JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones Review – Is it Worth Buying?

Music enthusiasts on a budget often face the conundrum of finding headphones that strike the right balance between cost and quality. After some hands-on time with the JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones, it’s clear they aim to solve this puzzle. Available in a striking red color, these on-ear headphones are not just about aesthetics but also functionality with their compact and foldable design.

Equipped with soft ear pads, they prioritize a comfortable listening experience, along with effectively isolating the sound. The sound quality emanating from the 30mm neodymium drivers is remarkably crisp for headphones at this price point, offering a fidelity that will please casual listeners and even surprise the more discerning ones. The stainless steel headband adjuster is durable and caters to all head sizes, ensuring a snug and secure fit for prolonged use.

However, do keep in mind that while they excel in these practical aspects, the JVC HAS160R doesn’t compete with high-end audiophile headphones. But for their intended purpose, they’re an admirable choice for everyday use, whether you’re commuting or simply need a reliable pair for watching TV without causing a disturbance. The gold-plated headphone jack ensures a stable connection, providing a good measure of reliability and sound quality.

Overview of JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones

Overview of JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones

Having recently tried out the JVC Flat Headphones, their lightweight design and comfy ear pads struck me immediately. Ideal for on-the-go listening, they offer sound isolation that allows you to enjoy your music without external interruption. The ear pads cushion your ears, making extended use comfortable, which is great for those long commutes or study sessions.

The robust stainless steel headband can be adjusted to fit all head sizes comfortably. You can confidently pick a setting that suits you without worrying about durability. Moreover, their foldable design is a standout factor. With just a twist, the headphones collapse to under an inch thick, sliding effortlessly into your bag.

While they may not rival professional audio equipment, the 30mm neodymium drivers deliver a surprisingly rich sound quality that can enhance your daily listening experience. The included gold-plated jack ensures a reliable connection to your audio source, and with a nearly 4-foot cord, you have ample freedom of movement.

In sum, these headphones offer a balance of affordability, comfort, and respectable audio quality. They’re an excellent choice for anyone seeking a reliable, everyday pair of headphones that won’t break the bank.

Sound Quality

Sound Quality

When you slip on these JVC Flat Headphones, you’ll notice right away the clarity of sound they deliver. Their lightweight design doesn’t compromise the audio performance. The sound profile is clean and clear, making for an enjoyable listening experience across various genres. Affordability often comes at the cost of quality, but that’s not the case here; even audiophiles in the making might be pleasantly surprised by the balance between price and performance.

However, if your ears are attuned to the analytical nuances of high-end audio gear, you might find the sound to be satisfactory rather than extraordinary. For casual listeners, the uncomplicated sound signature will likely hit the sweet spot, especially considering the price point. In quieter environments, these headphones shine with their ability to reproduce vocals and instruments in a way that’s quite impressive for their class. If deep, room-shaking bass is your priority, these might fall short, but they still provide a competent low-end response. Overall, they offer a sound quality that could make you rethink their humble price tag.

Comfort and Design

When you first handle the HAS160R, you’ll notice the soft ear pads. They’re designed to not only block out ambient noise but also to ensure your ears don’t feel the pressure during extended use, making them quite comfortable.

The adjustable stainless steel headband is a standout for its durability and ability to accommodate various head sizes with ease. Whether you have a larger or smaller head, the headphones will fit snugly without causing discomfort.

For those on the go, the headphones offer a practical flat foldable design. This feature allows for neat storage, as they collapse to less than an inch thick, slipping effortlessly into your bag.

While comfort is paramount, the efficacious 30mm neodymium drivers deliver sound that is both clear and powerful. Lastly, the quality of sound transmission is secured with a gold-plated headphone jack, ensuring that your audio experience is as pristine as possible.

Ease of Use and Portability

Ease of Use and Portability

The JVC HAS160R headphones strike a fine balance between convenience and functionality. These headphones are designed to be user-friendly, sporting soft ear pads that not only isolate sound but also fit comfortably, regardless of wearing them for quick trips or extended listening sessions.

A notable aspect is their flat foldable design which allows for impressive storage convenience. You can easily swivel the earpieces and tuck the headphones into any small space, like a purse or backpack, making them a reliable audio companion for on-the-go lifestyles.

Their sturdy stainless steel head fit size expander assures durability and an adjustable fit. Whether you have a large or small head, you’ll find these snug with a satisfying click that indicates the band is locked into your desired size.

In practical terms, these headphones are lightweight, and you’ll hardly feel them while wearing them for long periods, which is something that frequent travelers or individuals seeking a no-fuss audio solution will appreciate. Though they don’t boast wireless technology, the 3.94-foot cord provides enough slack for comfortable movement, and the gold-plated jack ensures a stable connection to your device.

While the HAS160R is indeed uncomplicated to use and carry, they don’t compromise on performance, offering quality sound that exceeds expectations for their price range. If you’re looking for an affordable, easy-to-pack headset with consistent sound quality, these headphones merit consideration.



In the realm of affordable audio gear, these headphones stand out for their resilience. With a solidly built frame and durable wired connectivity, you can expect them to withstand regular use without a hitch. Users have noted the robust design, despite the lightweight feel, which makes them highly portable. A common occurrence with headphones is cable damage, especially when mishandled or caught under furniture – these have survived such common accidents commendably well.

It’s clear from experience that the HAS160R can handle life’s knocks and bumps. The satisfaction among users comes from their ability to keep going without compromising sound quality. The adjustable headband clicks reassuringly into place, hinting at thoughtful construction. However, they are not indestructible, and care should be taken during use to retain their integrity for as long as possible. These aren’t built to match the endurance of high-end professional gear, but for their price bracket, they offer impressive durability.

Pros and Cons

When you’re looking for a balance between cost and quality in headphones, the JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones could surprise you. Let’s weigh in on what sets these headphones apart and where they might fall short for your needs.


  • Comfort: You’ll appreciate the soft on-ear pads that these headphones offer, effectively isolating sound and providing a comfortable fit, even during extended use.
  • Portability: The foldable design is a standout feature—once folded, they occupy less space than an inch in thickness, making them incredibly easy to slip into a bag or briefcase on the go.
  • Adjustability: Regardless of your head size, the stainless steel head fit size expander ensures that these headphones adapt to provide a snug, bespoke fit.
  • Sound Quality: With their 30mm neodymium driver units, they deliver a richness in sound fidelity that belies their price point.
  • Durability: The gold-plated headphone jack is not just a nod to aesthetics—it also adds a touch of enhanced durability and a guarantee of better sound transmission without signal loss over the 3.94-foot cord length.


  • Bass Performance: For the audiophiles, the bass levels may not reach the deep, resonant notes one might expect in higher-end products.
  • Noise Isolation: While they do provide some level of sound isolation, it might not suffice for noisy environments. They don’t offer active noise cancellation, which is something to consider depending on where you plan to use them.
  • Material Quality: The lightweight nature of the headphones comes at the cost of perceived material quality, potentially giving off a less premium feel compared to heavier, more robust models.
  • Advanced Features: Technology enthusiasts might miss advanced features such as wireless connectivity or in-built microphones for hands-free use, which are becoming more common in the headphones market.

These headphones provide a solid, no-frills listening experience at a cost that won’t break the bank. While they don’t boast the high-end features of some competitors, they strike an admirable balance between affordability and functionality.

Customer Reviews

The feedback from those who’ve tried the JVC Headphones highlights their appreciation for a balance between affordability and performance. You might find it reassuring that many users have experienced the same practical benefits: their lightness makes them a joy to wear for extended periods, the sound quality is consistently described as clear and surprisingly good for the price, and the design features—like the identifiable indents for each ear—are user-friendly touches.

However, it’s fair to mention not everyone is seeking the same things. While many praised the headphones for their value, a few pointed out that they are not on par with high-end models. This is to be expected with budget-friendly options. They are a solid choice for casual listening, but might not satisfy the audiophile in you.

In terms of durability, there’s a shared sentiment about them being somewhat delicate, as one user shared they can be damaged if not handled carefully. This suggests that while they’re great for everyday use, treating them with a little extra care could go a long way.

In essence, the majority of customers seem pleased with their purchase, considering the price point, making the JVC Headphones a smart option if you’re in need of reliable, no-frills audio gear without breaking the bank.

Product Specifications

  • Soft On Ear Pads
  • Stainless Steel Head
  • Fit Size Expander
  • Flat Foldable Custom Design
  • Powerful Sound
  • Gold Platted Headphone Jack


After spending quality time with the JVC Flat Headphones, it’s evident that these compact audio companions pack a punch despite their modest price tag. You’re likely to appreciate their portability and the convenience of knowing which side is which at a glance, thanks to the thoughtful indents on the headband. The satisfying click when adjusting reflects the user-friendly design.

The color variety and retro design will appeal to your aesthetic preferences, while the sound quality is surprisingly clear and crisp for a budget-friendly option. However, while they may not compare to high-end models from audio specialists, they stand their ground as a worthwhile choice for casual listening.

It’s worth noting that they can withstand some daily wear and tear; however, care should be taken, as they aren’t indestructible. Ultimately, you’ll find these JVC headphones ideal for late-night TV sessions or any situation where you need a lightweight, no-fuss audio solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the sound quality of the JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones?

The sound quality of the HAS160R is surprisingly rich for its price bracket. You’ll notice a balanced output with a particular strength in mid-range frequencies. They don’t compete with high-end models, but for everyday listening, podcasts, or videos, they offer clear and undistorted audio.

What is the build quality and durability of the JVC HAS160R headphones?

Built with a stainless steel headband expander, these headphones are designed to withstand daily wear and tear. The adjustability caters to different head sizes securely. Durability-wise, they’re robust enough for normal usage though you might want to handle the pivoting earpieces with care.

Do the JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones come with a built-in microphone?

Your expectations for an in-line microphone should be tempered, as the HAS160R does not include one. This means external microphones are needed for voice calls or voice commands which could influence your decision if multifunctionality is a priority.

How comfortable are the JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones for long listening sessions?

Comfort is one of the HAS160R’s stronger points. The soft ear pads sit on-ear without exerting excessive pressure, making them suitable for extended listening. Although, like with any on-ear model, you might need to readjust them periodically to prevent discomfort.

What type of warranty does JVC offer for their HAS160R Flat Headphones?

JVC offers a standard warranty, which provides coverage against manufacturing defects for a year from the purchase date. It’s advisable to check the warranty specifics at the time of purchase for the most accurate information.

How do JVC HAS160R Flat Headphones perform compared to other headphones in their price range?

In its price category, the HAS160R stands out for its sound quality and portability. While it doesn’t have all the features found in more expensive pairs, like noise cancellation or wireless connectivity, its performance is commendable. It’s a strong contender if you’re looking for no-fuss, straightforward headphones for casual listening.

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