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From free-to-air to subscription to SVOD, Australians have never had more choices when they turn on their TVs. Or tablets. Or phones.

Kevin Perry  & Steve Molk have combined to bring years of media experience to DeciderTV that will present all the available information for audiences to be able to make easy decisions about what they watch (& when they watch it).

Together with our very talented team DeciderTV offers news, opinion, interviews, reviews, recaps, ratings, a TV guide, podcasts and more that will engage readers at all levels - from those with a passing interest in TV to passionate fans.


Kevin Perry

Kevin Perry

Co-Creator and Editor of DeciderTV, Kevin Perry is an experienced media commentator focused on TV Production, Consumer Tech, SVOD & Sports Broadcasting.

Based in Victoria and happily married with 3 great kids, Kevin is a lover of good food, craft beer and live music. He's also a frustrated golfer and long-suffering supporter of the Western Bulldogs, Feel free to say hello.

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Steve Molk

Steve Molk

Co-Creator and Editor of DeciderTV, Steve Molk is sharply focused on the business of TV in Australia across all its formats - FTA broadcast, commercial, subscription, catch up & SVOD.

Based in Brisbane he's a passionate advocate for Australian-made programming, particularly drama and comedy. He loves podcasting, gaming & watching too much TV.

Twitter - @SteveMolk

Media Enquiries - +61 401 709 405


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