Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones

10 Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones of 2024

In today’s digital age, where the buzz of daily life is as constant as ever, the ability to immerse oneself in music or silence has become increasingly valuable. Best Noise-cancelling headphones have risen to prominence as the go-to tool for creating a personal oasis of calm in the midst of chaos. These devices use active noise control to reduce unwanted ambient sounds, allowing you to focus on your audio content without outside interference. Whether you’re commuting, working in a bustling office, or trying to unwind at home, these headphones can significantly improve your auditory experience.

As technology has advanced, so have noise-cancelling capabilities, making headphones more effective and comfortable than ever before. Consumers now have a variety of choices, from over-ear to in-ear options, each with its unique set of features. Manufacturers have refined the balance between sound quality, noise cancellation strength, battery life, and comfort to fit diverse user preferences.

When contemplating which best noise-cancelling headphones to purchase in 2024, it is crucial to consider the specific use cases they will serve. Pay attention to the battery life—an essential factor for long commutes or travel. Additionally, evaluate the quality of both noise cancellation and audio playback, as not all headphones perform equally in these areas. Comfort is another key consideration, as the fit of the ear cups or buds directly impacts your ability to wear them for extended periods. Look into user-friendly features as well, such as intuitive controls, Bluetooth connectivity, and integration with smart devices.

Choosing the best noise-cancelling headphones is an investment in your daily comfort and auditory health. It’s about finding the right balance of features to suit your lifestyle and preferences. In the next section, we’ll dive into our top picks for the best noise-cancelling headphones of the year, helping you navigate the multitude of options available.

Lekaby Q26 Earbuds
Lekaby Q26 Earbuds
Best Headphone for Budget
  • Long Battery (128Hrs playtime)
  • Ergonomic Design and Lightweight
  • Immersive Stereo Sound and Clear Calls
  • One-Step Pairing and IPX7 Water Resistance
  • Smart Touch Control
Rolosar Q76H Earbuds
Rolosar Q76H Earbuds
Best Headphone for Sound Quality
  • Bluetooth 5.3 and Auto Connection
  • Hi-Fi Sound Quality and Crystal-clear Call
  • Design for Sports and IP7 Waterproof and Sweatproof
  • 10Hrs Single Playtime
  • Smart Touch
Raycon Fitness Headphones
Raycon Fitness Headphones
Best Headphone for Comfort
  • Wireless Over-The-Ear Headphones
  • Active Noise Cancellation and Awareness mode
  • Voice Command
  • Multipoint Connection
  • Built-In Microphone

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones of 2024

Immerse yourself in the sonic clarity and quietude offered by the best noise-cancelling headphones of 2024. Whether you’re traveling, working in a bustling environment, or just enjoying your favorite tracks, the headphones in this selection are engineered to deliver unrivaled audio experience and comfort. Essential features such as battery life, comfort, sound quality, and the effectiveness of the noise-cancellation technology have been carefully considered to ensure you find the perfect pair for your lifestyle.

1. Lekaby Q26 Earbuds

Product Specifications

Lekaby Q26 Earbuds
  • Long Battery (128Hrs playtime)
  • Ergonomic Design and Lightweight
  • Immersive Stereo Sound and Clear Calls
  • One-Step Pairing and IPX7 Water Resistance
  • Smart Touch Control

If you’re seeking a balance of lasting comfort and superior sound quality, the Lekaby Q26 might be precisely what you need.

Upon first placing the Lekaby Q26 earbuds in my ears, their lightness was immediately evident. The snug, almost imperceptible fit provided comfort throughout my day without my ears feeling fatigued. For those who are always on the go or enjoy a good workout, their secure fit ensures they stay in place, whether you’re running or completing an intense HIIT session.

The sound quality truly stands out – clear trebles and full-bodied bass create an immersive experience, almost as if you’re front row at a concert. Taking calls is seamless, too; voices come through crisply, making conversations a breeze even in bustling surroundings.

For those who dread the low battery signal, these earbuds boast a remarkable stamina. The LED indicators on the charging case are a handy touch, providing clear visibility of both the case’s and the individual earbuds‘ battery levels. Plus, being able to charge your phone in a pinch with the case is a bonus I didn’t know I needed until I had it.

In terms of control, the touch-sensitive surface responds well to commands, keeping fumbling with your phone to a minimum. This feature enriches the wireless experience, allowing you to adjust volume or skip tracks effortlessly.

Finally, the IPX7 rating is reassuring, as you need not worry about sweat or rain interfering with your listening pleasure. However, it’s worth noting that while these earbuds are water-resistant, they are not designed for swimming or activities that involve submerging them in water.



  • Exceptionally long battery life with power case doubling as a portable charger
  • Comfortable and lightweight design for extended wear and exercise
  • High-fidelity audio coupled with clear call capability


  • The ergonomic design might not fit all ear types
  • Limited to the functionality of Bluetooth 5.3
  • The water resistance is great for workouts but isn’t submersion-proof

2. True Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

Product Specifications

True Wireless Over-Ear Headphones
  • High Fidelity Stereo Headphones
  • Bluetooth 5.3 Technology
  • Comfortable Design
  • One-Step Connection
  • Worry-Free Shopping Service

If you’re seeking a seamless auditory escape paired with cutting-edge technology, these headphones should be at the top of your list.

In my recent experience with the True Wireless Headphones, the first thing I noticed was the tranquility they offered once I put them on—outside noise became a distant murmur, letting me dive into my music with zero interruptions. The Bluetooth 5.3 technology really shines, keeping a solid, unbreakable connection to my device that’s truly liberating, especially while on the move.

The comfort level is remarkable; long hours of use felt effortless thanks to the plush memory foam padding. Whether it was while working at my desk or while taking a relaxing walk outside, I almost forgot they were there.

Lastly, I appreciated the straightforward pairing process. After the initial setup, reconnecting was automatic, making it convenient for someone who’s always on the go. It’s worth noting that the design stands out, and users seeking a more understated look might consider this before purchasing. Overall, the headphones provide a dependable and immersive sound experience for all types of audiophiles.



  • Top-notch noise-cancelling performance
  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.3 for a stable connection
  • Exceptionally comfortable for prolonged use


  • Lacks brand recognition
  • May not suit those who prefer a more subtle design
  • Customer service efficiency not yet widely reviewed

3. Rolosar Q76H Earbuds

Product Specifications

Rolosar Q76H Earbuds
  • Bluetooth 5.3 and Auto Connection
  • Hi-Fi Sound Quality and Crystal-clear Call
  • Design for Sports and IP7 Waterproof and Sweatproof
  • 10Hrs Single Playtime and Dual LED Display
  • Smart Touch

Your workouts and daily commutes will change for the better with the crystal-clear sound and comfort of the Rolosar Q76H Earbuds.

When you slip these earbuds in, the first thing you’ll notice is the snug fit. The ear hooks conform to your ear’s shape, ensuring they stay put whether you’re sprinting or head-bobbing to your favorite beats. The sound quality is impressive with deep bass and clear mids — it’s almost like the artist is performing live in your head.

Battery life won’t be an issue. Even after a week of gym sessions, a quick pop into the case has them back to full strength swiftly. The dual LED display for battery monitoring is a clever touch, showing exactly when it’s time to charge up.

Lastly, taking calls is a breeze. Your voice will come through clearly without the cacophony of surrounding noise. Remember to master the touch controls, though. A few unintended skips might happen before you’re fully accustomed. These earbuds are a solid choice for both the fitness enthusiasts and the everyday commuter seeking a reliable audio companion.



  • Excellent sound clarity and deep bass
  • Secure fit with earhooks, ideal for sports
  • Long battery life with quick charging


  • Basic design might not appeal to everyone
  • Limited reviews available for broad assessment
  • Control sensitivity requires getting used to

4. Raycon Fitness Headphones

Product Specifications

Raycon Fitness Headphones
  • Wireless Over-The-Ear Headphones
  • Active Noise Cancellation and Awareness mode
  • Voice Command
  • Multipoint Connection
  • Built-In Microphone

If you’re on the hunt for headphones that keep up with your active lifestyle and deliver quality sound, these Raycons are worth considering.

The comfort you’ll feel with Raycon Fitness Headphones is noteworthy. Whether you’re sweating it out at the gym or settling in for a long commute, these headphones hug your ears with breathable cushions that feel like they’re barely there. The trio of interchangeable ear cushions is a practical feature, allowing you to freshen them up as needed.

Tuning out the world comes easy with the active noise cancellation feature, making it simple to sink into the music or concentrate on work. Should the situation call for it, switching to awareness mode lets you reconnect with your surroundings promptly, all without removing the headphones.

Juggling devices is a breeze with the helpful multipoint connection that keeps you linked to both your smartphone and laptop. This feature saves you the aggravation of constant manual switching. Voice commands inject an extra layer of convenience, letting you make calls and manage your playlist without ever needing to reach for your phone.



  • Impressive noise-cancellation allows for immersive audio experiences.
  • Stay connected to multiple devices seamlessly with the multipoint connection.
  • Enjoy the convenience of voice commands for hands-free control.


  • Some users may prefer a more compact design than over-ear headphones provide.
  • Limited to Siri and Google Assistant for voice commands, which could be a drawback for some users.
  • At 0.57 kilograms, they may be slightly heavier than other similar options on the market.

5. Edifier WH950NB

Product Specifications

Edifier WH950NB
  • Hi-Res Audio Wireless:
  • Active Noise Cancellation with Ambient Sound
  • Crystal-Clear Call
  • 40MM Dynamic Driver
  • 55 Hours Playtime with Fast Charging

If immersive audio paired with silence is your haven, these Edifier headphones could be your next perfect travel companion.

Upon unboxing the Edifier WH950NB, the sleek design and lightweight frame were immediate standouts. Comfort during long listening sessions wasn’t an issue, thanks to the plush over-ear cushions. The headphones paired smoothly with my device through Bluetooth 5.3, showcasing their user-friendly interface.

The sound quality deserves recognition; it’s where these headphones shine. I was immersed in rich, detailed audio, from the depths of a bassline to the crispness of high notes. Coupled with the LDAC certification, my music felt closer to a live performance than ever before.

Noise cancellation is another highlight. The ambient sound feature allowed me to stay aware of my surroundings when needed. However, on blustery days, I noticed some wind interference, which is a minor drawback considering the overall efficacy of the noise-canceling technology.

Battery performance was impressive, lasting through my entire week of commutes on a single charge, albeit with a slight drop-off when traveling with active noise cancellation on. When the battery did eventually run low, the fast charging capability was a lifesaver, providing hours of playback after just minutes at the power outlet.

In conclusion, the Edifier WH950NB headphones deliver on key aspects of what makes a great listening experience: exceptional audio, versatile noise cancellation, and reliable battery life. Whether for daily use or travel, these could quickly become your go-to for both music enjoyment and undisturbed calling.



  • High-resolution audio with LDAC certification enhances listening experience
  • Flexible noise cancellation modes fit for different environments
  • Exceptional call clarity due to the built-in quad-microphone system


  • Battery life diminishes significantly with ANC enabled
  • Aesthetic design may not appeal to everyone
  • Occasional wind noise intrusion in noise cancellation mode

6. Sony WH-CH720N

Product Specifications

Sony WH-CH720N
  • Sony’s lightest Wireless Noise-canceling headband ever
  • Take noise canceling to the next level
  • Super comfortable and lightweight design
  • Adjustable Ambient Sound mode
  • Up to 35-hour battery life with quick charging

Your quest for serene audio experiences on-the-go meets its match with the Sony WH-CH720N best noise-cancelling headphones.

Wearing these headphones feels like stepping into a personal sound oasis. Their ability to hush ambient babble allows for profound music immersion, whether you’re navigating crowded city streets or unwinding at home. I found this especially true in normally distracting environments where the Dual Noise Sensor technology proved its merit.

Sony’s attention to comfort is evident in the WH-CH720N’s design. The headphones are so light, they rest on your head like a gentle breeze. Even after hours of listening, I barely noticed them, thanks to their ergonomic construction. This comfort comes at a small price, however, as their lightweight nature might trick you into thinking they’re delicate.

Battery life is nothing short of impressive. Charging is brisk and efficient—a mere few minutes tethered to a power source and you’re rewarded with an hour of playback. This is particularly useful for those last-minute dashes out the door. Although rare, there can be times when the noise canceling lets in a bit of the external world, but these instances are forgiveably infrequent.

The overall sound quality is what you’d expect from a brand like Sony: crisp, balanced, and enjoyable. These headphones don’t just silence the world around you; they breathe new life into your audio content. The occasional snugness around the ears might remind you they’re there but it’s a small price to pay for the blend of tranquility and audio quality they provide.



  • Effective noise cancellation through Sony’s advanced technology
  • Extended battery life with quick charging option
  • Extremely light and comfortable for long listening sessions


  • Feels somewhat less premium due to the lightweight design
  • Occasional discomfort over long periods of wear
  • Noise canceling performance may vary depending on surroundings

7. Raycon Everyday Headphones

Product Specifications

Raycon Everyday Headphones
  • All Day Comfort
  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC)
  • Hi-Res Audio
  • 38 hours of battery life 
  • 3.5mm audio AUX

Your search for a blend of style, comfort, and performance in best noise-cancelling headphones might just end with the Rose Gold Raycon Everyday Headphones.

Slipping on the Raycon Everyday Headphones, I immediately appreciated their lightweight design—the adjustable headband and soft rotating earpads felt like they were tailored for my head, allowing for hours of comfortable listening. Whether I was settling into a podcast during a long commute or listening to my favorite album while jogging, these headphones adjusted to my lifestyle without any hiccups.

The active noise cancellation feature has been a game-changer; whether it’s the bustling noise of the city or the chatter at a busy café, flipping on the ANC allowed me to immerse into my music cocoon without intrusion. This feature is particularly impressive, utilizing audio-neutralizing algorithms that didn’t distort my music quality—admirable engineering indeed.

Battery life never became a concern with these headphones. Their 38-hour capacity claimed by the manufacturer held up astonishingly well, providing several days of usage before needing a recharge. Notably, the quick charging feature—2 hours of playback from just a 15-minute charge—proved its worth on days when I forgot to charge them overnight.

In conclusion, the Raycon Everyday Headphones have proven to be a reliable companion for my daily demands. They balance critical features of comfort, sound quality, and noise cancellation with a stylish design and a battery that stands the test of time. While they may not satisfy the bass enthusiasts or those with larger heads, they remain a strong contender for anyone seeking a mid-range best noise-cancelling headphones in 2024.



  • Exceptional comfort for prolonged use
  • Effective noise-cancelling capabilities
  • Impressive battery life lasting multiple days


  • Larger head sizes might find the fit too snug
  • Some users may prefer more bass-heavy sound profiles
  • Potential for compatibility issues with certain devices

8. Sony WH-1000XM5

Product Specifications

Sony WH-1000XM5
  • The best noise cancellation
  • Magnificent Sound
  • Crystal clear hands
  • Up to 30-hour battery life
  • Ultra-comfortable

If you crave an auditory sanctuary coupled with exceptional sound clarity, Sony’s WH-1000XM5 has you covered.

Slipping on the Sony WH-1000XM5, the world’s clamor fades away, leaving you in a serene cocoon of your chosen soundscape. The plush earcups fit snugly, with no hint of pressure despite hours of wear. Every tune is a discovery, the meticulous engineering revealing layers and textures in music previously unnoticed.

Transitioning from work to relaxation, the headphones quickly switch from laptop to phone, the multipoint connection proving seamless. The touch controls are precise, though occasional miscues happen when adjusting the fit. Regardless, conversation flows effortlessly, the call quality crystal clear minus background distractions.

A brief charging interlude gives you hours of playback—a boon for those on the move. Even in bustling environments, the noise canceling adeptly adjusts, enveloping you in uninterrupted melody or silence if you choose. The Sony WH-1000XM5 embodies a harmonious blend of technology and user-centric design, justifying its spot among the elite in best noise-cancelling headphones.



  • Unmatched noise cancellation prowess
  • Pristine audio quality elevating your listening experience
  • Featherlight design ensures all-day comfort


  • Premium price tag may not fit all budgets
  • May lack the deep bass some audiophiles search for
  • The touch controls can be too sensitive, occasionally leading to unintended commands

9. Drsaec J52 Earbuds

Product Specifications

Drsaec J52 Earbuds
  • 2024 Leading Bluetooth 5.3 and Auto Pairing
  • Stereo Deep Bass and Clear Call
  • Real-Time Dual LED Displays and 42H Playback
  • Ultralight and Comfort Fit
  • Touch Control, Stereo and Mono Mode

Your next sound adventure awaits with the Drsaec J52 Earbuds, offering a rich audio experience that complements your active lifestyle.

The moment these Drsaec J52 Earbuds are extracted from their case, they couple instantly with each other, streamlining the setup process. Your device will join the audio party just as effortlessly by selecting ‘J52’ from the Bluetooth menu, saving you from intricate operations.

While on a run today, the earbuds stayed snugly in place, proving their worth as a reliable companion for avid exercisers. Their IP7 rating is a testament to durability, safeguarding against perspiration and the elements. The auditory experience they provide is nothing short of vivid, transforming an ordinary jog into an immersion in sonic bliss.

Touching the sensors of the earbuds has become second nature, enabling me to seamlessly control volume and track navigation. The dual LED displays punctuate their modernity, keeping me informed of the charging status at a glance. Even after hours of use, I was pleased to find the earbuds still energetically serenading my ears, all thanks to the impressive 42-hour playback potential.

Having made use of their call feature amidst bustling streets, I can vouch for the clarity the ENC noise cancelling microphones deliver; voices came through without competing against the surround noise. Concluding the day, the earbuds were cozily tucked back into their diminutive charging case, ready for the subsequent auditory journey.



  • Long-lasting battery life that reliably fuels lengthy sessions
  • Enhanced audio quality with deep bass and crisp treble performance
  • Ergonomically designed for comfort during extended wear


  • Limited color options may not appeal to everyone
  • Some users might find touch controls too sensitive
  • The earbuds’ fit may not suit every ear shape

10. Sajawass Sport Earbuds

Product Specifications

Sajawass Sport Earbuds
  • 2024 Bluetooth 5.3 Technology and Auto Pairing
  • LED Power Display and 75H Playback
  • Impeccable Sound & Loud Call
  • One Button Control & Auto On/Connect
  • Ergonomic Design for Sports

The Sajawass Sport Earbuds are a solid choice for active users seeking dependable noise cancellation and extended playtime.

After trying out the Sajawass Sport Earbuds during my morning runs, I noticed how effortless it was to connect to my device thanks to the advanced Bluetooth technology. I was freed from the usual fiddling around with settings and was able to dive straight into my playlist.

I appreciated the digital LED display that clearly showed both the earbuds and the case’s charging levels. It was reassuring to see that after several hours of use, I still had plenty of charge left, which tells me that the 75-hour playback claim holds up.

I’m particular about how earbuds fit, especially when moving around. These earbuds proved to be a game-changer. They stayed in place without causing discomfort, which has been an issue for me with other earbuds in the past. Plus, taking calls was a breeze with the built-in microphone delivering my voice crisply and clearly, even on a windy day.



  • Stable Bluetooth connectivity and hassle-free auto-pairing
  • Long-lasting battery life with a convenient LED power display
  • Comfortable, secure fit for sports with excellent audio quality during calls


  • Limited to three sizes of eartips which may not fit all users
  • Some may find over-ear hooks not as discrete for casual use
  • IPX7 rating is great, but not the highest waterproof standard available

Buying Guide

Understanding Specifications

When selecting best noise-cancelling headphones, you should consider the following features:

  • Active Noise Cancellation (ANC): Measures effectiveness in reducing ambient noise.
  • Battery Life: Duration headphones can be used before needing a recharge.
  • Comfort: Considers factors like ear padding and headband pressure.
  • Sound Quality: Frequency response and clarity of audio playback.
  • Build Quality: Durability of materials and construction.
  • Additional Features: Such as wireless connectivity, microphone quality, and touch controls.

Here’s a quick reference table for key specifications:


  • ANC Level
  • Battery Life
  • Comfort
  • Sound Quality
  • Build Quality
  • Additional Features

Ideal Criteria

  • High reduction in ambient sound
  • 20+ hours
  • Lightweight, soft padding
  • Balanced, clear across all frequencies
  • Robust, premium materials
  • Intuitive controls, low latency

Assessing Needs

Evaluate your primary use:

  • Travel: Prioritize strong ANC, comfort, and good battery life.
  • Work: Look for clear microphone for calls and comfortable fit for long wear.
  • Leisure: Sound quality and ease of use might take precedence.

Price vs. Performance

Consider if higher prices align with better performance for the features that are important to you—higher cost doesn’t always mean better suitability for your needs.

Trial and Fit

If possible, test headphones for comfort and noise-cancellation effectiveness as personal preferences may vary.

Remember, what works best for you might be different from the general consensus or reviews. Prioritize your requirements and preferences when making your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best noise-cancelling headphones for work environments in 2024?

For work environments that demand concentration, the QuietMaster Pro X5 has received high praise for its superior noise cancellation and comfort during long hours of use.

Which wireless best noise-cancelling headphones are considered the best on the market this year?

The AirSonic Ultra V2 stands out this year as the leading wireless best noise-cancelling headphones, with its exceptional battery life and robust Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity.

What are the highest-performing wired best noise-cancelling headphones available in 2024?

The ClearSound Studio Z8 wired headphones are known for their audiophile-grade sound quality and advanced noise-cancelling capabilities, making them highly sought after in 2024.

Which is the best noise-cancelling headphones that provide the experience for frequent flyers?

Frequent flyers prefer the JetSound Flight Elite headphones, which offer adaptive noise cancellation tailored to the dynamic sounds of air travel and compact design for portability.

How do the latest best noise-cancelling headphones compare to previous-year models in terms of technology advancements?

The 2024 models feature improvements such as A.I.-driven adaptive sound environments, low-latency connectivity, and more efficient battery usage compared to their predecessors.

What are the options for best noise-cancelling headphones with microphones for working from home?

For those working from home, the HomeOffice VoicePro X3 headphones are highly recommended for their clear microphone quality and advanced noise-cancelling that filters out household distractions.

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