Raycon Fitness Headphones Review

Raycon Fitness Headphones Review: Worth the Hype?

When it’s time to upgrade your audio experience for your workouts or daily routine, you might want to consider the Raycon Fitness Headphones. Having used these, I can tell you that they strike an impressive balance between comfort and sound quality, which is not always easy to find in the market.

The active noise cancellation really does help you zone into your music, and for those moments when you need to be more present, the awareness mode is particularly useful. You don’t even need to reach out for your device; voice commands make it all hands-free – quite handy when you’re mid-exercise or when your hands are simply tied up with other tasks.

The ability to connect seamlessly to two devices is a feature you’ll appreciate when you’re switching from a video call on your laptop to your smartphone’s music playlist. And, if you’ve ever been frustrated with the battery dying on you, these headphones are a game changer – 45 hours of battery life means fewer interruptions.

Overview of Raycon Fitness Headphones

Overview of Raycon Fitness Headphones

When you slip on these headphones, their secure over-ear fit and lightweight comfort could easily make you forget they’re even there. The included quick-swap, breathable ear cushions enhance the experience, allowing for straightforward cleaning and maintenance. Walking into a room with Active Noise Cancellation, you’ll notice your surroundings fade away, helping you focus on your workout, work, or relaxation. However, should you need to tune back into your environment, the Awareness mode is a handy feature, ensuring that you remain connected to the world around you.

You don’t need to reach for your device to control your tunes or calls—the voice command functionality responds well to prompt song changes or phone calls. A distinctive feature is the ability to maintain connections with two devices simultaneously, proving to be a true multitasker’s ally. Nonetheless, there’s room for improvement in the initial pairing process, which some users have found less intuitive.

Although the sound clarity and frequency response garner praise, there are occasional mentions of minor drawbacks in the balance of sound, which might not satisfy the most discerning ears. Nevertheless, with IPX4 water resistance and a robust 45-hour battery life, these headphones stand as a reliable ally for fitness enthusiasts undeterred by a little sweat or the occasional drizzle.

Active Noise Cancellation

When you’re seeking peace in a noisy environment, the Raycon Fitness Headphones deliver. It’s remarkable how effortlessly they whisk you away into your own auditory space. Their active noise cancellation is adept at muting ambient noise, leaving you to enjoy your tunes without interference. Imagine the hum of an airplane cabin or the bustle of a gym fading into silence; that’s the level of isolation you can expect.

However, no technology is without its quirks. Occasionally, you might find the noise cancellation struggling with inconsistent or high-pitched sounds. And while the feature performs well in most scenarios, don’t expect absolute silence—it’s not a sensory deprivation chamber after all. Overall, the balance struck between noise cancellation efficiency and audio quality makes these headphones a solid choice for both music lovers and casual listeners who crave that undisturbed audio experience.

Awareness Mode

When you’re using these wireless over-ear headphones, there’s a feature that stands out: Awareness Mode. It’s perfect for those moments when you need to be tuned into your surroundings. Imagine you’re jogging and want to be aware of traffic, or waiting for a flight call at the airport; just switch to this mode. Unlike some headphones that can leave you isolated from your environment, these keep you connected without sacrificing your listening experience.

What you may notice is that the balance between your music and ambient sounds feels just right – you don’t get overwhelmed by outside noise, yet you won’t miss important cues. While this functionality is a smart addition, it’s worth noting that in very noisy environments, it might not entirely filter out all distractions. However, for the most part, you’ll appreciate being able to immerse in your tunes while still staying alert and safe.

Voice Command

Active Noise Cancellation

Experiencing the convenience of voice commands with these Raycon Fitness Headphones is quite liberating. You’ll find yourself easily interacting with Siri or Google Assistant, managing tasks like changing tracks, making calls, or even bringing up your favorite playlist without the once-inevitable fumble for your phone.

It’s important to note, however, that this feature is limited to these two voice assistants, which means compatibility with others is not guaranteed. Despite this, the hands-free control these headphones offer keeps you moving uninterrupted, whether you’re mid-workout or caught in the daily commute.

The responsiveness is impressive, fostering a sense of efficiency as you seamlessly command your device. The feature is a real game-changer when you’re in the flow and want to keep your phone tucked away. Just remember, while the voice command feature enhances convenience, it is only as effective as the smartphone’s voice recognition capabilities.

Multipoint Connection

Experiencing the seamless transition between your laptop and smartphone with the Raycon Fitness Headphones is truly convenient. Toggling between devices mid-activity, whether it’s a work call or catching up on your favorite podcast during a workout, often requires unnecessary pausing and manual switching. These headphones eliminate that hassle with their multipoint connectivity feature.

You can be fully absorbed in a video conference and not miss any important messages that come through your phone. When a call does come through, the switch is so smooth that you barely notice. However, while the feature promises a streamlined experience, there can be instances of slight delays or hiccups when juggling audio from two sources simultaneously. Despite this, the general performance offers the practical utility of not having to disconnect one device to connect to another, saving you precious moments during a busy day.

Built-In Microphone

Built-In Microphone

When you’re in the middle of a workout or rushing through a busy day, it’s essential to have a reliable way to take calls without breaking stride. The built-in microphone in these headphones is a handy feature that makes staying connected effortless. Your voice comes through clearly to the person on the other end, thanks to the decent noise suppression provided by the microphone. It’s not without its flaws – in particularly noisy environments, it may struggle to entirely isolate your voice from the background. However, under normal circumstances, it performs well for routine calls.

Remember, this microphone isn’t studio-quality – it’s designed for convenience rather than professional audio recording. For everyday use, whether it’s a quick check-in with a colleague or a chat with a friend as you cool down after a gym session, it’s more than sufficient. The intuitive placement also means you’re not fumbling around to speak into it, aligning well with the overall user-friendly design of these Raycon headphones.

Pros and Cons

Having just put these Raycon Fitness Headphones to the test, there are some clear benefits and drawbacks worth noting.


  • Extended Battery Life: With up to 45 hours of battery life, you can enjoy multiple workouts or long study sessions without worrying about recharging.
  • Comfort: Featuring quick-dry, breathable cushions, they’re so comfortable that you’ll barely notice them on your ears. Additionally, you get three pairs of cushions to swap out and ensure a clean pair is always ready.
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): The ANC technology in these headphones does an incredible job of blocking out background noise, allowing for an immersive sound experience.
  • Awareness Mode: This is particularly useful when you need to be conscious of your surroundings, like during outdoor activities or commuting.
  • Hands-Free Control: Voice command capability means you can control music and calls without ever needing to handle your phone directly, which is convenient on the go.
  • Dual Device Connectivity: The multipoint connection feature lets you simultaneously link to two devices, like your laptop and phone, eliminating the hassle of reconnecting devices frequently.
  • Clear Conversations: A built-in microphone with five mics ensures that your voice is heard clearly when you take calls.


  • Fit and Stability: While the cushions are comfortable, some may find the headphones don’t stay secure during high-intensity activities.
  • Initial Pairing Process: A few users reported that the initial pairing with devices can be cumbersome and not as intuitive as it could be.
  • Pressure on Glasses: Although better than some competitors, a few glasses-wearers may still experience slight discomfort after extended use.
  • Water Resistance: With an IPX4 rating, they’re protected against splashes but aren’t suitable for swimming or exposure to heavy rain, which could limit their use in certain outdoor activities.

In summary, the Raycon Fitness Headphones offer an impressive selection of features that could be a game-changer for your daily routines, despite some minor potential issues that could affect user experience.

Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

After spending some time with these wireless over-ear headphones from Raycon, it’s been quite a revelation to experience their mixture of comfort and quality. You’re likely to find that the trio of ear cushions provides a great fit, adjusting nicely to your preference and activity. Moreover, you might be pleased by how they sit comfortably even when wearing glasses, a common annoyance with many over-ear options.

The battery life is impressive, frequently lasting as long as advertised, which means you can enjoy your playlists for extended periods without worrying about a recharge. Sound quality receives praise for clarity, with users experiencing good balance across different frequencies. However, some users note that you may encounter minor challenges with the initial pairing process, which can be a slight hiccup in an otherwise smooth experience.

Durability seems promising, especially given the headphones’ performance in cold environments and during workouts, a testament to their IPX4 water resistance. An aspect that stands out is the active noise cancellation, which competes with higher-priced headphones. While the brand isn’t as well-known as some tech giants, users have reported that these headphones hold their own, providing quality sound and features at their price point. Some even preferred these to former high-end pairs they’ve owned.

Still, nothing’s perfect. You might find the awareness mode less effective than desired or identify a few faults here and there. It’s important to weigh these potential downsides against the overall positive feedback and the headphones’ strong points when making your decision.

Design and Comfort

The enduring comfort of these headphones might just make you forget you’re even wearing them. As you put them on, the over-ear design feels secure yet surprisingly light, a testament to the thoughtful engineering behind the product. The breathable, quick-dry cushions enhance the overall experience, suitable for long listening sessions, whether you’re focused on your work or deep into your workout routine.

The inclusion of three interchangeable ear cushions is practical, aiding in maintaining hygiene and allowing for a customizable fit. This feature also is a hassle-saver for those who tend to wear down their padding faster through vigorous daily use. Active noise cancellation is a highlight, effectively enveloping you in your sound world when needed, while the awareness mode seamlessly keeps you connected to your surroundings – a sharp plus for those who value safety outdoors.

However, it’s not without its caveats. With a slightly bulkier profile than some competitors, those with a preference for minimalism may find them a bit conspicuous. Additionally, while the white color is sleek, it might not be everyone’s pick, and the fitness-oriented design suggests the absence of color variability may be a slight oversight. Nonetheless, for the blend of immersion and practicality they offer, this balance is well-executed.

Battery Life and Charging

Battery Life and Charging

When you’re on the move, the last thing you want is to be tethered to a power outlet. The good news is these wireless headphones are built to keep up with your active lifestyle. You can expect them to last through even the longest playlists or workout sessions, thanks to their impressive 45-hour battery life.

Charging them is a breeze as well. The included charging cable means you won’t be out of commission for long. There’s no need to worry about running out of juice in the middle of the day. However, keep in mind that prolonged battery life also means a longer initial charge time, so planning ahead is key.

Remember, like all gadgets, battery life can vary with usage patterns. If you’re making the most of the active noise cancellation feature or using them at high volumes, you’ll see a bit of a trade-off in battery duration. Overall, for those lengthy commutes or back-to-back meetings, these headphones are a reliable companion. Just plug them in to charge while you sleep, and they’ll be ready to go when you are.

Product Specifications

  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Awareness mode
  • Voice Command
  • Multipoint Connection
  • Built-In Microphone


Having spent some time with the Raycon Fitness Headphones, it’s clear that they stand out in their category. The comfort is top-notch, thanks to the three different ear cushions provided, ensuring a snug fit that doesn’t pressure your glasses – an often overlooked feature. Battery life is exceptional, with an impressive 45 hours on a single charge, meaning you’re unlikely to be caught without music during your workout sessions. The sound quality is robust for the price range, with crisp, clear audio that enhances your listening experience.

While the headphones excel in many areas, it’s worth noting that some users have mentioned minor setbacks. Initial pairing can be less than seamless, and if you’re accustomed to a different brand, there may be a short adjustment period. However, the positives far outweigh these slight inconveniences. The inclusion of IPX4 water resistance adds a layer of durability that’s appreciated during sweaty workouts or runs in less-than-ideal weather conditions.

In essence, if you’re in the market for a reliable pair of fitness-oriented headphones that deliver on both sound and comfort without breaking the bank, your search might end here with these Raycon headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do the Raycon Fitness Headphones perform for high-intensity workouts?

If you enjoy pushing your limits at the gym, the comfort and stability of these headphones might impress you. They’re designed with quick-dry, breathable cushions, allowing for intense sessions without discomfort. The secure fit ensures they stay in place regardless of the activity, which means you’re free to focus on your workout without constant readjustment.

What are the battery life and charging capabilities of the Raycon Fitness Headphones?

Offering a generous 45 hours of battery life, these headphones can keep up with even the most demanding fitness routines before requiring a recharge. This duration is ideal for regular gym-goers and reduces the hassle of frequent charging. When the time comes to power them up, rest assured the process is efficient, so your headphones are ready for your next exercise session swiftly.

Do the Raycon Fitness Headphones feature effective noise cancellation for gym environments?

Yes, the Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) is a notable feature here. It helps in drowning out the background noise of a bustling gym, allowing you to concentrate on your workout with fewer distractions. However, when you need to remain aware of your surroundings, switching to the awareness mode makes that transition seamless.

Can the Raycon Fitness Headphones withstand sweat and moisture during rigorous exercise?

Built to handle the heat of a good workout, the headphones boast an IPX4 water resistance rating. This means they can resist sweat and splashes, so you can exercise confidently, knowing that a little perspiration won’t damage them. Even so, it’s always a good idea to handle your electronics with care and dry them properly after a sweaty session.

How do the audio quality and bass response of the Raycon Fitness Headphones compare to other models?

These headphones deliver sound quality that you may find more than satisfactory for their price range. The audio is clear and crisp, with a bass response that’s punchy enough to keep your adrenaline flowing during your workouts. They may not outperform professional-grade audio equipment, but users generally find the sound to be robust and enriching for everyday listening.

What are the main differences in design and functionality between the Raycon Fitness Headphones and the Raycon Everyday Headphones?

Considering design, the Fitness variant focuses on stability and comfort during movement, hence the breathable, quick-dry ear cushions. Functionality-wise, both may offer similar features such as voice command and multipoint connection, but the Fitness headphones emphasize durability and performance during physical activity with their secure fit and water resistance, while the Everyday variant might lean more towards casual listening with a slightly different design focus.

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