and Alex Parkinson, recounts the harrowing true story of a saturation diver’s life-or-death situation on the North Sea bed. The documentary was well-received for its intense storytelling and immersive cinematography.

What to Expect

The upcoming Last Breath adaptation is expected to translate the documentary’s real-life suspense into a narrative feature film, offering audiences a blend of thriller and survival elements.

Release Date

Last Breath, the highly anticipated underwater thriller, premieres in theaters on June 20th, 2024. Get ready to hold your breath as this suspenseful film explores the dangers lurking beneath the waves. Mark your calendars and prepare to be captivated by this story of survival and the will to overcome impossible odds.


The trailer for Last Breath will serve as a critical peek into the film’s tone and style. It will likely highlight key suspenseful moments and introduce the main characters, setting the stage for the film’s narrative.

Plot Theories and Rumours

Speculation around the film’s plot suggests it will closely follow the events of the documentary, focusing on the life-threatening experience of the diver and the rescue efforts. Rumors may circulate about potential creative liberties taken to enhance the dramatic effect.

Cast of Last Breath

Cast of Last Breath

Last Breath features a talented cast including Simu Liu, Woody Harrelson, Finn Cole, and Christian Scicluna, promising strong performances that will bring depth to the film’s intense storyline.


The plot centers on a commercial diver who becomes trapped on the ocean floor with limited oxygen and little hope for a timely rescue, mirroring the gripping narrative of the original documentary.


The making of Last Breath likely involved intricate set designs and underwater filming techniques to authentically depict the diver’s predicament and the vast, treacherous environment of the ocean depths.



Behind-the-scenes content, which may be released closer to the film’s premiere, will offer insight into the production process, showcasing the challenges of shooting underwater sequences and the dedication of the cast and crew.

Challenges and Triumphs in Production

Producing a film like Last Breath comes with unique challenges, such as accurately portraying the technical aspects of saturation diving and ensuring the safety of the actors during underwater scenes. The triumphs in production will likely include overcoming these obstacles through innovative filming techniques, detailed set construction, and the use of special effects to create a realistic and engaging experience for viewers.


Last Breath is expected to make a significant impact on audiences by not only providing edge-of-your-seat entertainment but also by raising awareness about the perils faced by saturation divers. Its portrayal of human resilience and the power of the human spirit in the face of overwhelming odds may resonate deeply with viewers.

Potential Box Office and Critical Reception

Potential Box Office and Critical Reception

Given the success of the original documentary and the public’s appetite for survival dramas, Last Breath has the potential to perform well at the box office. Critical reception will hinge on the film’s ability to balance factual storytelling with the demands of a feature film narrative.


Last Breath is shaping up to be a thrilling and emotionally impactful film. Its adaptation from a gripping documentary to a full-length feature film is a testament to the power of its story. With its release on the horizon, audiences are eagerly waiting to dive into the depths of this harrowing tale of survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Last Breath based on a true story?

Yes, Last Breath is based on the true story of a saturation diver’s near-death experience, originally depicted in the 2019 documentary.

Will the movie be an exact retelling of the documentary?

While the film is expected to stay true to the core events of the documentary, it may include additional dramatic elements to enhance the narrative.

Can we expect Last Breath to be suitable for all ages?

Given the intense nature of the survival story, the film may be more suitable for mature audiences, but the official age rating will be determined by the film classification board.

What challenges did the production face while filming underwater scenes?

Filming underwater presents logistical challenges, such as ensuring the safety of the actors, managing communication, and maintaining clear visibility, all of which the production had to address.

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