Teen Titans Movies in Order

How to Watch All 7 Teen Titans Movies in Order

The Teen Titans have been a cornerstone of animated superhero entertainment since their first appearance on the small screen. With a franchise spanning over a decade and a half, the evolution from the original animated series to the more recent Teen Titans GO! adaptations has brought with it a range of movies that offer a mix of action, adventure, comedy, and heart. This detailed exploration aims to guide fans and newcomers alike through the Teen Titans movies in order, providing a comprehensive look at each film’s storyline, characters, themes, and the unique flavor they bring to the Teen Titans universe.

All 7 Teen Titans Movies in Order

1. “Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo” (2006)

Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo

As the first feature film of the franchise, “Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo” serves as a direct continuation of the original animated series. When the Titans face off against a mysterious assailant in their hometown, their pursuit leads them to Tokyo, Japan. Here, they uncover a sinister plot that tests their teamwork and resolve. This film not only highlights the action-packed and adventurous spirit of the Teen Titans but also delves into themes of identity and belonging, as the Titans navigate a culture far removed from their own.

IMDb Rating 7.0/10


2. “Justice League vs. Teen Titans” (2016)

Justice League vs. Teen Titans

A pivotal moment in the DC animated universe, “Justice League vs. Teen Titans,” introduces the young team to the broader context of the Justice League. After a demonic entity takes control of the Justice League members, it’s up to the Teen Titans to stop them and save the world from destruction. This movie explores the dynamics between the seasoned heroes of the Justice League and the young Titans, emphasizing themes of trust, maturity, and the passage from apprenticeship to heroism in its own right.

IMDb Rating 6.9/10


3. “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” (2017)

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Adapting one of the most iconic storylines from the comics, “Teen Titans: The Judas Contract” explores betrayal, loyalty, and redemption. The Titans welcome a new member, Terra, into their midst, unaware of her dark secrets and true intentions. This movie delves deep into the personal backstories of the Titans, offering a more mature and emotionally complex narrative that challenges the characters’ trust in one another and their understanding of what it means to be a hero.

IMDb Rating 7.0/10


4. “Teen Titans GO! to the Movies” (2018)

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies

Taking a significant tonal shift, “Teen Titans GO! to the Movies” brings the humor and irreverence of the Teen Titans GO! series to the big screen. Frustrated by the lack of recognition, the Titans set out to Hollywood to secure their own movie, only to become entangled in a diabolical plot by a supervillain. This film is a satirical take on superhero culture, fame, and the film industry, packed with musical numbers, celebrity cameos, and meta-humor.

IMDb Rating 6.7/10


5. “Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans” (2019)

Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans

Teen Titans GO! vs. Teen Titans” bridges the gap between the original series and its GO! counterpart, bringing together two versions of the team in a multiverse-spanning adventure. The film explores themes of self-acceptance and the value of different perspectives through its humorous and action-packed storyline. It’s a celebration of the franchise’s history and a testament to the enduring appeal of its characters.

IMDb Rating 6.8/10


6. “Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam” (2021)

Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam

In this unique crossover, the Teen Titans GO! team hosts a watch party for the iconic “Space Jam” movie, providing commentary and engaging in hijinks that parallel the original film’s story. While not a traditional movie in narrative structure, “Teen Titans GO! See Space Jam” offers a fun, laid-back experience that celebrates both the Teen Titans and the legacy of “Space Jam.”

IMDb Rating 4.6/10


7. “Teen Titans GO! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse” (2022)

Teen Titans GO! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse

This latest installment sees the Teen Titans teaming up with the DC Super Hero Girls to tackle a common enemy threatening the multiverse. “Mayhem in the Multiverse” is notable for its emphasis on teamwork, friendship, and the power of collaboration across different superhero teams. It’s a vibrant, action-packed movie that showcases the strengths and unique abilities of each character while delivering a message about the importance of unity and cooperation.

IMDb Rating 5.4/10


Impact and Legacy

The Teen Titans movies, spanning from the original series’ gravitas to the playful exuberance of Teen Titans GO!, have carved a unique niche within the DC Universe. Their ability to oscillate between serious themes and light-hearted comedy speaks to the versatility of the franchise.

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The impact of these movies extends beyond mere entertainment; they have contributed to the shaping of young minds on themes of friendship, morality, and the complexities of growing up. The legacy of the Teen Titans is evident in the continued popularity of its characters, inspiring new comics, series, and a dedicated fanbase that spans generations.

The Evolution of Animation and Storytelling

The progression in animation quality and storytelling techniques across the Teen Titans movies is noteworthy. From the traditional animation of “Trouble in Tokyo” to the vibrant, stylized approach of Teen Titans GO!, the visual evolution mirrors the shifting tone and audience of the franchise.

The storytelling, too, has adapted, moving from more linear, episodic narratives to complex, multi-layered plots that explore character development and thematic depth. This evolution reflects the franchise’s ability to grow with its audience, offering new and old fans alike content that is both reflective and forward-looking.

Teen Titans in the Broader DC Universe

The Teen Titans movies have played a crucial role in integrating these younger heroes into the broader DC Universe. “Justice League vs. Teen Titans,” for instance, serves as a bridge that connects the Titans with well-established characters like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, underscoring the importance of mentorship and legacy within the superhero community.

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This interconnectedness not only enriches the narrative landscape of the DC Universe but also highlights the potential of its younger characters to stand alongside the most iconic heroes.


The Teen Titans movies offer a diverse array of storytelling, from deep emotional journeys to light-hearted satires, reflecting the multifaceted nature of its characters and their adventures. Through their battles, jokes, and heartwarming moments, these films have contributed significantly to the legacy of the Teen Titans, appealing to fans old and new. As we’ve ventured through the “Teen Titans movies in order,” it’s clear that the heart of the series lies in its unwavering commitment to showcasing the trials and triumphs of heroism, friendship, and the pursuit of justice.

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