Bose Smart Soundbar 700

Bose Smart Soundbar 700 Review – Are they worth it?

Experiencing the Bose Smart Soundbar 700, I was impressed by its capability to deliver an immersive sound experience that genuinely enhances home entertainment. Equipped with built-in Alexa, the convenience of voice control extends beyond the soundbar itself, empowering you to take command of your TV and cable box as well.

Integration with other devices is seamless, with the Bose Music app facilitating streamlined setup and management. Audio calls are also simplified with hands-free functionality, connecting to other Bose products, Amazon Echo, and your own contacts list. The soundbar’s sleek design masks its impressive power, producing deep bass and clear tones whether you’re enjoying music or movies.

Bottom Line

The Bose Smart Soundbar 700 offers an exceptional blend of performance and convenience. Its superior sound quality and smart features may significantly elevate your at-home listening experience.

Bose Smart Soundbar 700 Overview

Immersing yourself in crystal-clear audio without the clutter of multiple speakers is now effortlessly simple. The Smart Soundbar 700 sports a sleek, elegant design and is a powerhouse of sound, providing a depth of bass and clarity that really brings your favorite entertainment to life. The built-in voice assistants, Alexa and Google Assistant, allow for convenient voice controls and smart home integration while a multipurpose remote gives tactile control options. Speaking of sound, the audio precision here is top-notch, as expected from the Bose brand, with a noise-rejecting mic system that ensures your voice commands are heard clearly, even when the soundbar is pumping out its impressive audio.

Connectivity is a breeze, leveraging Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, or Spotify Connect to stream your preferable tunes. Bose’s proprietary Voice4Video tech is quite the standout feature, giving you voice control not just over the soundbar but your TV and cable box too. This could mean, with a simple command, your entire entertainment system springs to action. Despite these pros, some users have reported issues with the soundbar triggering the TV to turn back on unintentionally, which can be a significant nuisance. Bose is a renowned brand; however, hiccups like this can sometimes impair the user experience unexpectedly.

Adopting this as a part of your home audio setup not only elevates your sound experience but also ensures you have a device that meshes well with other Bose products, creating a seamless multi-room listening environment. And for times when you need a more personalized audio experience, the Bose SimpleSync feature is a nifty addition, allowing pairing with Bose headphones. Overall, the Smart Soundbar 700 provides an enriched audio experience, though its high-performance features come with a few quirks that might require your patience.

Key Features

Immersive Sound Experience

When you think about a soundbar, audio quality is usually your top priority. The 700 Series doesn’t disappoint in delivering a rich, enveloping experience. Its deep bass and crisp acoustics come to life, regardless of the content you’re enjoying. Whether you’re submerging yourself into your favorite album or getting lost in the latest blockbuster, the depth and clarity of sound make it feel like you’re in the heart of the action.

Built-In Voice Control

Controlling your music without lifting a finger is a breeze with this soundbar. The integrated Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant mean you can change tracks, search for new songs, or check the weather just by asking. Its far-field microphone setup ensures your commands are heard from any direction, even in a noisy room.

Exclusive Bose Voice4Video

Let’s talk about turning your home into a voice-controlled theater. The 700 Series isn’t just a soundbar; it’s a command center for your TV and satellite box too. With Bose Voice4Video, a unique addition, you can start your TV and jump straight to your favorite channel with a single voice command. It streamlines your viewing experience by making it quicker and more intuitive.

Smart Connectivity

Pairing your devices with the soundbar for streaming music is straightforward. Whether you prefer Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, or Spotify Connect, you have the flexibility to play your tunes from almost any source. The added convenience of Bose SimpleSync pairs with other Bose products for synchronized playback or private listening sessions with Bose headphones.

Design and Build Quality

The moment you lay your hands on the Bose Soundbar, its premium feel is palpable. The craftsmanship of this soundbar is a testament to the build quality Bose is known for. It presents a sleek, elegant design with a tempered glass top that exudes sophistication in any room setup. The metal grille wrapping around the front and sides adds to the overall sturdy feel, ensuring durability.

However, the glossy surface, while attractive, is prone to fingerprints and dust, so you might find yourself wiping it down more often than you’d like. Despite this minor inconvenience, the soundbar maintains a low profile, complementing rather than overwhelming your TV.

Connections are neatly tucked away at the back, keeping the external look uncluttered. You’ll appreciate the easy access to ports when you need to plug in. When it’s up and running, the intuitive light bar interface gives feedback on voice commands and other functions—a subtle yet useful touch.

It’s clear Bose didn’t just aim for visual appeal; the tactile response of the buttons and the heft of the included remote indicate a soundbar built to last. Whether you’re adjusting volume or skipping tracks, the experience feels responsive and satisfying.

While there’s much to praise, it’s not without its caveats. For those not fans of using voice assistants or apps, the lack of on-device controls beyond the basics means you’re largely reliant on the remote or your smartphone for deeper settings adjustments.

Pros and Cons

Having spent time with the Bose Smart Soundbar 700, it’s clear this sleek device is more than an elegant addition to your living room. Let’s dive into what makes it stand out, as well as where it falls short.



  • The sound quality is truly superior. You’ll notice an immersive sound experience with deep bass that fills the room, elevating movie nights to a whole new level.
  • Voice control is impressively responsive, thanks to the built-in Alexa and Google Assistant. This smart soundbar picks up commands from any direction, which means you won’t have to repeat yourself.
  • A standout feature is TV voice control, with Bose’s exclusive Voice4Video technology. This allows you to operate not just the soundbar but also your TV and cable box with a single voice command.
  • In terms of connectivity, you’re well-covered. It offers Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify Connect, letting you stream from various devices easily.
  • Designed to be part of a multi-room system, this soundbar can work in sync with other Bose Smart Family devices, creating an enveloping audio environment throughout your home.
  • The Bose Music app enhances the setup experience and gives you a straightforward interface to control your sound settings.
  • If you’re looking for personal listening, Bose SimpleSync is there to pair the soundbar with Bose headphones or other speakers for synchronized playback without disturbances.


  • Some users have reported a glitch where the soundbar inadvertently turns the TV back on after being switched off. Although this is a rare issue, it’s worth noting if you prefer tech that’s hassle-free.
  • While the sound quality is a significant advantage, few might find the Bose 700 Series Black’s price a bit steep compared to simpler soundbars in the market.
  • The integration is excellent when it works, but there are occasional reports of frustrating experiences with connectivity and syncing, which could interrupt your listening experience.
  • For some, the reliance on the Bose Music app might feel limiting, particularly if you prefer more traditional, physical controls over your devices.

Setup and Ease of Use

With the Bose 700, setting soundbar is as straightforward as you’d hope from a high-end soundbar. You’ll be taken by the hand through the process by the Bose Music app, making the initial configuration nearly foolproof. The soundbar’s connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Apple AirPlay 2, and Spotify Connect, provide multiple ways to stream your music or connect to your home entertainment system.

Some users have reported it’s a breeze to integrate the soundbar with existing smart home setups, thanks to its compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice commands, and Bose’s SimpleSync technology for pairing with other Bose devices for a cohesive audio experience.

However, a few users have mentioned some hiccups with the soundbar triggering the TV to turn on unexpectedly, which points to some minor issues in the Bose 700’s interaction with external devices. Despite this, user feedback commonly highlights the easiness of managing sound controls either by voice, the Bose Music app, or the included universal remote. The soundbar clearly aims to offer a user-friendly experience, though it’s not entirely free of technical snags.

Customer Reviews

When considering the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 with Alexa built-in, your experience with this product will be influenced by the collective feedback from users who have had hands-on time with it. The consensus reflects a strong appreciation for the impeccable sound quality, which users describe as a significant upgrade from standard soundbars. The setup process is generally praised for its simplicity, allowing you to enjoy your soundbar without hassle.

However, some users have reported a recurring issue where the soundbar inadvertently powers the TV on after being turned off. It’s important to note that while some have faced this challenge, others have had a seamless experience and even opted to buy another unit, highlighting the product’s allure despite its imperfections.

Many people find this soundbar amazing. They say it makes listening a wonderful experience, and now, they love watching everything with the Bose soundbar. Now they understand the purpose of a soundbar, which they hadn’t experienced before.

Assessing the pros and cons, it’s apparent that the 700 Series strikes a balance between sophisticated sound performance and potential technical hiccups. Still, when it operates smoothly, many users feel the product justifies its price, granting a richer audio experience that Bose is known for.


After spending time with the Bose Smart Soundbar 700, you’ll notice the premium quality sound it offers. Its setup simplicity caters to your convenience, and Alexa’s built-in voice control enhances the user experience. You can expect a sound that fills the room, and the renewed version maintains the brand’s reputation for acoustic excellence.

However, it’s important to be aware of some technical glitches that could arise. A few users experienced issues with the soundbar causing their TVs to turn on unexpectedly, and while this is not a universal problem, it’s something to consider. When the device functions correctly, the performance is indeed impressive, but on the off chance it doesn’t, the frustration can be quite significant.

Overall, the product delivers on its promise of a superior sound experience. Bear in mind the potential for technical hiccups, which seem to be the exception rather than the rule. Your decision can now be more informed, weighing the high-quality sound against the potential for issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I set up my Bose Smart Soundbar 700?

Setting up the Smart Soundbar 700 is straightforward, thanks to the Bose Music app. It offers a guided setup that walks you through each step. Connect the soundbar to power, follow the in-app instructions to connect it to your Wi-Fi network, and you’re ready to experience high-quality audio. The app also helps integrate your voice assistants and control other smart features.

Can the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 be connected to other speakers?

Yes, the Smart Soundbar 700 can be connected to other speakers, as it is part of the Bose Smart Family. This allows for a multi-room listening experience. It can also be paired with Bose headphones via Bose SimpleSync for a personal listening experience or with a Bose Bluetooth or SoundTouch speaker for synchronized playback.

How do I update the firmware on my Bose Smart Soundbar 700?

Updating the firmware on your Smart Soundbar 700 is done automatically through your Wi-Fi connection as long as the soundbar remains connected to your network. If an update is available, it will download and install on its own. Alternatively, check the Bose Music app for manual updates to keep your soundbar’s software current.

What features distinguish the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 from the Smart Soundbar 900?

While both soundbars offer quality Bose sound, the Smart Soundbar 900 is a step up with additional features like Dolby Atmos, which provides a more immersive, three-dimensional audio experience. It also sports a sleek glass top and a wraparound metal grille, differing slightly in design from the Smart Soundbar 700.

Is a subwoofer necessary for the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 for optimal sound quality?

While the Smart Soundbar 700 delivers deep bass and immersive sound on its own, pairing it with a Bose subwoofer can enhance its performance, providing an even fuller and richer sound. The choice of adding a subwoofer depends on your preference for bass depth and the size of the room where you’ll be using the soundbar.

What are the main differences between the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 and the Sonos Arc?

Both the Smart Soundbar 700 and the Sonos Arc offer premium audio experiences, but they have distinct strengths. The Bose soundbar emphasizes easy access to entertainment and voice control options. In contrast, the Sonos Arc focuses on providing a cinematic soundstage with support for Dolby Atmos and seamless integration into the Sonos ecosystem.

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