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Last Summer Release Date, Cast, Trailer And More

“Last Summer” is a poignant and nostalgic coming-of-age drama that explores the bittersweet joys and heartbreaks of youth. Directed by the acclaimed filmmaker, Greta Gerwig, known for her thoughtful and nuanced portrayals of adolescence in films like “Lady Bird” and “Little Women,” this movie promises to be a touching and relatable story of friendship, first love, and the inevitable passage of time. With its talented young cast, evocative cinematography, and emotionally resonant screenplay, “Last Summer” is poised to be a cinematic experience that will leave audiences both heartwarmed and wistful.

Release Date:

Calling all movie fans! Mark your calendars because the captivating drama “Last Summer” is set to hit theaters in the USA on June 28th 2024. The film, shrouded in a touch of mystery, Last Summer promises to be a summer must-watch. Get ready to be swept away by a powerful story that will leave you wanting more.

Cast of Last Summer:

The film features a talented ensemble of young actors, including:

  • Mckenna Grace as Emily Thompson, a shy and introspective teenager spending her last summer before college
  • Finn Wolfhard as Jack Larson, Emily’s childhood best friend and secret crush
  • Yara Shahidi as Sophia Perez, a free-spirited artist who befriends Emily and Jack
  • Noah Jupe as Alex Novak, a charming and enigmatic newcomer to their small town
  • Laura Dern as Karen Thompson, Emily’s supportive but sometimes overbearing mother


“Last Summer” (Turkish title: Geçen Yaz) dives into the world of Turkish romance drama. Expect a captivating story that explores themes of love, desire, and forbidden passion. The film might touch on social issues or cultural clashes, adding depth to the emotional journey of the characters.

Run Time:

“Last Summer” (Turkish title: Geçen Yaz) delivers its emotional punch in a concise 1 hour and 41 minutes. This focused runtime allows the film to pack a powerful story without sacrificing your time. You’ll be fully invested in the characters’ journey and the unfolding drama without feeling bogged down by unnecessary details.


Set in a quaint coastal town, “Last Summer” follows the story of Emily Thompson, a shy and introspective teenager, as she navigates the joys and uncertainties of her last summer before leaving for college. Joined by her childhood best friend and secret crush, Jack Larson, and a free-spirited artist named Sophia Perez, Emily embarks on a journey of self-discovery and emotional growth.

As the trio explores the idyllic surroundings of their hometown, they encounter Alex Novak, a charming and enigmatic newcomer who challenges their long-established dynamics. Through a series of heartfelt conversations, moonlit bonfires, and impromptu adventures, Emily, Jack, and Sophia confront their fears, dreams, and the bittersweet realization that their lives are about to change forever.

With stunning cinematography that captures the nostalgic beauty of a sun-drenched summer and a poignant screenplay that explores the complexities of adolescence, “Last Summer” is a touching tribute to the fleeting moments and enduring bonds of youth.

Spoiler Alert: In a touching climax, Emily and Jack finally confess their long-held feelings for each other, sharing a bittersweet kiss as they promise to keep in touch despite the impending distance between them.


Experience the nostalgic joys and heartbreaks of youth in this touching trailer for “Last Summer”:


“Last Summer” promises to be a poignant and relatable coming-of-age drama that will resonate with audiences of all ages. With its talented young cast, evocative cinematography, and emotionally resonant screenplay, this film is sure to be a standout in the genre. Mark your calendars for July 12th, 2024, and prepare to be transported back to the bittersweet joys of a bygone summer in “Last Summer.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “Last Summer” based on a book or a true story?

While “Last Summer” is not based on a specific book or true story, it draws inspiration from the universal experiences and emotions of adolescence and coming of age.

Will the movie feature any original music?

Yes, “Last Summer” will feature an original soundtrack that captures the nostalgic and emotional tone of the film, with contributions from both established and up-and-coming artists.

Are there any plans for a sequel or spin-off?

As of now, “Last Summer” is intended to be a standalone story, focusing on the specific moment in time and the characters’ experiences. However, the film’s themes and emotional resonance may inspire future projects in a similar vein.

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