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Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones Review

When it comes to audio gear, Sony is a brand that needs no introduction. Known for their high-quality products and innovative technology, Sony has consistently delivered exceptional listening experiences to music enthusiasts worldwide. In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones, an affordable option that promises comfort and impressive sound quality. Whether you’re a casual listener or someone who appreciates good audio, these headphones might just be what you’re looking for.


The Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones are designed to provide a comfortable and enjoyable listening experience without breaking the bank. These lightweight headphones feature a sleek, minimalist design that is both stylish and functional. With soft, cushioned earpads and an adjustable headband, the ZX Series headphones ensure a snug and secure fit for hours of comfortable wear. Let’s dive into the details and explore what makes these headphones a compelling choice for music lovers on a budget.


  • Driver Unit: 30mm Neodymium Dynamic Drivers
  • Impedance: 24Ω
  • Sensitivity: 98dB/mW
  • Frequency Response: 10Hz-24kHz
  • Cable Length: 1.2m
  • Plug Type: L-shaped stereo mini plug (3.5mm)
  • Weight: 120g

Features and Performance

Comfort and Lightweight Design

One of the standout features of the Sony ZX Series headphones is their lightweight and comfortable design. Weighing just 120 grams, these headphones are incredibly easy to wear for extended periods without experiencing fatigue or discomfort. The soft, cushioned earpads gently rest on your ears, providing a pleasant and secure fit. The adjustable headband allows you to find the perfect position for your head size, ensuring optimal comfort and stability.

Impressive Sound Quality

Despite their affordable price point, the Sony ZX Series headphones deliver impressive sound quality that rivals more expensive options. Equipped with 30mm neodymium dynamic drivers, these headphones produce clear, detailed audio across a wide frequency range. The drivers are carefully tuned to provide a balanced and natural sound signature, with well-defined bass, clear midrange, and crisp highs. Whether you’re listening to your favorite songs, watching movies, or gaming, the ZX Series headphones offer an immersive and enjoyable audio experience.

Tangle-Free Cable and Durable Construction

The Sony ZX Series headphones come with a 1.2-meter tangle-free cable that ensures hassle-free use and storage. The flat cable design prevents the cord from getting tangled or knotted, even when stored in your bag or pocket. The L-shaped stereo mini plug provides a secure connection to your devices and reduces strain on the cable, enhancing its durability. The headphones themselves are built with quality materials that can withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring long-lasting use.

Wide Compatibility

With a standard 3.5mm audio jack, the Sony ZX Series headphones are compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and audio players. Whether you’re listening to music on your phone, watching a movie on your tablet, or gaming on your computer, these headphones provide a reliable and convenient connection.

Pros and Cons


  • Lightweight and comfortable design
  • Soft, cushioned earpads for extended wear
  • Impressive sound quality with well-balanced audio
  • Tangle-free flat cable for easy use and storage
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use
  • Wide compatibility with various devices
  • Affordable price point


  • Fixed cable (non-detachable)
  • May not fit larger head sizes comfortably
  • No inline remote or microphone for phone calls
  • Not ideal for noise isolation in loud environments

Customer Reviews

Customers have praised the Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones for their comfortable fit, impressive sound quality, and outstanding value for money. Many users have commended the headphones’ lightweight design, noting that they can wear them for hours without experiencing discomfort. The audio performance has also received positive feedback, with customers appreciating the well-balanced sound and clear, detailed audio reproduction.

However, some users have pointed out the lack of an inline remote and microphone, which may be inconvenient for those who frequently take calls or control their music playback. Additionally, the fixed cable design may be a drawback for some, as it cannot be easily replaced if damaged.

Product Specifications

Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones
  • Swiveling Earcup Design
  • Wide Frequency Range
  • L-shaped stereo
  • 12 Hz to 22 kHz
  • Enhanced Portability


The Sony ZX Series Wired On-Ear Headphones offer a compelling combination of comfort, sound quality, and affordability. With their lightweight design, soft earpads, and adjustable headband, these headphones provide a comfortable listening experience for hours on end. The impressive audio performance, delivered by the 30mm neodymium drivers, ensures that you can enjoy your favorite music, movies, and games with clarity and detail.

While they may lack some advanced features like active noise cancellation and an inline remote, the Sony ZX Series headphones excel in their primary function: delivering high-quality sound at an accessible price point. The tangle-free cable and durable construction add to their overall value, making them a reliable choice for everyday use.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Sony ZX Series headphones noise-cancelling?

No, the ZX Series headphones do not have active noise cancellation technology. They provide some passive noise isolation through the on-ear design, but they are not ideal for extremely noisy environments.

Can I use these headphones for phone calls?

While you can hear the audio from phone calls through the headphones, they do not have an inline microphone for speaking. You will need to use your device’s built-in microphone for voice communication.

Are the earpads replaceable?

The earpads on the Sony ZX Series headphones are not designed to be user-replaceable. However, you can contact Sony’s customer support for assistance if the earpads become worn or damaged.

How long is the warranty period for these headphones?

The warranty period may vary depending on your region. Please refer to the official Sony website or contact their customer support for specific warranty information.

Can I use these headphones while exercising or working out?

While the Sony ZX Series headphones are comfortable and lightweight, they are not specifically designed for sports or exercise. They do not have sweat-resistant or waterproof features, so it is best to use them for casual listening rather than intense workouts.

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