What Channel is Naked and Afraid On

What Channel is Naked and Afraid On? Where to Watch It?

If you’re a fan of survival reality shows, you’ve likely heard of “Naked and Afraid.” It’s a series that tests the limits of human endurance. In each episode, two strangers, one man and one woman, are tasked with surviving the wilderness with no clothes and minimal survival tools for 21 days. Your interest might be piqued, and you want to know where you can join in or which channel it has aired on the intense adventure from the comfort of your living room.

“Naked and Afraid” airs on the Discovery Channel, a network known for its content that caters to outdoor enthusiasts and adventure seekers. The show has gained a significant following due to its raw depiction of survival challenges and the dynamic between the often contrasting personalities of its participants. It’s not just about survival, but also about the human spirit and the relationships that develop when people are stripped down to their most vulnerable states.

Over the years, the series has expanded to include various specials and spin-offs, inviting viewers to explore different facets of survival in extreme conditions. To ensure you never miss an episode, check current listings on your local TV schedule or find episodes available for streaming. Watching the show will require a subscription if you’re looking to catch up on all the past seasons or stream the latest episodes as they air.

Broadcast Information

Broadcast Information

Naked and Afraid is a survival challenge that pushes the limits of human endurance. This series can be specifically found on the Discovery Channel, but there are multiple viewing options available to you.

Network Details

  • Channel: Discovery Channel
  • Premiere Date for New Season: Often premiering in late February
  • Episode Format: Typically, episodes feature two survivalists tasked with enduring the wilderness for 21 days.

Viewing Platforms

  • Television: Tune into the Discovery Channel on your television at the scheduled air times.
  • Streaming Services: Watch episodes on discovery+.
  • Online: Episode information and certain content can be found at the official Discovery website.
  • Purchase: Episodes can also be bought from platforms like Amazon or iTunes.

Show Schedule

Show Schedule

Naked and Afraid airs on Discovery Channel. You can find the latest episodes from the show’s current season airing on Sundays at 8 p.m. ET. To ensure you don’t miss an episode, add Naked and Afraid to your watchlist.

The show has been captivating viewers with its unique survival challenges for multiple seasons. You can view detailed information about the episodes and their airing schedule on the Discovery website.

Here is a brief weekly schedule to guide you:


  • New episodes premiere at 8 p.m. ET.
  • Check for any special or extended episodes that may vary the usual timing.

Remember, if you miss the live airing, you can access missed episodes via on-demand or streaming service if available with your TV provider.

If you’re looking forward to the newest spin-off, Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing, mark your calendars for the premiere on May 7 at 8 p.m. For more details on this event, you might want to visit Discovery’s show page.

Please note: Show schedules are subject to change, so it’s a good idea to double-check your local TV listings or the official Discovery Channel guide closer to the date for any updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out if Naked and Afraid is on TV tonight?

You can check the TV listings for the Discovery Channel, where ‘Naked and Afraid’ typically airs. The listings will indicate if the show is scheduled to play tonight.

Where can I watch new episodes of Naked and Afraid?

New episodes of ‘Naked and Afraid’ are broadcast on the Discovery Channel. They can also be streamed through various services, like FuboTV that offer the channel in their package.

Are there any new seasons of Naked and Afraid XL announced?

Yes, a new season of ‘Naked and Afraid XL’ has been announced to premiere on May 12 on the Discovery Channel, where participants will attempt a 40-day challenge in Colombia.

How many seasons of Naked and Afraid have been released so far?

The show ‘Naked and Afraid’ has completed several seasons. As new seasons are periodically released, accurate information on the total number of seasons can be found on Discovery Channel’s website.

What are the available options for watching Naked and Afraid XL?

‘Naked and Afraid XL’ can be viewed on the Discovery Channel or through streaming services that carry the channel, such as FuboTV, Sling, and Philo.

Has there been any incident of death on Naked and Afraid?

There have been no reported incidents of death during the filming of ‘Naked and Afraid’. The participants face various challenges, but safety measures are in place to prevent fatal incidents.

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