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Copa 71 Movie Release Date, Cast, Trailer and Everything We Know

Soccer fans, get ready for an exciting new film heading to theaters soon. “Copa 71” tells the dramatic true story of the 1971 Copa Libertadores tournament in South America. The movie follows the underdog Colombian team Atlético Nacional as they make an unlikely run to the finals against Uruguayan powerhouse Peñarol.

Release Date

Mark your calendars, soccer fans! “Copa 71,” the acclaimed documentary chronicling the forgotten 1971 Women’s World Cup, finally kicks off in the US on June 18th, 2024. Available on digital platforms and select theaters, it’s a must-watch for anyone who loves a story of resilience, forgotten history, and the beautiful game.

Cast of Copa 71

The film features an ensemble cast including:

  • Elvira Aracen
  • Brandi Chastain
  • Birte Kjems
  • Chris Lockwood
  • Nicole Mangas
  • Alex Morgan
  • Jose Palma
  • Elena Schiavo
  • Elba Selva
  • Ann Stengard
  • Carol Wilson
  • Silvia Zaragoza


“Copa 71” is a sports drama based on the incredible true story of Atlético Nacional’s 1971 Copa Libertadores campaign. Expect plenty of thrilling soccer action mixed with off-field drama.


“Copa 71” doesn’t overstay its welcome. Clocking in at a focused 1 hour and 30 minutes, the documentary allows you to fully immerse yourself in the inspiring story of the 1971 Women’s World Cup without feeling overwhelmed. Prepare for a powerful and captivating experience in just under two hours!pen_sparktunesharemore_vert


Set in 1971, “Copa 71” follows Colombian soccer club Atlético Nacional, an inexperienced team of young players who dream of winning the prestigious Copa Libertadores tournament. Led by their passionate coach Hernán Casciari, Nacional makes an improbable run to the two-leg final against established Uruguayan club Peñarol. But with political unrest in Colombia and interference from powerful people who want to see Nacional fail, the team will have to overcome immense odds, on and off the pitch, to have a chance at lifting the trophy. “Copa 71” is an inspiring underdog tale celebrating the power of sports to unite a nation.


Get a sneak peek of “Copa 71” in the official trailer. Thrilling game footage is interwoven with dramatic off-field moments as Nacional battles their way to the final.


With a talented cast, a powerful true story, and exciting soccer action, “Copa 71” is shaping up to be a must-see movie for sports fans and general audiences alike. Its inspiring underdog narrative and 1970s period setting make it stand out from typical sports dramas. We can’t wait to cheer on Atlético Nacional when “Copa 71” hits theaters this June.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is “Copa 71” based on a true story?

Yes, the movie is a dramatized account of Atlético Nacional’s real Copa Libertadores run in 1971.

Do I need to be a soccer fan to enjoy the movie?

While soccer fans will especially appreciate the film, “Copa 71” features a universally appealing underdog story that non-sports fans can enjoy too.

Is “Copa 71” in Spanish? Will it have English subtitles?

The movie is primarily in Spanish to be authentic to its Colombian setting. However, it will be released with English subtitles.

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