JBL Tune 710BT

JBL Tune 710BT Review – Is it Good or Bad?

When it comes to enjoying your favorite tunes, the JBL Tune 710BT headphones could be just what you need. Recently, I had the chance to test these out, and I must say, they make quite the statement with their powerful JBL Pure Bass Sound. They’re wireless, boasting an impressive 50-hour battery life, which is more than enough to last through several days of heavy use.

Their over-ear design ensures comfort, and they are quite lightweight, making them optimal for extended listening sessions. Even in a bustling environment, I found the bass to be deep and resonant, although the headphones lack active noise cancelation, which is something to consider if you’ll be using them in particularly noisy areas.

Convenience is a key aspect of these headphones—they fold into a sleek, compact shape, making them a top pick for travelers. Despite their simplicity, the call quality is clear enough for everyday use, and with voice control functionality, switching between your playlist and incoming calls is seamless.

Overview of JBL Tune 710BT Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Overview of JBL Tune 710BT Wireless Over-Ear Bluetooth Headphones

Crisp and full-bodied, the Pure Bass Sound from the 710BT is commendable, reminiscent of a live concert experience. Its light, over-ear design ensures a comfortable listening session, making it feel like you’re hardly aware of their presence. What grabs attention is the 50-hour battery life, a true marathoner’s delight; and if you’re in a hurry, a quick 5-minute charge provides a generous 3 hours of playback.

Despite the absence of active noise cancellation, these headphones manage to isolate you effectively from ambient noises, thanks to their snug over-ear fit. A flexible companion on the go, they fold down to a neat package, slotting easily into your travel bag. Voice-enabled controls are intuitive and keep you from fumbling around for your device; a nifty feature for hands-free call management.

It’s important to acknowledge some drawbacks. Noise isolation could falter in noisier environments and, while satisfactory for casual use, the sound quality may not satisfy the most discerning audiophiles. Yet overall, for everyday use, from commuting to casual listening, the 710BT stands sturdy, delivering a solid performance that justifies its place in JBL’s lineup.

JBL Pure Bass Sound

The moment you slip on the JBL Tune 710BT, you’re treated to the brand’s signature Pure Bass Sound – it’s a prime feature that JBL has perfected over decades. Imagine feeling that vibrant, deep bass usually reserved for live venues, right in your ears. They manage to deliver that thumping bass without compromising on the clarity of mids and trebles, striking a pleasant balance for casual listening.

However, it’s not all about the bass. While these headphones provide a powerful low-end that enhances genres like hip-hop and EDM, some users might find it overwhelming if they prefer a more neutral sound profile. The absence of active noise cancellation means external noise can sometimes bleed in, which could dilute the bass experience in noisy environments.

On the flip side, for an immersive experience during your daily commute or while working out, the cushioned over-ear headphone design helps isolate sound, passively boosting the bass performance. They might not replace a high-end set in terms of audio fidelity, but for their price point, the Tune 710BT punches well above its weight, delivering that satisfying JBL bass that engages and energizes your listening sessions.

50-Hour Battery Life

50-Hour Battery Life

One feature that will grab your attention with these JBL headphones is their impressive battery life. Imagine going through your entire week without worrying about the next charge—with 50 hours of playtime, that’s what you get. This longevity is ideal for lengthy commutes, extended work sessions, or even back-to-back long-haul flights. You can really lose yourself in your music or podcasts.

While the battery life is a highlight, keep in mind that performance can vary based on usage patterns. If you’re blasting music at maximum volume or taking advantage of the active noise cancellation feature, you may notice a slight decrease in battery performance. However, for typical use, the 50-hour claim holds up quite well.

When it’s finally time to recharge, a mere 2 hours plugged in replenishes the battery. It’s clear that the JBL Tune 710BT meets the mark for keeping up with demanding audio needs without tethering you to a power outlet.

Hands-Free Calls and Voice Control

Your daily routine just got easier. Imagine seamlessly controlling your audio, managing your calls, and activating voice assistance with just a touch on your headphones’ earcup. That’s the convenience you get with JBL’s Tune 710BT. No more fumbling for your phone; simply press a button and you’re instantly connected, whether it’s to answer calls or to ask your voice assistant for the latest weather update.

Although the voice control is a handy feature, don’t expect it to work wonders in extremely noisy environments; it is functional and does the job in moderately quiet settings. It’s the little things that make a difference, and being able to keep your phone in your pocket while handling calls is one of those underrated pleasures. However, for those moments when absolute silence is needed, remember that while these headphones are proficient in many ways, they don’t offer active noise cancellation – a feature that might be missed in bustling surroundings.

Lightweight and Foldable Design

Lightweight and Foldable Design

When considering the practicality of headphones, the ability to transport them easily is a huge plus. The JBL Tune 710BT scores highly on this front. They are surprisingly light on your head, allowing for prolonged listening sessions without discomfort. The foldable design is a real game changer; it means you can easily tuck them into a bag when you’re on the move.

However, the convenience of portability does not come without its trade-offs. The joints and hinges, essential for making the headphones collapsible, could be potential weak points over long-term use. Care must be taken when folding and unfolding to maintain their integrity.

That said, these headphones are a solid choice if you’re after something that won’t weigh you down on your daily commute or while traveling. Just remember that, like any foldable device, treating them with a bit of care will go a long way in preserving their lifespan.

Pros and Cons

Having recently experienced the JBL Tune 710BT headphones, it’s time to weigh in on their strengths and weaknesses—because even the best gadgets have room for improvement.


  • Impressive Battery Life: You’ll rarely be tethered to a charger with these; the 50-hour battery life means you can listen for days, and the quick charge feature is a lifesaver when you’re in a rush.
  • JBL Pure Bass Sound: The sound quality doesn’t disappoint, delivering deep and powerful bass that enhances your listening experience.
  • Comfortable for Extended Use: Whether you’re sitting back for a movie marathon or using them during a workout, the lightweight design and snug fit cater to all-day comfort.
  • Ease of Use: Managing calls and controlling your music is straightforward with the accessible buttons on the earcup—no need to fumble with your device.
  • Travel-Friendly: With a foldable design, these headphones are a breeze to pack and carry, making them ideal companions for your trips.


  • Lacks Active Noise Cancellation: Although they adequately isolate you from external noise, the absence of active noise cancellation can be a downside in noisier environments.
  • Maximum Volume: For some, the maximum volume may not be as loud as preferred. It hits a sweet spot but doesn’t go beyond that.
  • Noise Isolation: Even without active noise cancellation, they do a decent job in quieter settings, but don’t expect silence in loud places.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: While the design is sleek and simple, those looking for more flair might find the headphones a bit on the plain side.

Customer Comments on Sound Quality

From the array of feedback gathered, the sound quality of JBL’s Tune 710BT becomes a noteworthy aspect. Users with hearing difficulties have praised how the headphones make television speech clearer and music more defined. For a retired DJ, the sound quality proved crucial, and this model did not disappoint, delivering excellent audio fidelity and a sturdy build for daily use. These headphones appear particularly effective in outdoor or noisy environments, offering substantial volume that competes well with external sounds, like lawn mowers, without active noise cancellation.

Although they lack advanced noise-canceling features, many appreciate the over-ear design for providing a decent passive seal against ambient noise. This design choice is highlighted during workouts as well, with users finding that the headphones stay in place even during vigorous sit-up sessions. Battery life has garnered positive mentions, with users noting extended use between charges as a strong point, suggesting the headphones can reliably accompany you on longer outings or through multiple gym sessions without the inconvenience of frequent recharging.

The JBL 710BT headphones seem to strike a balance between affordability and performance, as some describe them as a valuable option for everyday use, from casual listening at home to more demanding scenarios like gym workouts. While they might not push the boundaries of sound technology, they consistently impress users with their solid performance and comfort.

Customer Experience with Comfort and Design

Customer Experience with Comfort and Design

When you slip on the Tune 710BTs, the first thing you’ll notice is their snug, over-ear fit that cocoons your ears in comfort, making long listening sessions a breeze. Users often highlight the substantial padding and lightweight design, which contribute to a cozy wear without that heavy sensation dragging you down. Meanwhile, you might find that despite lacking active noise cancellation, they still reduce ambient noise considerably due to their ear-encompassing design.

Although the noise isolation is praised, some users were left wanting more from the feature and suggested it’s not on par with higher-end models. But for everyday tasks, whether you’re mowing the lawn or hitting the gym, these headphones seem to do the trick by staying put and keeping the outside world at bay.

The endurance of the battery is a standout aspect, with many users noting that frequent charging isn’t necessary, even with regular use. This is a significant plus if you’re not fond of constantly searching for a power outlet. Yet, it’s not all praise; some audiophiles looking for the utmost sound clarity may find limitations with the maximum volume—though for the most part, users agree it’s quite sufficient for a satisfying audio experience.

Customer Satisfaction with Battery Performance

When it comes to wireless headphones, you’re likely concerned about how long you can enjoy your music between charges. The JBL Tune 710BT hits the high notes in this category. Many users express genuine satisfaction with the remarkable endurance of the headphones, emphasizing the convenience of not having to charge them frequently. You’ll find that they live up to the promise of long-lasting battery life, with several mentions of extended use on a single charge, even with continuous and heavy usage.

Although the headphones aren’t equipped with active noise cancellation, users don’t seem to mind too much, since the battery life trade-off is favorable. You can comfortably use them for extended workouts at the gym or for outdoor activities like mowing the lawn, and they’ll power through without missing a beat.

From what customers report, you’ll be quite content with how infrequently you need to reach for a charger. It’s one less thing to worry about in your busy life, allowing you to focus more on what you’re listening to and less on battery levels.

Product Specifications

JBL Tune 710BT
  • JBL Pure Bass Sound
  • 50H battery life
  • Hands Free Calls
  • Voice Control
  • Lightweight
  • Foldable Design


After spending some quality time with the Tune 710BT, it’s clear that JBL has put effort into crafting a pair of headphones that balance quality and convenience. The sound clarity, particularly for vocals and higher frequencies, is impressive. They comfortably cup your ears during extended listening sessions, ideal for long flights or workdays. The advertised 50-hour battery life seems to live up to its promise, making charging a less frequent concern.

However, they aren’t without their downsides. The lack of active noise cancellation might be a letdown if you’re seeking total immersion, especially in noisy environments. Despite this, the over-ear design does provide a degree of passive noise isolation. Their durability and construction shine through, presenting a solid feel without appearing bulky.

Overall, for the price point, these JBLs offer a reliable wireless experience, decent sound quality, and are versatile enough for both casual and more demanding audio enthusiasts. While not groundbreaking, they’re a sturdy, valuable choice for anyone in need of dependable wireless headphones.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sound quality of the JBL Tune 710BT compare to other headphones in its price range?

When you listen to the 710BT, the sound is impressively crisp and clear. For the cost-conscious audiophile, they hold their own, delivering solid bass and clear trebles. They may not hit the audiophile’s pinnacle of sound, but for everyday listening and consistent enjoyment, they stand up quite well against other models in their bracket.

What is the battery life like on the JBL Tune 710BT, and how does it perform during extended use?

The 710BT promises an extensive playtime, and it doesn’t disappoint. With up to 50 hours of battery life on a full charge, these headphones are a powerhouse for those who dislike frequent charging. During my week of heavy use, there was no need to reach for the charger until well after several days, confirming the endurance these headphones boast.

Are there any noise-cancellation features available on the JBL Tune 710BT?

If you’re expecting active noise cancellation (ANC), the 710BT might let you down; they don’t offer this feature. However, the over-ear design creates a passive noise-isolating effect which somewhat muffles external sounds. They’re fine for casual environments but don’t expect silence in noisier settings.

Can the JBL Tune 710BT be connected to multiple devices simultaneously?

Multi-device connectivity isn’t part of the 710BT’s feature set. You’ll have to disconnect from one device before connecting to another. For those who like to switch between gadgets frequently, this might be a slight inconvenience but it’s a straightforward process.

Is there an accompanying app for the JBL Tune 710BT to customize settings or updates?

You won’t find a dedicated app for the 710BT. This means customizing sound profiles or updating firmware isn’t as hands-on as it is with some other models. You get a ‘what you see is what you get’ experience, which simplifies use but could be a drawback for the tinkerers out there.

How comfortable are the JBL Tune 710BT headphones for long listening sessions?

Comfort is a key strength for the 710BT. The ear cushions are soft, and the headband doesn’t clamp too tightly, making long listening sessions surprisingly comfortable. I’ve worn them through several movies back-to-back and barely noticed they were there, which is a testament to their design.

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