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Paris Crisis Delivers Judgement Day For The Verdict

OpinionKevin Perry

Karl Stefanovic in Paris
image copyright - Nine Network

After a week of turmoil in Paris, a unique opportunity has presented itself for producers of The Verdict. They have the opportunity to live up to their own marketing, and provide intelligent, informed debate for an issue that is dividing the community.

With host Karl Stefanovic based in Paris, producers of The Verdict have been busy organising a special edition of the program. The guest list is yet to be revealed, but the Paris location gives the program the opportunity to provide something more immediate than the ABC’s Q&A was able to provide from Adelaide on Monday.

The Verdict has been rightfully mocked since launch for providing little to the public conversation, to often it appears desperate to generate artificial controversy rather actually challenge its viewers.

 Now is the time for this show to prove that capable of presenting far more than just a bunch of disgraced politicians, failed journalists, ex-footballers, and ‘dial-a-quote’ pundits shouting at each other. This week The Verdict has a real opportunity to seek some actual intellectual thinkers and explore a difficult situation at a time when emotions are high.

Waleed Aly has again proven this week that it’s possible to tackle big issues in an intelligent manner on commercial television. We will find out if The Verdict is up to the challenge.

 Update 2pm: The Nine Network has confirmed this week's episode of The Verdict will be chaired by Michael Usher, with guests.

Anthony Mundine - Australian professional boxer

Rev. Bill Crews - Australian Christian minister and founder of the Exodus Foundation

Major General Jim Molan (Ret) - Retired Major General and author

Osman Faruqi - Political campaigner, writer and engineer

Mark Latham - Former federal Labor leader

Anne Henderson - Deputy Director of The Sydney Institute, edits The Sydney Papers and co-edits The Sydney Institute Quarterly

Rachel Corbett - Australian writer and broadcaster

The Verdict - Thursday at 8:30pm on Nine