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Beats Fit Pro Review – Is This Earbuds Best For Workout?

The Beats Fit Pro are the latest addition to the Beats lineup of true wireless earbuds. Designed with athletes and fitness enthusiasts in mind, these earbuds offer a secure and comfortable fit, impressive sound quality, and effective noise cancellation. In this comprehensive review, we’ll take a closer look at the Beats Fit Pro and evaluate their performance, features, and overall value.

Design and Comfort

Design and Comfort

One of the standout features of the Beats Fit Pro is their unique wingtip design. The flexible wingtips, made of soft silicone, help keep the earbuds securely in place during intense workouts or vigorous movements. The earbuds come with three sizes of ear tips and wingtips, allowing users to find the perfect fit for their ears.

The Beats Fit Pro have a sleek and compact design, with a matte finish that looks stylish and minimizes fingerprints. They are also IPX4 rated for sweat and water resistance, making them suitable for use during workouts or in light rain.

Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

Sound Quality and Noise Cancellation

The Beats Fit Pro deliver impressive sound quality, thanks to their custom-designed 9.5mm drivers and advanced digital signal processing. The earbuds have a well-balanced sound profile, with punchy bass, clear mids, and crisp highs. They also support Apple’s Spatial Audio with dynamic head tracking, which provides an immersive listening experience with compatible content.

The active noise cancellation (ANC) on the Beats Fit Pro is effective at blocking out external noise, such as gym chatter or street traffic. The earbuds use advanced algorithms to continuously adapt the noise cancellation based on the user’s environment. There’s also a transparency mode that allows users to hear their surroundings when needed, which is useful for staying aware of your environment during outdoor runs or conversations.

Pros And Cons


  • Impressive sound quality with well-balanced profile
  • Effective active noise cancellation and transparency mode
  • Secure and comfortable fit with flexible wingtips
  • Spatial Audio support for immersive listening
  • IPX4 sweat and water resistance
  • Fast Fuel charging for quick top-ups


  • No wireless charging support for the case
  • No multipoint Bluetooth pairing for seamless device switching
  • Limited customization options for sound and controls
  • Slightly bulkier than some competitors

Battery Life and Charging

The Beats Fit Pro offer a solid battery life, with up to 6 hours of playback with ANC enabled and up to 7 hours with ANC off. The charging case provides an additional 18 hours of battery life, bringing the total to 24 hours with ANC or 27 hours without ANC. The earbuds also support Fast Fuel charging, which provides 1 hour of playback after just 5 minutes of charging.

The charging case is compact and features a USB-C port for wired charging. However, unlike some other premium true wireless earbuds, the Beats Fit Pro do not support wireless charging.

Controls and Connectivity

Controls and Connectivity

The Beats Fit Pro have touch-sensitive controls on each earbud, allowing users to play/pause music, skip tracks, adjust volume, and toggle between ANC and transparency modes. The controls are responsive and easy to use, although some users may prefer physical buttons for more precise control.

The earbuds feature Class 1 Bluetooth connectivity, which provides a stable and reliable connection with compatible devices. They also support one-touch pairing with Apple devices using the H1 chip, making the setup process quick and seamless for iPhone users. Android users can download the Beats app to access additional features and customization options.

Our Verdict

The Beats Fit Pro are an excellent choice for anyone looking for true wireless earbuds that can keep up with their active lifestyle. With their secure fit, impressive sound quality, and effective noise cancellation, these earbuds excel in both the gym and everyday use. While they may lack some advanced features found in pricier competitors, the Beats Fit Pro offer a compelling package at a reasonable price point.

Product Specifications

Beats Fit Pro Review
  • Three distinct listening modes
  • Flexible
  • Custom acoustic platform
  • Spatial Audio
  • Dynamic Head Tracking
  • Apple H1 chip
  • Sweat and Water Resistant


In conclusion, the Beats Fit Pro are a strong contender in the true wireless earbud market, particularly for users with active lifestyles. Their secure and comfortable fit, impressive sound quality, and effective noise cancellation make them a versatile choice for workouts, commutes, and everyday use.

While they may not have all the bells and whistles of some higher-end earbuds, the Beats Fit Pro offer a well-rounded package at a competitive price point. They are especially appealing for iPhone users, thanks to their seamless integration with Apple devices and support for features like Spatial Audio.

Overall, if you’re looking for a reliable pair of true wireless earbuds that can keep up with your active lifestyle and deliver great sound quality, the Beats Fit Pro are definitely worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How comfortable are the Beats Fit Pro for extended wear?

The Beats Fit Pro are designed for comfort, with soft silicone ear tips and flexible wingtips that provide a secure and stable fit. Most users find them comfortable to wear for several hours without irritation or fatigue. However, comfort can vary depending on individual ear shapes and sizes.

Are the Beats Fit Pro good for phone calls?

Yes, the Beats Fit Pro feature built-in microphones that provide clear voice pickup for phone calls. The earbuds also use beamforming technology to focus on your voice and reduce background noise, ensuring that your voice comes through clearly to the person on the other end.

Can I use the Beats Fit Pro with Android devices?

Yes, the Beats Fit Pro are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. However, some features, such as one-touch pairing and Spatial Audio, are exclusive to Apple devices. Android users can still enjoy the core features of the earbuds, including noise cancellation, transparency mode, and customizable controls through the Beats app.

How durable are the Beats Fit Pro?

The Beats Fit Pro are built to withstand the rigors of an active lifestyle. They have an IPX4 rating for sweat and water resistance, which means they can handle sweat from intense workouts and light rain. However, they are not fully waterproof and should not be submerged in water or exposed to heavy rain.

Can I customize the controls on the Beats Fit Pro?

The Beats Fit Pro offer some customization options for controls through the Beats app on Android devices. Users can assign different functions to the touch controls on each earbud, such as playing/pausing music, skipping tracks, or toggling between noise cancellation modes. However, the customization options are more limited compared to some other true wireless earbuds.

Can I use just one earbud at a time?

Yes, the Beats Fit Pro support single earbud use, allowing you to use either the left or right earbud independently. This is useful for situations where you need to stay aware of your surroundings or want to extend the overall battery life of the earbuds.

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