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How to Watch All the Saw Movies in Order Chronologically

The SAW movies are not your average slasher film. Starting in 2004 with a modest budget, it became a cultural phenomenon. What made it special? A mind-numbing mix of psychological horror and gruesome thrills. With its dark puzzles and complex death traps, SAW didn’t just scare audiences, and it redefined horror. This blog post will help you watch the SAW movies in order, whether for viewers who prefer watching it in their release order or chronological order, we can help in both cases! Just keep on reading.

Conjured up by two up-and-coming Aussie filmmakers, James Wan, and Leigh Whannel, SAW started as a short film. This little project became the start of a full-length movie that unleashed Jigsaw upon the world. Played by the unforgettable Tobin Bell, Jigsaw wasn’t your typical villain. He saw himself as a twisted moralist, forcing his victims to appreciate life through deadly games. The original film’s power came from its bare-bones approach and smart story. The horror wasn’t just about gore. It was the mental anguish the characters faced.

SAW’s success launched a sequel spree, each peeling back more layers of Jigsaw’s messed-up philosophy. The traps became even more intricate, often reflecting the flaws of the people caught in them. But SAW wasn’t just about shock value. It sparked discussions about justice, survival, and what makes us human. The haunting question is, how far would one go to survive? This question forced both characters and viewers to confront what they might do in this life-or-death situation.

As the franchise grew, so did its impact. It set the bar for horror films to come and became a must-watch for Halloween movie nights. SAW’s legacy isn’t just about scaring audiences. It pushed filmmakers to explore new storytelling techniques by blending classic horror chills with deep layers to the plot. This movie series left its bloody mark not just on horror fans but on the genre as a whole.

SAW Movies in their Release Order:

  • SAW (2004)
  • SAW II (2005)
  • SAW III (2006)
  • SAW IV (2007)
  • SAW V (2008)
  • SAW VI (2009)
  • SAW 3D (also known as SAW: The Final Chapter) (2010)
  • Jigsaw (2017)
  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021)
  • SAW X (2023)

SAW Movies in Chronological Order:

  • SAW (2004)
  • SAW II (2005)
  • SAW III (2006)
  • SAW IV (2007)
  • SAW V (2008)
  • SAW VI (2009)
  • SAW 3D: The Final Chapter (2010)
  • Jigsaw (2017)
  • Spiral: From the Book of Saw (2021)
  • SAW X (2023)

1. SAW (2004)

SAW (2004)

The new horror icon SAW, released in 2004, trapping viewers in the twisted world of Jigsaw. Living a life consumed by a terminal cancer diagnosis and fuelled by anger with people’s ingratitude for life. Jigsaw subjects his victims to deadly games in a gruesome way to test their appreciation for life.

The film throws us into action with two strangers, Adam and Dr. Lawrence Gordon, chained in a grimy bathroom. A dead body lies between them, a saw is within reach, and the clock is ticking. This claustrophobic setting is complete suspense, forcing us to confront the desperate fight for survival as they face an impossible choice.

SAW wasn’t just about blood and guts. It was a raw and shocking experience that redefined horror. The focus wasn’t on gore but on the psychological torment and the complicated moral questions. The plot twist in the end, left audiences reeling, and SAW’s legacy continues to this day, reminding us that sometimes, the scariest things aren’t monsters, they’re the games we’re forced to play.

The original “SAW” film cast includes Tobin Bell, who played the cerebral and sinister mastermind John Kramer, also known as Jigsaw. Alongside Bell, Cary Elwes starred as Dr. Lawrence Gordon, one of Jigsaw’s captives with a harrowing choice. The film also featured Leigh Whannell, who co-wrote the script and played Adam, a photographer trapped in the infamous bathroom setting with Dr. Gordon. Danny Glover portrayed Detective David Tapp, a determined but troubled police officer obsessed with capturing Jigsaw.

IMDb Rating 7.6/10


2. SAW II (2005)

SAW II (2005)

The most awaited movie SAW is back in 2005, and Jigsaw’s upping the horror. This sequel delves deep into his messed-up world, throwing a new group of characters into a terrifying situation. They’re trapped in a house crawling with deadly gas, each room holding a deadly new trap. The story line thickens with the arrival of Detective Eric Matthews, who’s pulled into the game due to his connection to the victims.

SAW II isn’t just about more gore and horror but the puzzles Jigsaw creates are even more twisted, forcing the characters to not only fight for survival but also confront their morals. The line between justice and revenge blurs as the film asks tough questions such as, can people be redeemed? and how far are they willing to pay? SAW II ups the psychological terror, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats as they battle the depths of Jigsaw’s depravity.

The cast includes Donnie Wahlberg joining as Detective Eric Matthews, who finds himself playing one of Jigsaw’s twisted games. Shawnee Smith returned with a more prominent role as Amanda Young, revealing her deeper connection to Jigsaw. Tobin Bell’s role as Jigsaw was also significantly expanded, providing a deeper look into his character’s philosophy and background.

IMDb Rating 6.6/10


3. SAW III (2006)

SAW III (2006)

In 2006, SAW III was released throwing us right back into the world of Jigsaw’s twisted games. As his health crumbles, Jigsaw turns his attention to grooming his new student, the vindictive Amanda Young. The story splits its focus between Jigsaw’s desperate search for a successor and two gruelling tests. A kidnapped doctor is forced to keep Jigsaw alive while another man, racked with grief, confronts those responsible for his son’s death.

This SAW movie is not afraid to get emotional. It explores the themes of vengeance and forgiveness, showing the impact Jigsaw’s games take on his victims. We see characters pushed to their breaking limits, forced to confront their inner demons. The film delves into the psychological makeup of these players, highlighting the drastic transformations they undergo as they’re entangled in Jigsaw’s web of suffering. SAW III isn’t just about physical traps, it’s a brutal exploration of the human capacity for hate and redemption.

In “SAW III,” Tobin Bell and Shawnee Smith reprised their roles as Jigsaw and Amanda Young, respectively, with their complex relationship taking centre stage. Angus Macfadyen was introduced as Jeff, a grieving father navigating Jigsaw’s brutal tests, while Bahar Soomekh played Dr. Lynn Denlon, who is kidnapped and forced to keep Jigsaw alive. Their performances intertwined with the series’ themes of vengeance and salvation.

IMDb Rating 6.2/10


4. SAW IV (2007)

SAW IV (2007)

Jigsaw might be dead, but in 2007 with the release of SAW IV we see that Jigsaws games are far from over. This new sequel deepens into the tangled web of connections between past characters and present events, keeping the suspense high. In the movie we follow Officer Rigg as he’s thrust into a series of deadly tests, his survival dangling on whether he saves his fellow cops, but that’s not all. Flashbacks shed light on Jigsaw’s past, revealing what led him to become the twisted monster he became.

These short glimpses into his mind change our perception of the characters we thought we knew. SAW IV uses cleaver and carefully detailed storytelling to seamlessly blend the past and present, adding layers to the storyline and giving us a deeper understanding of Jigsaw’s dark mind. Prepare to question everything you thought you knew as SAW rewinds time to show us Jigsaw’s origins.

Following the events of “SAW III,” “SAW IV” featured Lyriq Bent as Lieutenant Daniel Rigg, who is put through a series of tests to understand the value of Jigsaw’s philosophy. Costas Mandylor emerged as Detective Mark Hoffman, whose role within the Jigsaw legacy began to unfold. Tobin Bell continued to appear in flashbacks, enriching the backstory of Jigsaw.

IMDb Rating 5.9/10


5. SAW V (2008)

SAW V (2008)

2008 SAW V throws Jigsaw’s followers into a bloody battle for power. The focus shifts to Detective Hoffman, who’s become a surprise player in keeping Jigsaw’s twisted games alive. This sequel features traps that are more symbolic than ever before, targeting the victims’ deepest flaws and professional downfalls. In a way, it’s Jigsaw’s idea of poetic justice.

SAW V dives into the dark side of leadership and control. Jigsaw’s followers fight for dominance, each with their interpretation of his twisted ideology. The film explores the ideological conflicts that erupt as Jigsaw’s legacy fractures. Is Hoffman a true believer, or is he playing his own deadly game? SAW V keeps the suspense alive as the lines between loyalty and betrayal blur, forcing us to question who will inherit Jigsaw’s mantle of horror.

“SAW V” saw the return of Costas Mandylor as Detective Hoffman, who becomes the primary focus as Jigsaw’s apparent successor. Scott Patterson returned as Agent Peter Strahm, whose suspicion towards Hoffman drives much of the plot. Julie Benz featured as Brit, one of the victims navigating the traps set by Jigsaw’s followers.

IMDb Rating 5.8/10


6. SAW VI (2009)

SAW VI (2009)

SAW VI cranks up the social commentary in 2009. This time, the games target a ruthless insurance executive whose decisions determine who lives and dies. Jigsaw’s traps become symbolic critiques of the healthcare system, forcing us to confront the tough questions about who gets to live, and who gets left behind? Is there a moral cost to these decisions, is there not? SAW VI is one of the most thought-provoking entries in the series, using horror to spark conversations about real world issues.

Costas Mandylor continued his role in “SAW VI,” with Peter Outerbridge joining the cast as William Easton, an insurance executive whose policies are tested in Jigsaw’s game. Betsy Russell played Jill Tuck, Jigsaw’s ex-wife, who reveals more about Jigsaw’s past and his posthumous plans.

IMDb Rating 6.0/10


7. SAW 3D


Claimed to be the grand finale, SAW 3D throws everything at the wall in 2010. This 3D extravaganza ties up loose ends for various characters, using new technology to make the traps even more gruesome (and in 3D, even more appalling!). Familiar faces from past films return, forced to play a final game confronting them with their pasts and the lasting impact of Jigsaw’s twisted legacy. Will they finally find closure after years of torment, or is this another twisted test? SAW 3D promises to be the ultimate showdown, but with a franchise like SAW, you never know when the games might start again…

This film featured the return of Sean Patrick Flanery as Bobby Dagen, a survivor of Jigsaw’s games who harbors secrets of his own. Costas Mandylor and Betsy Russell reprised their roles, and the movie attempted to tie up various loose ends from the series.

IMDb Rating 5.5/10


8. JIGSAW (2017)

JIGSAW (2017)

Thought Jigsaw was gone for good? Think again! In 2017, SAW attempts a reboot with a new movie simply titled “Jigsaw.” This sequel brings back fresh characters and throws them into a nightmarish scenario that hints Jigsaw’s twisted legacy might be far from over. The film tries to recapture the magic of the originals while keeping some classic elements alive, think gruesome traps and the ever-present puzzle of Jigsaw’s true identity. Will a new generation be forced to play his deadly games? “Jigsaw” explores the enduring impact of Jigsaw’s ideology, reminding us that sometimes, even death can’t stop a good horror franchise.

“Jigsaw” introduced a new cast with Matt Passmore as Logan Nelson, a coroner hiding a deep connection to the Jigsaw cases. Callum Keith Rennie played Detective Halloran, and Hannah Emily Anderson appeared as Eleanor Bonneville, a character with a fascination for Jigsaw’s history

IMDb Rating 5.7/10


9. SPIRAL: From the Book of Saw (2021)

SPIRAL: From the Book of Saw (2021)

The SAW saga keeps on going! In 2021, “Spiral: From the Book of Saw” throws a huge twist with a detective story set in the SAW universe. Chris Rock steps up as Detective Zeke Banks, close to catching the copycat killer inspired by Jigsaw. This shift on the formula ditches the focus on the original games and dives headfirst into police corruption. While the core themes and signature SAW style remain, “Spiral” injects fresh energy with a new protagonist and a focus on the dark side of law enforcement. Is this Jigsaw 2.0, or something even more sinister? Prepare for a thrilling whodunit with plenty of grizzly traps and the signature SAW suspense.

“Spiral” brought a fresh perspective with Chris Rock playing Detective Ezekiel “Zeke” Banks, who uncovers a new series of murders that echo the horrors of Jigsaw’s legacy. Samuel L. Jackson was cast as Marcus Banks, Zeke’s father and a respected police veteran, adding depth and a new dynamic to the storyline

IMDb Rating 5.2/10


10. SAW X (2023)

SAW X (2023)

Prepare yourself to be engulfed in yet another horrifying game! SAW has returned with a brand-new instalment, cleverly called “SAW X.” This follow-up ensures a nostalgic revival while adding new elements to maintain excitement. Even though the original Jigsaw is deceased, his horrifying legacy continues to exist. “SAW X” delves into the lasting influence of his distorted ideology, illustrating how it still molds the experiences of those in his vicinity. The storyline revolves around a set of carefully constructed traps aimed at a well-known individual in the community.

Flashbacks uncover a sinister link between the character and Jigsaw, creating a fresh storyline that ties into the extensive lore of the SAW franchise. The protagonist in “SAW X” is placed in a terrifying predicament. They have to not just solve these recent games, but also confront heartbreaking moral dilemmas mirroring the harsh decisions imposed on previous victims. The traps remain just as horrifying as before, but they are also created to test the characters’ moral limits to the extreme. Survival in “SAW X” requires characters to face their beliefs against Jigsaw’s twisted sense of justice, which comes with a price.

The movie explores more than just violence and gore. “SAW X” delves into the society’s intrigue with Jigsaw, diving into the reasons behind some individuals being attracted to his twisted beliefs. Is he a monstrous being, or a distorted figure to be admired? Whether you have years of experience with SAW or are just starting out, “SAW X” offers something for all players. Longtime supporters will find references to previous movies and complex surprises.

The latest film, “SAW X,” continues with a mix of new and familiar faces, although specific casting details might add further context to the ongoing legacy of Jigsaw’s twisted games, maintaining the series’ tradition of suspense and psychological intrigue.

IMDb Rating 6.6/10


Final Words

The SAW movies in order is a staple in the world of horror, scaring audiences with its mind twisting stories and its exploration of asking tough moral questions. From the original film in 2004 to the latest film, SAW X  (2023), the series has kept its main element of survival, justice, and what makes us human alive in every film.  Each movie builds on the last, adding layers to Jigsaw’s twisted legacy and introducing new characters and nightmarish games.

SAW isn’t just about gore and jump scares.  It  gets under your skin by making you think.  These films tackle real issues in society, forcing us to consider the value of life and the choices we make.  The way SAW blends psychological horror with physical terror is groundbreaking, influencing countless horror films since.

The SAW universe is far from over.  With its never ending popularity, we can expect more terrifying dives into Jigsaw’s world.  Whether it’s new films or something totally different, SAW’s legacy is sure to keep shocking and intriguing new generations of horror fans.  This franchise isn’t going anywhere, solidifying its place as a pillar of horror cinema.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are there 10 Saw movies?

Yes, there are 10 films in the franchise.

Which Saw movie is scariest?

SAW IV (2007).

Is Saw based on a true story?

No, its a fictional horror movie.

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