Philips H6506 Review

Philips H6506 Review: Top Choice for Noise Cancellation?

When you’re looking for headphones that balance quality and affordability, the Philips H6506 might catch your eye. Donning these lightweight on-ear headphones, I noticed they offer a comfortable fit with plush pads that not only feel good but also help block out ambient noise. Their active noise cancelling technology is a boon, especially when you need to concentrate in noisy environments.

During my testing, the ease of connecting these headphones to both my phone and laptop simultaneously was particularly useful, allowing seamless transitions between taking calls and enjoying media. The convenience is further amplified by the intuitive touch controls for music and calls, and the voice assistant activation is handy when your hands are tied up with other tasks.

If you’re often on-the-move or need to stow away your gear in tight spaces, the dual folding design is a standout feature, making it easy to pack them without taking up much room. With up to 30 hours of playtime on a full charge, these headphones can last through long commutes or workdays. However, for those who are particular about bass depth or who compare the noise cancelling headphones capabilities to higher-end models, you might find them lacking in richness and effectiveness.

Overview of Philips H6506 Headphones

Overview of Philips H6506 Headphones

Immersing yourself in your favorite music or podcast is effortless with the Philips H6506 headphones, thanks to their state-of-the-art Active Noise Cancelling. On-ear, plush pads effectively seal out ambient noise, enhancing the crisp sound delivery. Wearing these for long periods won’t be an issue. The light frame and oval ear cups designed for style and convenience make them an attractive accessory, whether you’re working from home or in an office environment.

Control is remarkably intuitive, with the integrated controls allowing you to take calls or interact with your voice assistant with just a tap. A notable feature is the ability to connect to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously; a handy function if you like to switch between smartphone and laptop without missing a beat.

When it comes to battery life, they are reliable with up to 30 hours of playtime, and in a pinch, a quick 15-minute charge keeps your tunes going for another two hours. For those on the move, the flat-folding design is a real space-saver, making them as portable as they are functional. However, while the ANC is good, it may not match up to the market’s higher-end models, and some feedback suggests the build quality could feel sturdier. Despite a few critiques, they strike a balance between price and performance that might just fit your everyday audio needs.

Active Noise Cancellation

Active Noise Cancellation

When you’re seeking quietude or simply wishing to get lost in your music, the active noise cancelling (ANC) capability of these headphones doesn’t disappoint. Imagine flipping a switch and watching the chaos of the outside world fade away—the ANC feature makes this possible. The embedded mics within the ear cups work diligently to weed out external sounds.

However, it’s worth noting that while the headphones offer a sanctuary from noise, some users have found the ANC to be less effective compared to higher-end models. You’ll find that it dampens ambient sounds rather than eliminating them entirely. This can be sufficient for home use or in a not too noisy office but may fall short in bustling environments.

The ANC does contribute to clearer calls, which is a boon when you need to communicate without the intrusion of background buzz. On a practical note, these headphones don’t just rely on ANC for noise isolation—the cushioned on-ear design also plays a part in keeping unwanted sound out.

In summary, the ANC is a valuable feature that adds to the enjoyment and functionality of these headphones, provided your expectations are aligned with its mid-tier performance. These aren’t top-of-the-line in noise cancellation, but they do make a noticeable difference, particularly in moderately noisy environments.

Bluetooth Multipoint Connectivity

Bluetooth Multipoint Connectivity

Having the freedom to switch between devices without re-pairing is a real game-changer, and with these Philips headphones, your multitasking just got an upgrade. You can be watching a video on your tablet and seamlessly answer a call from your smartphone, thanks to the Multipoint Connection feature. Imagine not having to fiddle with settings or disconnect and reconnect Bluetooth each time you switch audio sources—it’s that kind of convenience at your fingertips.

However, it’s not without its quirks. Sometimes, the switching isn’t as smooth, and there might be a slight lag as the headphones decide which connection to prioritize. But when it works, it feels like you’ve got a personal assistant for your ears, managing your digital life so you can stay in the flow of your work or leisure. It’s a balance between the added convenience and occasional need for patience, but when you’re juggling tasks, this feature certainly tilts the scale towards efficiency.

Long Battery Life and Quick Charging

Exceeding expectations when it comes to uninterrupted listening, the headphones offer you a robust 30-hour battery life on a full charge. Interestingly, when you’re in a rush, a quick 15-minute charge provides you with an additional 2 hours of playtime. This quick boost means you’re seldom left without your music, podcast, or audiobook during your daily commute or while working out at the gym.

Despite its strengths, some users have noticed that the active noise canceling (ANC) doesn’t quite match up to competitors in higher price brackets. However, in terms of battery performance, these headphones certainly hold their ground. You won’t frequently find yourself searching for a power outlet, which is a significant convenience for active users or frequent travelers.

The easy-to-use USB-C charging adds a modern touch and incorporates a standard that’s common across many of today’s devices, meaning one less cable to worry about in your tech kit. While the sound quality is generally satisfactory, audiophiles might find the bass response lacking compared to some premium options.

In summary, the headphones deliver on their promise of long hours of listening pleasure with the convenience of quick top-ups when in a pinch. Their battery life is commendable, a trait that’s invaluable for anyone who dislikes the constant need to charge their devices.

Comfortable Design and Portability

Comfortable Design and Portability

When you slip on these Philips headphones, you’ll notice the plush padding right away. The on-ear fit creates a seal around your ears, which aids in isolating external sounds, allowing you to immerse yourself in the music. Despite their solid build, the headphones are surprisingly lightweight, making them easy to wear for extended periods. Their comfort is complemented by the ability to manage your calls and music without reaching for your device, thanks to the intuitive controls located on the ear cups.

Portability is a standout feature of the H6506. The clever dual-folding design means they can be flattened for storage in a drawer or folded up to tuck into your bag or pocket without taking up much space. The included carrying pouch adds to their portability, giving you an extra layer of protection while on the move. Plus, the long battery life ensures you’re seldom without your tunes. However, be aware that the noise cancellation, while helpful, may not meet the standards set by higher-end models. And while the build is mostly sturdy, there have been mentions of durability not living up to expectations in the long term.

Pros and Cons


  • Comfort and Design: Your comfort is prioritized with the H6506’s on-ear design featuring plush pads that not only isolate external noise to let you focus on the music but also fit snugly for extended wearing sessions. Its sleek oval ear cups and slender frame aren’t just about good looks—they are practical, allowing for straightforward control access.
  • Sound Experience: Imagine diving into your favorite tracks with the added depth of bass and clarity provided by the 32 mm drivers. Even busy environments won’t spoil your listening pleasure thanks to the active noise-cancelling technology that filters out unwanted background noise.
  • Connectivity: The hassle of endless unpairing and repairing is a thing of the past because these headphones can simultaneously connect to two Bluetooth devices. Now you can switch between your phone and laptop seamlessly, ideal for a productive workday.
  • Battery Life: You’re backed by a remarkable 30-hour playtime on a single charge, which reduces the need to constantly seek out power outlets. And if you’re pressed for time, a quick 15-minute charge can give you an additional 2 hours of use.
  • Portability: When it’s time to pack up, the H6506 makes it simple. They fold inwards and flat, making them extremely easy to store or slide into your bag. Plus, they come with a handy carrying pouch, keeping them safe while on the move.


  • Build Quality: After spending some time with the H6506, it’s clear that they don’t boast the most durable construction. While lightweight, the materials give a less premium feel when compared side-by-side with higher-end models. Some users have noted that the headphones can feel somewhat fragile, mentioning instances of small plastic parts breaking off after regular use.
  • Noise Cancellation: The active noise cancelling (ANC) feature of these headphones is a point of contention. Although you may find they muffle some ambient noise, several users have reported the ANC to be less effective than expected, especially when compared to the noise cancellation provided by other brands or even standard earbuds.
  • Sound Quality: In terms of sound, the bass response may leave you wanting if you’re a fan of deep, thumping beats. While the overall sound quality is decent for casual listening, audiophiles might find it lacking in richness and depth.
  • Longevity: Some customers have had less than favorable experiences regarding the longevity of these headphones. Reports of them falling apart within a few weeks may be concerning if you’re looking for a set to last the long haul. Despite these drawbacks, you should weigh them against the reasonable price point and the comfort these headphones provide during extended use to determine if the trade-offs align with your needs and expectations.

Analyzing Customer Reviews

Your experience with the Philips H6506 might vary as opinions on these headphones are quite mixed according to the customer feedback available online. Many users appreciate the lightweight design and the comfort for extended use, which could align with your preference for headphones that don’t induce ear fatigue over long periods. The 30 hours of playtime per charge seems to live up to the promise, offering more than enough for daily use without frequent recharging.

However, you might want to consider the mixed reception on sound quality and active noise cancellation (ANC) performance. While some find the sound and ANC decent for the price point, others have compared it unfavorably to other headphones, including basic earbuds. Build quality also seems to be a concern with reports of durability not meeting expectations for the price, which might make you think twice if you’re rough on your gadgets.

Despite these potential drawbacks, the Philips H6506 might serve you well if your primary needs are comfort and battery life, and if your budget aligns with its mid-range price.

Product Specifications

Philips H6506
  • Hear Every Detail
  • Free To Immerse
  • Streamline Your Workday
  • At Your Fingertips
  • Anytime, Anywhere
  • Easy Storage
  • Included Accessories


After spending quality time with the Philips H6506, it’s clear that they strike a balance between affordability and functionality. The comfort and lightness of these headphones set them apart, allowing for extended periods of use without discomfort. Their impressive 30-hour battery life means you’re not constantly searching for a power outlet, making them a reliable companion for both home and office environments.

However, they do have their limitations. The Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) isn’t on par with higher-end models, so if absolute silence is crucial, you may want to consider other options. Some users have expressed concerns over the build quality, equating it to what you might expect from less expensive headphones, and noting durability issues after a few weeks of use.

Sound-wise, they provide satisfactory audio with enough bass to enjoy your music, albeit not the richest sound profile. While they don’t compete with premium brands in noise cancellation, they still manage to reduce a fair amount of ambient noise, allowing for an enjoyable listening experience, particularly considering their price point. They’re a solid choice if you’re venturing into over-the-ear headphones and are looking for comfort, decent sound quality, and don’t want to break the bank. Just be mindful that they might not withstand the test of time and heavy use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sound quality of the Philips h6506 compare to other headphones in the 6000 series?

When you listen to the H6506, you’re treated to clear, detailed sound with a good bass presence, thanks to the snug on-ear fit and the 32 mm drivers. It seems to offer a more pinpointed audio experience with both high notes and deep bass as compared to some of its siblings in the 6000 series.

Are the Philips h6506 headphones comfortable for long-term use?

Absolutely. The plush ear pads and the balanced clamping force provide a cozy fit, and you’ll hardly feel the lightness of the headphones during prolonged sessions. It’s designed for you to wear all day without feeling like your ears need a break.

What is the battery life like on the Philips h6506 headphones?

With up to 30 hours of playtime on a single charge (25 with ANC active), you’re set for a couple of days of use without reaching for the charger. Even if you forget to charge them, a quick 15-minute boost provides an extra 2 hours, ensuring you’re rarely without your tunes.

How effective is the noise cancellation in the Philips h6506 model?

The ANC is efficient for moderate noise environments, turning the volume down on the world around you. However, it may not completely silence the loudest of sounds. It’s more about keeping you in your bubble rather than providing total silence.

Can the Philips h6506 headphones connect to multiple devices simultaneously?

Yes, the multipoint Bluetooth connection lets you effortlessly switch between your phone and laptop. This feature is a boon for multitaskers who need to stay alert to notifications across devices while enjoying uninterrupted audio playback.

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