Bose Soundbar 600

Bose Soundbar 600 Review – Small Size, Big Sound

Stepping into the world of home audio can be transformative, especially with a device like the Bose Soundbar 600. After trying it out, I was taken aback by the captivating soundscape it produced in my living room. With its Dolby Atmos technology, the audio engulfs you, making it feel like you’re at the center of all the action—whether you’re watching a blockbuster movie or engulfed in your favorite symphony.

The soundbar‘s built-in voice control with Amazon Alexa offers a seamless way to manage your entertainment without lifting a finger. Setting it up was straightforward, and the multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, meant I could stream music from my devices without any hassle.

It’s not just about the sound with the Bose Soundbar 600; the design is sleek and the build quality is exactly what you’d expect from Bose. The soundbar doesn’t take much space and could easily blend with most TV setups. Connectivity is also a strong point, as I seamlessly linked it with my smart devices around the home.

Bottom Line

For an immersive audio experience that brings out the best in your movies and music, the Bose Soundbar 600 stands out. Its smart features and superior sound quality add to the elegance of any room.

Bose Soundbar 600 with Dolby Atmos Overview

Imagine sitting down for a movie night and being surrounded by superb sound that fills the room. The Bose Soundbar 600 with its Dolby Atmos technology creates an engaging three-dimensional audio space, elevating your entertainment experience. You’ll find that whether it’s dialogue, a quiet scene, or an action-packed sequence, this soundbar delivers clear and immersive audio.

What stands out is the TrueSpace technology, which works wonders even with audio other than Dolby Atmos by creating a multi-channel experience. You can relax on your couch and enjoy streaming your favorite music or shows without any hassle, thanks to multiple wireless connectivity options like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, not to mention Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast.

Bose Soundbar 600

The soundbar doesn’t just limit its prowess to audio. With integrated Alexa voice control and compatibility with Google Assistant, you can effortlessly manage your viewing experience and smart home devices. If you’re moving around your home, Bose’s SimpleSync technology can pair with other compatible Bose products, ensuring the sound follows you seamlessly.

At 27.5” wide and with a sleek design, the soundbar fits conveniently under most TVs without cluttering your space. However, some might find the limitation of having to use the Bose Music app for setup and customization a bit restrictive, as opposed to the flexibility other soundbars may offer with multiple app options or on-device controls. Despite this, the setup process is intuitive with the help of an HDMI eARC/ARC or optical audio cable — both included.

If you’re in search of a soundbar that provides an impactful auditory experience with smart features to boot, Bose delivers quality sound that’s hard to overlook. Keep in mind, your preference for a certain brand’s ecosystem might sway your choice since integrating with existing gadgets can be a smoother experience when sticking with a single brand.

Key Features

When it comes to enriching your home entertainment, the Bose Soundbar 600 is a device that leaves a considerable impression. Here’s a closer look at what makes this product shine and where it might fall short.

Key Features

Full Immersion with Dolby Atmos

Dolby Atmos elevates the Smart Soundbar 600 beyond standard audio experiences. When watching a movie or listening to music, the sound envelops you as it moves in a three-dimensional space. There’s no missing the overhead sounds of a cinematic chase or the subtle notes in a complex musical composition. However, it’s worth noting that, while Atmos provides an outstanding sound field, some users might find they need additional rear speakers for a complete surround sound setup.

TrueSpace Technology

With TrueSpace technology, this soundbar doesn’t just rely on Dolby Atmos content to impress. It smartly takes any audio from stereo to 5.1 channels and upmixes it, ensuring a fuller, room-filling sound regardless of the source material. Even though the TrueSpace does a commendable job, aficionados might note that the upmixed audio won’t quite match the quality of native Dolby Atmos tracks.

Design and Connectivity

The Smart Soundbar 600’s design is sleek and unobtrusive at just 27.5” wide, blending seamlessly with most TV setups. Add to that the array of connectivity options—including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast—and you’ve got a device that’s versatile and easy to integrate into your existing home ecosystem. Despite its wide range of connectivity, some users may wish for more physical inputs beyond the provided HDMI ARC and optical ports.

Voice Control with Alexa

Having Alexa built into your Smart Soundbar 600 provides a hands-free operation that’s truly convenient. Whether you’re looking to play music, control your smart home, or even manage your TV and cable box, voice commands have you covered. It’s worth mentioning though, that occasional hiccups in voice recognition can occur, which is not uncommon with voice-controlled devices.

Pros and Cons

After spending some quality time with the Bose Soundbar 600, it’s time to dissect its strengths and weaknesses to give you a clearer picture of what’s in store should you decide to bring it into your home theater setup.



  • Immersive Audio Experience: The Dolby Atmos paired with Bose’s TrueSpace technology and the two upward-firing transducers provide a sound that is truly enveloping, making you feel smack in the middle of the action.
  • Versatile Sound Technology: It doesn’t just shine with Dolby Atmos content; the TrueSpace technology works wonders by upmixing stereo or 5.1 signals into a rich, immersive sound.
  • Compact Design: Despite its relatively small size at 27.5 inches wide, it manages to pack in five speakers that distribute sound in multiple directions for a room-filling audio performance.
  • Connectivity Options: You have a plethora of wireless streaming choices from Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay 2, to Spotify Connect and Chromecast — whatever your preference, it’s got you covered.
  • Integrated Voice Control: With Alexa built-in and Google Assistant compatibility, hands-free control over not just the soundbar but also your TV and other devices is a seamless reality.
  • Ease of Use: An intuitive remote control, along with a user-friendly Bose Music app, simplifies the setup and management of your listening experience.


  • Ratings and User Feedback: The product has a perfect rating, however, it’s based on only one review, so there’s limited user feedback available to gauge long-term satisfaction and reliability.
  • Voice4Video Limitations: While the exclusive Voice4Video technology is a powerful feature, it works optimally only if you have Alexa as your main voice assistant.
  • Dependency on Compatible Devices: To take full advantage of features like SimpleSync, you’d need other compatible Bose products, which could mean additional investment if you don’t already own them.

The Bose Smart Soundbar 600 hits most of the right notes with its advanced sound technology and smart features. However, it’s important to consider the restricted number of user reviews and potential additional costs for compatible accessories. Whether it’s a quiet night with your favorite tunes or an action-packed movie evening, this soundbar seems ready to elevate your auditory experience.

Customer Reviews

When you’re in the market for a soundbar, you want assurance that you’re making a wise choice. The Smart Soundbar 600 is acclaimed for enveloping your space with the richness of Dolby Atmos, and users appreciate the seamless Bluetooth connectivity. As a renewed product under the prestigious Bose brand, its quality assurance is commendable.

Customer Reviews

Your experience with this soundbar is poised to be hassle-free; the built-in microphone and Alexa voice control elevate convenience, allowing for effortless operation. With an impeccable 5-star rating, it’s clear that the sole reviewer thus far has found no fault with their purchase. However, it’s essential to note that reviews are limited. As more users share their experiences, you’ll gain a broader understanding of this soundbar’s performance in a variety of settings.

In your pursuit of sonic excellence, keep an eye out for further feedback, which will help you decide if this soundbar meets your standards for audio clarity and smart home integration.

Ease of Use and Setup

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Smart Soundbar 600 is how straightforward it is to get it up and running. Once you unbox this sleek soundbar, the quick setup guide conveniently walks you through the process. With included HDMI eARC/ARC and optical audio cables, connecting to your TV is a breeze, and the on-screen instructions ensure that you’re not left fumbling through the steps.

The Bose Music app is the central hub for additional setup and management, facilitating a hassle-free experience. It not only assists with the initial setup but also offers intuitive control over various features and updates. The wireless capabilities such as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection are relatively seamless, allowing for easy streaming from different devices including those compatible with Apple AirPlay 2, Spotify Connect, and Chromecast.

Ease of Use and Setup

The built-in Alexa offers prompt voice control, giving you the freedom of hands-free operation without needing extra devices. For times when voice control isn’t suitable, the included remote comes in handy for quick adjustments.

In terms of expanding your audio experience throughout your home, the Bose SimpleSync technology pairs the soundbar with other compatible Bose products smoothly. This feature works efficiently, maintaining sync without requiring your constant intervention.

The Smart Soundbar 600 is easy to use with advanced technology and user-friendly features, ensuring a simple setup without any overly complex procedures. This contributes to the soundbar’s increased lifespan.


After extensive testing, it’s apparent that the Bose Soundbar 600 stands out in blending superb audio quality with smart technology. The Dolby Atmos feature immerses you into a rich, detailed sound experience that’s hard to match, especially when it feels like the action is happening all around you. Pairing it with your devices is a breeze thanks to the Bluetooth connectivity, and the built-in microphone offers hands-free convenience when streaming music or asking Alexa for assistance.

Although this soundbar excels in many areas, some might find the price a bit steep, considering it’s a renewed model. However, this doesn’t detract from the performance, which is equivalent to a new unit. Rest assured, your movie nights and music sessions will be transformed with the clarity and depth this soundbar provides. Whether it’s worth the investment comes down to your appreciation for high-quality audio and smart features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the sound quality of the soundbar compare to other models in its price range?

When you’re considering the expansive audio realm of soundbars, the choice often comes down to sound quality within a certain budget. After experiencing the Smart Soundbar 600, it becomes evident that its audio performance stands tall against its competitors. With Dolby Atmos and proprietary TrueSpace technology, the aural envelope it creates is both wide and immersive. It’s adept at pulling detailed highs, warm mids, and substantial lows together to craft a soundscape that truly enhances your entertainment.

What are the connectivity options available for the soundbar?

Connecting your devices to the Smart Soundbar 600 is a breeze, given its broad range of connectivity features. It supports:

Wi-Fi for seamless internet access
Bluetooth for wireless streaming
Apple AirPlay 2 for Apple devices
Spotify Connect for easy music streaming
Chromecast built-in for Android and Google-enabled devices

These options provide you with the flexibility to stream your favorite content in the way that works best for you, ensuring that the soundbar is as versatile as it is powerful.

Can the soundbar be wall-mounted, and are the necessary accessories included?

If your preference leans towards a streamlined look in your living room, you’ll appreciate that the Smart Soundbar 600 is wall-mountable. However, for a completely equipped setup, you might need to acquire the mounting accessories separately, as they are not included in the original packaging. This means a slight additional purchase will be needed to achieve the wall-mounted setup you desire.

How user-friendly is the setup process for the soundbar?

Setting up the Smart Soundbar 600 need not be a daunting task. It comes with HDMI eARC/ARC and optical audio cables to help you make quick work of the connection to your TV. Furthermore, you are guided by the Bose Music app, which simplifies the setup process significantly. The app does not just assist with initial setup but also serves as a means to manage the product and its updates over time, which is indispensable for maintaining a seamless user experience.

What type of warranty does the manufacturer offer for the soundbar?

Reliability is key when investing in a sound system. Bose, as a well-regarded brand, stands behind the Smart Soundbar 600 with a warranty. However, as this is a renewed product, the warranty period and conditions may differ compared to a new unit. It is advisable to check the specific warranty information provided at the time of purchase to ensure you are fully informed about the coverage provided.

Are there any compatible accessories available to enhance the soundbar experience?

Your listening experience can be further embellished by pairing the Smart Soundbar 600 with compatible accessories. Using Bose SimpleSync technology, this soundbar can be synced with other Bose products, allowing for a more enveloping sound that follows you from room to room. Although these accessories require a separate purchase, they are worth considering if you aim to build a comprehensive audio ecosystem in your home.

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